Photos from: Stand with Ahmed Arduino Binary clock Workshop #IStandWithAhmed
Goodbye Old TOG, Hello New
Nova Maker Faire – Call for Makers!
No Ticket? Try Congress Everywhere!
Resistor Projects at Stupid Hackathon!
Leafing with the Mogul
The Sorting
Oszilloskop Lötworkshop
Workshop: Leather and Lasers – Passport Wallet, November 22nd Noon-5pm
Yes, we have Daleks…
Treffen: 15 Jahre Wikipedia
Still tickets for Soft Circuits Workshop! Electronics you can hug! (Or Stab! Or Wear!)
This is a stand for hatpins, the deadly ornament women used to…
Elektronenrad: Cargo Circus 2016!
Board Game Night – First of 2016!
Call for Heralds
Drive Time!
Rebuilding The Kraken
Circuitos en Papel II (nueva edición)
Ice Skating
32C3 Ticket Status
Come Learn Something
Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016
Join us for Pumpkin Hacking this Sunday!
FATTO IN CASA II (taller de construcción de placas arduino-compatibles)
Elektronenrad: Urlaub bis 04.02.2016
We’re baaaaaaack
Make Pumpkin
Maker Holidays
Fall Artist in Residence: Nik Harron
Auto-Off Timed Outlets
TON Talk: March 1st with Erin Kennedy aka Robot Grrl
Nixie Clock Part II: Nixie Display
Bobby the Biker, hacker of all the things, needs our help
Search, find and be found: c3nav – 32C3 Indoor Navigation
Tog Hackerspace Designated Activity Company
Breadboard Arduino
Prove your knowledge at the Nottinghack Nerdy Pub Quiz
Google’s Vint Cerf visits Nova Labs
Feb 7: Vector Game Design with Processing
The Sofa and the Sledgehammer
TOG 3.0 We are Moving
Bezoek Burgemeester Enschede
#32C3 lecture streaming and recording
Call for Subtitles
NoizeMaschin!! #52 – Halloween Special. 19:30 Tues 27th Oct
PPPRS Race World Maker Faire 2015
32nd Chaos Communication Congress: First version of the Fahrplan
Hive76’s Building Temporarily Closed Down
Volunteer with Us at STEAM Nation!
Wie man einen Blackout verursacht
Smartphone Stativ-Halterung / Tripod Mount aus Foldback Clip
Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!
Vector display class
Space Upgrade: Charging station
Workshop: Build a radio controlled fixed-wing airplane
Python im shack mit der „STUttgart Python Interest Group“
CX3000 Heavy Duty Dust and Chip Extractor
Hackers Party Update!
21 Nov : Tor & more
Monday Open Night: Come Knit With Us!
Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm
This November, Hackers Anniversary Party!
Build Out 12-5 Photo Recap

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