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Board Game Night – First of 2016!
Treffen: 15 Jahre Wikipedia
Let’s Detonate!
VHS Talks to CBC News About the New Pi Zero: A $5 Computer
Google’s Vint Cerf visits Nova Labs
CRASH THE PLANET: The First Ever CRASH Space Art Show
Jewelry Box
Sat. Feb. 13 >>> Sew-a-Thing-a-Thon: 12 hour Sewing Party!!
Cypress Umbrella – Now live on Kickstarter
18 december: Lezing “Identity Management” met Bart Jacobs
NYE Craft Night!
Prepaid Getränke-Abrechnungssystem
Meet Joe
TON in Pictures, from Laura McBride
Space Meal Contest – Samstag 27. Februar 2016
Arduino U – 19:30, Wednesday 30th December
Workshop: Leather and Lasers – Passport Wallet, November 22nd Noon-5pm
OWASP Treffen & Vortrag: Ein lustiger Jahresrückblick: Die kuriosesten und spannendsten Webapp-Security-Funde eines IT-Sicherheitsunternehmens.
Maker Holidays
Science Hack Day Badges
Nova Labs FTC Robotics team moves on to State competition!
Tables from the Science Gallery Dublin
The Anti-Valentine’s Day: Voodoo Doll Soft Circuits Class on Feb 7th
Fall Artist in Residence: Nik Harron
CX3000 Heavy Duty Dust and Chip Extractor
Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016
The End of Chancery Lane
Python im shack mit der „STUttgart Python Interest Group“
Feb 7: Vector Game Design with Processing
This “Week” in Maui Makers October 18, 2015
February Open Social
Drive Time!
Join us for Pumpkin Hacking this Sunday!
The Making of Gertrude the Great
The Hivelord at Maker Faire 2015
Time Delay Relay
Komende activiteiten: oktobereditie
Democracy – Rausch der Daten
Vector display class
Hackers Party Update!
Mardi Gras lights!
32C3: Gated Communities
Exhibition Day – Saturday, 13 February
Bezoek Burgemeester Enschede
DIY Gold Plating Class on Saturday, Feb 20
oh HAL no : A 2001 Space Odyssey Tribute Show
Intro to Arduino Class on November 15!
Photos from: Soldering 101/Learn to Build a Radio
Eat-n-Educate – Programming your Baofeng Radio
El labo de viaje
Wednesday 4.11. 1930: Linux Audio Users Berlin
Do you want to paint a model? – Miniatures Painting Workshop 101
Monday,Tuesday and Thursday
32C3 Congress Everywhere
Building Works Update
Oszilloskop Lötworkshop
PPPRS Race World Maker Faire 2015
Lockpicking back for another year!
Hark24!!! Pastsummer lectures and general NURDing at Hack42
CAD and Electronics is back
Nuevos talleres (Noviembre)
Komende activiteiten: decembereditie
Prove your knowledge at the Nottinghack Nerdy Pub Quiz
Sew it again – Saturday, November 21st at 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Goodbye, Matsuura…
Samstagsvorträge #1: ESP8266 Debugging
De Makerspaces Contest van Instructables
ESP – Party! 1.3.’16
Apply to our 2016 Artist in Residence Program!

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