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Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition

For Engineers Week, we are holding our fourth annual bridge building competition on Saturday 5th of March from 11am.

This is a family-friendly competition that puts teams against one another to build the strongest bridge. Engineering theory and building materials will be provided to help you during construction. Check out the videos from last year below or our gallery.


Participations under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian.

This event is only possible with supported from Tog Hackerspace,  Engineers Ireland and IMechE ROI YMP.

Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building CompetitionEngineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition

Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition

For Engineers Week, we are holding our third annual bridge building competition in Science Gallery on Saturday 14th of February.

This is a family-friendly competition that puts teams against one another to build the strongest bridge. Engineering theory and building materials will be provided to help you during construction. Last year’s winning team, created a bridge that held over 41KG with no sign of breaking. Check out some of the destructive testing here or photos in our gallery.

Update: We have added a second session due to popular demand.

When: Saturday, February 14th. From 3pm until 5pm.

Where: Science Gallery.

Cost: Free. Tickets below.

When: Saturday, February 14th. From 12.15pm until 2.15pm.

Where: Science Gallery.

Cost: Free. Tickets below.

This event is part of series of event especially for engineers week. For more see

This event is only possible with supported from TOG, Science Gallery Dublin, Engineers Ireland and IMechE ROI YMP.

Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building CompetitionEngineer’s Week: Bridge Building CompetitionEngineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition

Engineer’s Week: Build a Skull Radio

Have you ever wanted to listen to music without using your ears? Turn your own head into a speaker? The skull radio allows you to listen in total silence, by sending sound waves through your teeth! Join TOG and assemble a specially designed kit that allows you to hear sounds directly, using vibration.

This hands on workshop will cover the basic techniques of soldering. No electronics skills required. Participants must be at least 16 years old.

If you can’t wait to try out a skull radio, Jeffrey’s and Sinead‘s Guzman Box is on display in the Lexicon, Dún Laoghaire until the 24th of January.



When: Sunday, February 8th. From 2pm until 4pm.

Where: TOG.

Cost: €20 + fees for non-members, €16 + fees for members of a hackerspace. (All proceeds go to support TOG.) Tickets below.

This event is part of series of events especially for engineers week. For more see

Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition Winner

We had a fantastic day at the Science Gallery with over 50 people taking part in our  competition. We had a great talk from Anthony McGuinness about Dublin City Council‘s Bridges of Dublin project. Next up was Robert Dowdall and Colin Keogh from IMechE explaining the engineering concepts behind bridge design. Their talk certainly made an impact . We had all sorts of different shapes  , sizes and designs of bridges. Check out our gallery for photos from the event. -> photos

Design Winner

This team of beavers and cubs from Donabate scout group won the Best Design Prize.
Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition Winner

Weight Winner

This winning team created a bridge that held 41kg with no sign of breaking. The team took the bridge home with a plan to see what the maximum weight it could take.
Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition Winner

The second place bridge held a weight of 40kg. The third place bridge Frack’n'bridge held a weight of 28kg.


This event was only made possible with the time given by our volunteers and support from the following organisation TOG, Science Gallery, Engineers IrelandInstitution of Mechanical Engineers, Young Engineers Society and Dublin City Council.

Engineers Week: An evening of inspiring ideas

Join us for another Evening of Inspiring Ideas as part of Engineers Week.  From 7pm in TOG, we will have six speakers doing their best to inspire you about engineering with short talks.  The event is free for anyone to come along, no need to book.

Date: Wednesday  12th February

Time: 19.00

Location:  TOG

Cost: Free

Sign Up: None. Just turn up.

Details on the talks below.

Speaker – Greg Foley
Title – Chemical Engineering: Science, Art and TV
“You know what women are like; once they hear you have a PhD in chemical engineering, they’re all over you”. So said a minor character in an episode of the classic eighties television series, Moonlighting, the show that launched the career of Bruce Willis. Obviously the scriptwriters were being ironic and having a little chuckle at a profession that they saw as being the epitome of ‘nerdiness’. In this talk I’ll explain what chemical engineering is, why it involves more than just the application of science, why it actually has very little to do with chemistry and why the best chemical engineering is a wonderful mixture of science and art.

Speaker – Ciaran Donnelly
Title -  Wind Energy – Irelands Oil.
In my presentation I will give the audience a brief introduction to wind energy before  I discuss the different engineering disciplines involved in the construction of a Wind Farm from concept through to energisation. I will subsequently focus on the integration of wind onto the irish transmission and distribution system dealing with issues such as non-synchronous penetration and the ability of “Ireland Inc.” to export to international markets. I will also attempt to show how engineering as a discipline shapes the energy (and consequently economic) future for us all.
Links: (you can also download eirgrid app),

Speaker – Elaine Doyle
Title – Engineering Change
The talk I will be giving is about engineering and its possibility for positive change in the world. Engineering in a development context can provide people with access to cleaner water, better food, non toxic cooking methods and electricity, services we take for granted but are a vital part of everyday life. I will be speaking of my own experiences last summer in Guatemala as part of the EIL Global Awareness Programme where I helped manufacture a rainwater harvesting unit in addition to the work of Engineers Without Borders Ireland. You can learn more about EWB Ireland from the links below or join us at our annual conference on February 13th in Engineers Ireland on Clyde Road from 6.30. Registration is free until February 10th.
Links: Find Engineers Without Borders on the web, twitter and facebook. Find out more about the conference by email or facebook

Speaker – Eoin McLoughlin
Title – Intro to simulation: particles and clothes
Here’s a complete newbies’ guide to software simulation. We start from nothing, cover the theory behind how simulation is done and a little bit of maths to get us started. Next, we’ll get a basic particle simulation and try adding complexity to see if we can’t simulate a universe. Then, we’ll add even more complexity and hopefully we should be able to simulate some clothes. This is all completely safe to try at home.

Speaker - Liam OTailliuir
Title – Connecting the continents
Ever wonder how such massive amounts of data travel from one country to another. Easily enough across a land border, but what about when there are thousands of kilometres of ocean and depths great enough to crush all but the hardiest of research submarines?

Speaker – Conor McGinn
Title – hat Robots should look like and how they
should behave

The gap between what robots can actually do and what people expect them to do is a big one. This talk will explore how lessons learned in the fields of psychology, philosophy and social robotics can be used to help design and build better, more usable robots

Workshop: Moar LilyPad (Sensors and Actuators edition)

Protosnap LilyPad Arduino Board

Protosnap LilyPad Arduino Board

This is the second part of the LilyPad workshops. This one focuses on mastering more involed actuators, and learning to get data from the many sensor components. Basically, you’ll be able to get your project to respond to the world around it. Imho, this is what makes e-textiles and wearables so exciting.

This second workshop is for people who have used the LilyPad or Arduino before. At least to blink an LED or two. Focusing on input we’ll look at using light sensor, temperature sensor, and accelerometer. And if we’ve time on output using the vibration motor and buzzer board.
We’ll also take a quick look at multiplexing, both input and output, and making your own interfaces to connect regular electrical components to your LilyPad circuit.
The only thing you’ll need to bring with you is a laptop with USB port, everything else is provided. (If you want to bring your own LilyPad components that’s great, just let us know when you’re booking and we’ll make sure you have everything you’ll need.)

Important: please bring your own laptop with USB port. Closer to the event you will receive instructions on how to install the programming environment.

Optional materials; Any LilyPad board (preferably the Protosnap), with sensors (e.g. light, temperature, accelerometer) and actuators (e.g. vibration motor, buzzer board).
If you want to play with the LilyPad before buying, Protosnap boards can be provided for the duration of the workshop, but you’ll probably have to work in groups of at least two people.

When: Thursday, February 13th. From 7pm until 10pm.

Where: TOG.

Cost: €10 for non-members, €5 for members. (All proceeds go to support TOG.)
Please register for this workshop through the contact form below the cut.

(You may encounter a bug where the two sets of arrows spin continuous after pressing ‘Send’, but don’t worry, your message was still sent. If you don’t get a reply in a couple of days, it won’t hurt to try again.)


Engineer’s Week: Bridge Building Competition



We bring our annual bridge building competition back to the Science Gallery for Engineers Week.

This is a family-friendly competition that puts teams against one another to build the strongest bridge. Engineering theory and building materials will be provided to help you during construction.  Last year’s winning  team from Canada, created a bridge that held over 20kg’s.  Some photos of the event can be found in our gallery

A secret prize will be up for grabs for the winners. The competition will have a half an hour of short talks, an hour and a half building and half an hour of judging.

Date: Saturday 8th February

Time: 14.00 – 16.30

Location: Science Gallery

Cost: Free

Sign Up: send an email to


We are now booked out. Please keep an eye out for our night of engineering talks or check out  other Engineer’s Week events.

This event is only possible with supported from

Science GalleryEngineers IrelandRep-of-Ireland-YM


Engineers Week: Night of Ideas

EngineersWeekLogoTOG will host a night of inspiring talks. Each speaker will only have 15 minutes to convey to you their passion and enthusiasm on a given subject, idea or project. With six talks on the night you will be introduced to a diverse range of subjects.

Date: Thursday 28th February

Time: Doors from 18.30, Talks 19.15

Location: TOG

Cost: Free


Title: Technology and Inequality


Description: How advances in science and engineering may leave us with a much less equal society.

Speaker: John Looney


Title: “You Spin Me Right Round” - The Future of Biomedical Diagnostics


Description: Our research is focussed on developing a particular type of “lab on a chip” device; namely 
centrifugal microfluidic devices. Microfluidics is the science and technology of fluid flows
on a miniature scale. Centrifugal microfluidic platforms differ in that they use the centrifugal
force, akin to the force experienced by someone when driving around a roundabout, to move
the sample liquid through a disk. The disk is typically the size of a CD/DVD and composed
of a cheap plastic material. This new area of microfluidics research has emerged as a highly
useful tool for disease detection, with many of the necessary steps in fluid analysis being
miniaturised and incorporated onto these lab-on-a-disc devices.

SpeakerJennifer Gaughran and Mary O’Sullivan


Title: The Dawn of the Robot


Description: For a long time it has long been forecast that artificial intelligence will soon rival or even surpass human intelligence. This has led a host of writers of Science fiction, Hollywood directors and the popular media to make ominous predictions about the future of human society and even that of human civilisation as a whole.However while the capability of robots to do harm is undeniable, they also have the potential to do immense good.By demystifying some common misconceptions about robots and by focusing on positive benefits that robots have to human society, this talk will present an alternative, more optimistic vision of what the future holds for humanity.

Speaker: Conor Lane McGinn


Title: The Space In Between – TATSOI’s adventures in merging Science/Tech & Art

Description: Úna Kavanagh (visual artist, director, theatre-maker, film-maker, performer) and Niamh Shaw (scientist, engineer, theatre maker, producer, performer) are TATSOI. They are driven by curiosity but also interested in humanity and the fraility and vulnerability in suffering, and the eternal quest for life meaning. With over 40 years combined expertise in a diverse range of artistic and technological skills, they work in the middle-ground between the Artistic and Scientific processes to further explore these themes. They are currently Artists in Residence for Festival of Curiosity, a new festival to supersede Dublin, City of Science. They are also company members of the multi-award winning live art/theatre company ANU Productions.
In their first Science Art collaboration, they co-created a biographical live art science multimedia performance inspired by CERN, particle physics, and the human quest for The Higgs Particle, entitled ‘That’s About The Size Of It’, which was supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Arts@CERN, Dublin City of Science, and Show In A Bag (initiative of ABSOLUTFringe, Irish Theatre Institute and Fishamble). In 2012 the show toured at ABSOLUTFringe, CuriousCity, Science Gallery, & Project Arts Centre (as part of DCoS Science in The City programme during ESOF 2012) among other venues.
They would like to tell you a little more about themselves, the making of ‘That’s About The Size Of It’ and their next project ‘Blue Requiem’.


Speaker: Úna Kavanagh & Niamh Shaw

Title: The wonderful world of 3D printing


Description: 3D Dave will be talking about the basic history of 3d printing demoing the Ulitmaker 3d printer.


SpeakerDave Head



More TBC