Random Pattern Cutting Board
5 Jarig bestaan / Open dag
Hackers Party Update!
Sew it again – Saturday, November 7th at 12:00pm – 2:00pm
Photos from: Soldering 101/Learn to Build a Radio
Making a Cozy Water Heater
21 Nov : Tor & more
Immortalize yourself forever in the garden of CRASH Space
NoizeMaschin!! #52 – Halloween Special. 19:30 Tues 27th Oct
Die Gentrifizierung der Hacker und Maker Szene
32C3 Congress Everywhere
The Hivelord at Maker Faire 2015
Treffen: 15 Jahre Wikipedia
Goodbye Old TOG, Hello New
Volunteer with Us at STEAM Nation!
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
Feedbag is Back in January
The Sorting
Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!
Maker Faire UK 2016
Bezoek Burgemeester Enschede
The Move
Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition
The End of Chancery Lane
Vortrag & Workshop: Digitalmikroskopie
FATTO IN CASA II (taller de construcción de placas arduino-compatibles)
Hark24!!! Pastsummer lectures and general NURDing at Hack42
Vortrag: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
shackspace goes nucular
Hang out at Nottingham Hackspace Skatenights
Workshop: Leather and Lasers – Passport Wallet, November 22nd Noon-5pm
This is a stand for hatpins, the deadly ornament women used to…
shack-a-days: Wir feiern 5 Jahre shackspace!
Workshop: Build a radio controlled fixed-wing airplane
Nuevos talleres (Noviembre)
Rebuilding The Kraken
DIY Portable Bluetooth Boom Box Workshop
Arduino U – 19:30, Wednesday 30th December
Special Presentation: Tues. Feb. 16 at 9:00PM at kwartzlab!
Komende activiteiten: decembereditie
Lockpicking back for another year!
Apply to our 2016 Artist in Residence Program!
oh HAL no : A 2001 Space Odyssey Tribute Show
Monday,Tuesday and Thursday
Softwerkskammer Treffen & Vortrag: XP, Scrum & Kanban
Workshop: Lighting With Arduino – Sunday, November 15, 2015, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Board Game Night – First of 2016!
Prepaid Getränke-Abrechnungssystem
The Anti-Valentine’s Day: Voodoo Doll Soft Circuits Class on Feb 7th
Vortrag & Hackathon: Inexor Hackathon 2015
OMG I wrote a book on React Native
Monday Open Night: Come Knit With Us!
2016 Make-Alongs Posted!
We’re baaaaaaack
Sew it again – Saturday, November 21st at 12:00pm – 2:00pm
DIY Gold Plating Class on Saturday, Feb 20
Workshop: User Interfaces mit React & Virtual DOM
Mardi Gras lights!
TON Talk: March 1st with Erin Kennedy aka Robot Grrl
Exhibition Day – Saturday, 13 February
Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016
32C3 Ticket Status
Drive Time!

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