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Ars Electronics Stream day 2 meetup

09/06/2015 11:00
09/06/2015 12:00
09/06/2015 11:00
09/06/2015 12:00

Thank you for participating to our marathon of labs "Around the world of labs in 48 hours", organized by Makery in Linz during the Ars Electronica Festival  2015 from Friday, September 4th 17 pm to Sunday, September 6th, 17 pm. And welcome !The site on which will be displayed our marathon: (we miss your infos...)


Ars Electronics Stream day 1 meetup

09/05/2015 12:00
09/05/2015 13:00
09/05/2015 12:00
09/05/2015 13:00

Thank you for participating to our marathon of labs "Around the world of labs in 48 hours", organized by Makery in Linz during the Ars Electronica Festival  2015 from Friday, September 4th 17 pm to Sunday, September 6th, 17 pm. And welcome !The site on which will be displayed our marathon: (we miss your infos...)


Workshop: Programmierung in Nix

Am Samstag den 5. September 2015 ab 15 Uhr freut sich shackspace einen Workshop zur Programmierung in Nix anbieten zu können.

Nix ist eine rein funktionale Programmiersprache welche z.B. in NixOS zur Systembeschreibung verwendet wird. Nix kann aber auch unter Mac OSX oder anderen POSIX-Systemen verwendet werden um, analog zu homebrew, zusätzliche Software zu verwalten.

Der Workshop ist als betreutes Programmieren aufgebaut und wird an 30 Fragestellungen die folgenden Punkte behandeln:

  • Attribute Sets
  • Listen
  • Funktionen
  • with, import & inherit
  • Das Nix Typensystem
  • Assertions
  • map & fold

Achtung: wer im Nix programmieren Workshop auf dem CCCamp2015 dabei war: der Fragenkatalog wurde wesentlich erweitert und Wiederholung schadet auch nicht Workshop: Programmierung in Nix

Zum Event:
Eintritt frei! (Spenden an shack e.V. sind gerne gesehen) Jeder ist willkommen!
Datum: Samstag, 5. September 2015, ab 15 Uhr
Anfahrt: U4/U9 Haltestelle “Im Degen”, Ulmer Straße 255, Stuttgart Wangen (gegenüber Kulturhaus Arena)

Workshop: Programmierung in Nix

Board Game Night


As many of you may be aware, we’ve been thinking long and hard about running game nights in Tog for a while now. You may have even played a few games with us at one of our open socials, but finally the stars have aligned and we’re now running a regular Board Game Night on the first Friday of the month 6:30 to 10:30pm starting from THIS FRIDAY, 4th September.

The basic concept of Board Game Night is that once per month a game is selected as the main focus of the night, and we’ll try to get a few copies of the game (when possible) so that everyone that comes can play and enjoy that game. It wont always be possible to have multiple copies, so we will have other similarly themed games going on simultaneously when that’s not possible.

It’s free and open to everyone, so just come down and play some games!


For our first night, we’re kicking off with Splendor as our main game of choice. We will of course have others available including Small World, Ticket to Ride, Boss Monster and others should we get a big group enough together.

Splendor is a game of chip-collecting and card development. Players are merchants of the Renaissance trying to buy gem mines, means of transportation, shops—all in order to acquire the most prestige points. If you’re wealthy enough, you might even receive a visit from a noble at some point, which of course will further increase your prestige.” BoardGameGeek


n00b hacks harder

This is Tim:

Tim's only somewhat a n00b.  Tim is an electronics expert, and music hacker; so much so, he created a synthesizer for the Nintendo DS.  Sometimes he just needs a little help with the hardware. 

n00b hacks harder

Tim sometimes needs help with his hardware hacking game, to build electronics enclosures and stage accessories for his performances.  Tim frequently visits 23b Shop, Mag Labs, and Null Space Labs to do just that.  Clearly a hackerspace connoisseur.

Tim uses his product to perform live chiptune compositions, you may remember one such performance from Sparklecon.

n00b hacks harder

Here's a sample of some of Tim's trial-by-fire exploits. 

n00b hacks harder

n00b hacks harder

n00b hacks harder

n00b hacks harder

n00b hacks harder

n00b hacks harder

Tim has even gone through the trouble to learn Solidworks to up his game. The process was non-trivial and sometimes painful, but it paid off with awesome looking results.

n00b hacks hardern00b hacks harder

n00b hacks harder
n00b hacks harder

Recently, Tim asked for advice on how to hack is new things.  "Maybe I can use the CNC mill to make the holes in this enclosure?"  

n00b hacks harder

The Bridge Troll scoffed, "You've only got a dozen holes!  Carefully measure and lay out the panel, and drill away at home!  You don't need us to do this child's job!"

 CNC milling can be a challenging option, and certainly not one for the inexperienced.  CNC is a great option when you're making many copies of the same thing, or if something needs to be quite precise.  This is a box with some holes for big knobs, it probably doesn't need to be engineered to aircraft-grade standards.  "Go drill that on your drill press, and stop bothering me," I think to myself. 

Turns out, the Dunning-Kruger effect also works in reverse.  "Their research also suggests that conversely, highly skilled individuals may underestimate their relative competence, erroneously assuming that tasks that are easy for them also are easy for others."


n00b hacks harder

 "I started off taping the design to the box so that all of the holes would be properly lined up. Then I used a punch to make sure every hole had a proper center point."  Too bad we didn't think to mention a center point doesn't do much good without a subsequent center drill (before the real drill)

"Some of the holes could be made on the drill press, but because of the side of the part and the bends in it, some of them had to be done "freehand". That's what really gets me into trouble!"  NO, DON'T DO IT, TIM!!!

"Even stuff I drilled with the drill press was not immune to wandering, somehow."

n00b hacks harder
As I begin to sarcastically joke, "I remember MY first time drilling thin aluminum," it dawns on me that it wasn't so long ago that it was in fact my first time drilling holes in thin aluminum, and they looked every bit as gnawed and chewed by robotic zombie rodents. 

Unfortunately, the diagnosis for recovery on this part was not good.  It's much more difficult to put metal back on than it is to take off, and the top half of this enclosure seemed beyond salvation. 

Undeterred by so much tilting at windmills, Tim came back to the shop last night with a flat, laser-cut panel of acrylic, determined to replace the now-scrapped curved top by bending a new one. 

"Roh'kay Raggy" my inner Scooby-Doo taunts from just beneath my conscious level.   Let me guide you, Tim. 

We improvised a bending jig by comparing the scrapped top panel to some pieces of wood and bar stock we had laying around the shop.

Getting ready to bend, I ask Tim, "Do you have any pieces to practice on?"


"Allow me to get you something to practice on first, before we scrap the one good part you have."  Good lesson to learn right here, if you're going to make one single piece, you might as well make three, because you're going to scrap two in the process.

Turns out propane was a little too aggressive

n00b hacks harder

Aaah, much better with the Harbor Freight heat gun. 

Bend one went well.

n00b hacks harder

Another one of those voices bubbled up from my subconscious once again. 

"Did you consider a bend allowance?"

"What's a bend allowance?"


n00b hacks harder

When you make a bend in material, a portion of the material on the outer edge of the bend is stretched around the bend, while the material on the inner edge is compressed. 

When this happens, the material deforms, stretches, and shrinks in predictable ways, based on the magical "K factor" of the material.  Copypasta for clarity -

"K-factor is a ratio of location of the neutral line to the material thickness as defined by t/T where t = location of the neutral line and T = material thickness. The K-Factor formulation does not take the forming stresses into account but is simply a geometric calculation of the location of the neutral line after the forces are applied and is thus the roll-up of all the unknown (error) factors for a given setup. The K-factor depends on many factors including the material, the type of bending operation (coining, bottoming, air-bending, etc.) the tools, etc. and is typically between 0.3 to 0.5."

Fortunately for Tim, without knowing the K factor (or needing to know, for that matter), his bends were PERFECT. 

Unfortunately for Tim, he didn't account for the bend allowance, making his part a little bit short across the top.  He made the executive decision to cut a slit down the top of the part, and will patch it later with another flat piece of acrylic bonded to the top.  "It's not a bug, it's a feature!"

Nice save, and a VAST improvement from his first attempt a week or so ago. 

n00b hacks harder

Well done, Tim. 

Daggercon – Security Conference – 8th October 2015 – FREE

As many of you are aware, security knowledge sharing is close to TOG’s heart, and with that we are always excited to see more security conferences happening in Dublin. Even better when it does not require a company credit card to attend. This is why I would like to tell you all about a free security conference taking part in Dublin in October this year. I ( jester ) am helping out with the planning and I will be running a lockpicking table during the event, so be sure to pop along and say hi. Bring your picks if you have them Daggercon – Security Conference – 8th October 2015 – FREE

Daggercon is a new and upcoming computer security conference, organized by the security community. Supporting security communities are involved in the creation of this conference so please show your support by spreading the word, and attending.

Thursday, October 8, 2015 from 09:30 to 16:30

Building 6, IBM Technology Campus, Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 ( Google Maps ) ( Dublin Bus – 38 and 38a )

Daggercon is for people seeking insights, staff and solutions in the information security space.
It’s for people who want to hear what their peers and other major players are doing to address the challenges and opportunities in this rapidly growing area.
And it’s for those who want to get a handle on what Ireland has to offer in cybersecurity — because they’ll all be at Daggercon.

There’s something for everyone at Daggercon – from cutting edge talks, hands-on workshops, tech demos, a challenging Capture-The-Flag event and plenty of relaxed networking opportunities.

You need to know how to protect your data and your brand, and keep track on where the market is going.

You need to know how to manage and mitigate the risks associated with data breaches.

You need to know the latest techniques, technologies and attack methodologies.

You need to know how the leading edge looks to improve your software’s security posture.

You need to know where the research opportunities are.

You need to know what cybersecurity has to offer and who’s hiring.


Tickets to Daggercon are FREE, but there is limited availability.
Get your ticket @ Eventbrite

Admission includes:
•    Entrance to Talks, Workshops and Demos
•    Food and Refreshments
•    Security Swag
•    Parking


The Heartland Maker Fest wants you!

Are you a maker, crafter, tinkerer? Have you thought about sharing your making, crafting, tinkering with other people? Then you (yes, you) should fill out the Heartland Maker Fest Call for Makers form today!

The Heartland Maker Fest our yearly event celebrating the amazing makers in Urbana-Champaign and the surrounding communities. And with your help we want to make this years event bigger and more creative than ever.

The Fest will be held at the Lincoln Square Mall in downtown Urbana from 10am to 4pm on Saturday, October 3rd. We’ll provide tables, chairs, and electricity (if requested). We’ll handle all the publicity, and we’ll work with you on connections through Facebook and Twitter to get the buzz going. We are supported again this year by an Urbana Arts Council grant, so there’s minimal cost to be a Maker and attendees will get in free.

Have a project idea, or know someone who might? Let us know! We are looking for a diverse group of talented individuals to showcase so Apply Now.

Any person or organization who embraces creativity and the DIY spirit and wants to share their accomplishments with an appreciative audience is encouraged to apply!


Heartland Maker Fest 2014



Hackover-CfP 2015

Zum vierten Mal veranstalten wir dieses Jahr das Hackover in Hannover vom 16.-18.10.2015 und wünschen uns natürlich wieder rege Teilnahme eurerseits! Ab sofort könnt ihr eure Talks, Workshops und Diskussionsrunden in das Frab eintragen.

Wer das Frab noch nicht kennt: Nachdem ihr euch einen Account geklickt habt, könnt ihr dort Beschreibungen und Dateien zu eurer Veranstaltung eintragen. Wir werten dann die Einreichungen aus und erstellen einen Fahrplan für die Teilnehmer. Wie die letzten Jahre auch haben wir eine weiche Deadline. Diese ist der 30.09.2015. Danach werden die Talks verteilt und demenstprechend kann es danach platz- und zeittechnisch knapp werden, falls ihr z.B. größere Workshops plant und diese erst danach einreicht, sodass wir nicht dafür garantieren können, dass ihr dann noch berücksichtigt werdet.

Erwünscht sind vor allem praktische Workshops und Talks, welche den zeitlichen Rahmen auf anderen Veranstaltungen sprengen würden oder in eine offene Diskussion übergehen und zum Mitdenken und Mitarbeiten anregen. Natürlich ist aber auch jeglicher anderer Content gerne gesehen. Dafür stellen wir euch fünf verschiedene Räume (jeweils 40-60 qm) zur Verfügung. Liefert bitte eine Beschreibung eures Events und nach Möglichkeit weitere erklärende Links oder Dateien mit, um uns die Auswahl einfacher zu gestalten. Diese Angaben werden später auch im Fahrplan bei euren Eventdetails mitveröffentlicht. Darüber hinaus gibt es in der Event-Beschreibung auch ein extra Feld für Dinge, die ihr nur an uns richten wollt.

Falls ihr schon einen Account im Frab des Chaos Communication Congresses habt, so könnt ihr diesen verwenden.

Übrigens: Menschen, die auf dem Hackover ein Event leiten, werden wie immer bei der Schlafplatzvergabe bevorzugt berücksichtigt.