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A Sneak Peek at Some Interactive Show Installations

#drowning at Art Hack Day: Deluge. Photo by Margarida Malarkey

The sixth annual NYC Resistor Interactive Show is coming up this Caturday at 8pm. We have an overly generous baker’s dozen artists building a show fit for both organic and robotic party goers. We mentioned a few in our previous post, and here are a few more…

Our musical guest is plants! Not a band name, its actual plants that play instruments. Kirk Kaiser’s Plant Controlled Robot Bongos as well as Amy Cheng with her Plant Cyborgs are bringing the party, vegetation style, with their biohacks.

A Sneak Peek at Some Interactive Show Installations

Do you like ducks? What’s a party without ducks? How about robot ducks! We got one. Join the trip in Jakob Theileis’s Kinetic Robot Farm.

A photo posted by David Huerta (@huertanix) on

Are you the mutant savior? Find out at the Reformed Church of Robotron, by regional bishops Adam Mayer and David Huerta. It’s totally not the Church of Robotron from Oregon. They are heretics who have gone astray and we are the true church. You think otherwise, blasphemer? Beat our high scores to prove it!

The NYC Resistor Interactive Show is taking place on…

May 30th, 2015
8:00 PM ET – Late


NYC Resistor (between Bergen and Dean)
87 3rd Ave. Floor 4 (use this OSM link if you’re Richard Stallman)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

INTERACTIVE SHOW: May 30th 8PM, be there!

Mark your calendars! Our annual interactive art show fundraiser is coming up on May 30th and it’s going to be totally ~cyberbananas~. New York’s partiest interactive artists will be showing off their latest explorations into the future, sometimes with robots! Tickets sell out fast, so bump it up to 88 miles per hours and reserve yours today.

Tickets available online or at the door: $15

May 30th, 2015
8:00 PM ET – Late

NYC Resistor (between Berger and Dean)
87 3rd Ave. Floor 4 (use this OSM link if you’re Richard Stallman)
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Nova Labs Kickstarter campaign LIVE!

The Kickstarter launch party was a huge success, and a ton of Nova Labs members and supporters were still on hand long after the party “ended” at 9.

On Thursday night, with a full house of nearly 200 makers and supporters, Nova Labs launched its 2015 Kickstarter campaign! Everyone enjoyed tours of Nova Labs’ new facility, great food, and demonstrations from members. By the end of the night, the campaign total was just shy of $7,000!

We want you to help us keep the momentum going! Visit our campaign page at

Nova Labs Kickstarter campaign LIVE!

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign and consider supporting one of the premier makerspaces in the Washington DC area (if not the world!)

If you have already contributed, thank you! If you haven’t, check out the great backer rewards. You can also help spread the word on social media; give us a shout-out @nova_labs on Twitter, or like us on Facebook!

Nova Labs Kickstarter campaign LIVE!

Pressing launch for the Kickstarter campaign with the help of young maker.

Calling all post-internet, pre-singularity interactivity artists!

Photo by Trammel Hudson.

The Interactive Show is coming up faster than Big Dog on a graphene high! This year we’ve been musing over the future and our relationship between us our robot friends. So much of our imaginations have been shoehorned into narratives of subservience (Jetsons, the Matrix) or all-out war (Terminator, the Butlerian Jihad). Why not envision a future where we party hard with our robotic friends instead? This year, we’re calling all of Brooklyn’s finest interaction artists to portray the future, preferably with robots in it, through interactive art. Here’s some footage from last year’s show to give you an idea of what you’d be in for:

This year’s show will be May 30th. If you’re interested in being part of a show, drop us a line at! Try to get in touch by April 26th so we can make sure there’s space for your project. Hope to hear from you soon!

March 11th (Wed): CryptoParty and Key Signing

Managing private communication on the internet is a bit like space travel: It’s not impossible but the technology involved is difficult to use. Bring your laptop and your crypto-curiosity to Resistor on March 11th, 7:00pm for hands-on help with end-to-end secure email, anonymous web browsing, and general good practices for online privacy with folks that have been using this stuff for slightly longer than most. If you’re already an uber l337 cypherpunk and have a PGP key already, stick around for a key signing and probably some snacks!

Hack-O-Ween Is Coming

Dim the lights, get out the jack-o-lanterns, and send the little ones to bed, because on Friday, 31 October, it’s time for…


Hack-o-ween is Nottingham Hackspace’s Halloween party, with elaborate jack-o-lanterns, plenty of snacks and drinks, spooky movies, scary music, and plenty of fun.

There will be a costume contest, so be sure to get your maker skills out to wow the competition!

The party starts at 7pm, and will continue until the werewolves howl outside!

Be there, or look out for hauntings!

Kwartzlab: Year 5 Party this Friday!

Kwartzlab is turning FIVE YEARS OLD THIS WEEK!

During the summer of 2009, 17 strangers pooled their money together to jumpstart K-W’s first hackerspace. Kwartzlab opened it’s doors a couple months later, on October 1st. Two locations later and now at over 65 members, we’re still growing and improving our space with no sign of slowing down!

Come join us on Friday October 3rd from 7:30pm to 1:30am to help us celebrate what we’ve been able to accomplish in the community so far, and for what we can do from here! Drinks. Demos. Crafts. Good Times.

Facebook event page is here:

There’s a $5 cover charge and some of our FIVE BARS require tickets. All proceeds from the party goes to beefing up the infrastructure of our always-in-progress space at 33 Kent Ave… and maybe even slapping a coat of paint on it too!

Here’s what we’ve got…

  • Drink Bar (ticket req’d) – It just wouldn’t be a Kwartzlab party without delicious alcohol, mad scientist-style.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Bar (Free!) – Have a tasty treat forged by the awesomeness of liquid nitrogen!
  • Heat Transfer Bar (ticket req’d) – Bring an article of clothing/backpack/bag to accessorize with our vinyl heat transfer designs!
  • Button Bar (Free!) – Use one of our 1″ button designs or design your own for one-of-a-kind buttons!
  • Food Bar (Free!) – Let’s also not forget human-made, BBQ crafted foodstuffs for partygoers!

We hope to see you there, Cheers!

BarBot Fundraising Party – Saturday, 16 August

The initial design for BarBot.

On Saturday, 16th August, Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting the BarBot Fundraiser Party.

Members of Nottingham Hackspace have been working steadily on BarBot, a cocktail-making robot, since March. This robot will serve cocktails at Electromagnetic Field, the hacker camp in Bletchley on 29 – 31 August.

BarBot has been a labour of love for these members, and on Saturday, 16th August, you can see BarBot in action, and help out to support BarBot contributors for the cost of materials used, and start buying ingredients to take to EMF Camp.

The party will start at 6pm, and run until 9pm. It will give you a chance to see BarBot in action, and enjoy a robot-made cocktail or non-alcoholic drink. Plus, members will be getting together to design artwork and décor for BarBot, choose a name, and enjoy the robotically engineered drinking experience.

For more information on BarBot, please see the Wiki page on BarBot. For more information on the fundraising party, please contact Mouse.

MakerLabs Grand Opening

Our good friends at MakerLabs are having their Grand Opening party (in collaboration with Aurora Digitalis) this Friday to introduce the world to their brand new makerspace, and the VHS horde is invited!

“After 9pm on Friday the 4th, we’ll be turning on many projectors, a whole bunch of sound and transforming the MakerLabs into a futuristic experience. There will be interactive installations, a wearable augmented-reality maze, blinky things and so much more.”

Sounds like an experience you don’t want to miss.  If you agree, you’ll want to RSVP as space is limited!

International Arduino Day 2014 – 29 March

Join Nottingham Hackspace to celebrate Arduino’s tenth birthday on International Ardunio Day – March 29th 2014.

If you’ve not heard of Arduino before (and we think that is unlikely), it is an open source electronics prototyping platform that pretty much kickstarted the making revolution we’re now in.  You can find more details on their site (

On International Arduino day from 1pm we’ll be showing off Arduino projects, and you’ll be able to talk to the makers behind them, putting on mini-workshops throughout the day suitable for all abilities and exploring what Arduino can offer.  If you’ve never used Arduino before, you can come along from 11am to get your laptop up and ready to use them, and even buy a beginners kit if you want to.

From 6pm we’ll be celebrating Arduino’s 10th birthday with a party and a birthday cake (Arduino shaped, of course).

You can sign up for free tickets to the day, party, or both on eventbrite: