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MRMCD 2015: Ende von CfP und Vorverkauf rückt nahe [DE]

Liebe Sportsfreunde,

Auf den MRMCDs gibt es traditionell nicht nur die besten Veranstaltungstassen, die meisten coolen Gadgets, die beste rund-um-die-Uhr Frühstücksverpflegung inklusive leistungssteigernder Substanzen sondern auch ein reichhaltiges Vortragsprogramm inklusive Workshops, Lightning Talks und dieses Jahr zusätzlich Wettkämpfe.

Um das alles planen und anbieten zu können sind wir auf Deine Mithilfe angewiesen: Wenn du einen Vortrag halten oder einen Workshop / Wettkampf anbieten willst aber ihn noch nicht eingereicht hast begib dich bitte ins Planungssystem frab. Gehe sofort dorthin, gehe nicht über Los und streiche nicht 400k€ ein, dafür bekommst du aber Zugang zu unserer exklusiven Speaker-Lounge. Dort kannst du entspannen, deinen Vortrag vorbereiten und diverse Leckereien genießen.

Der CfP endet am 09. August, am 11. August geben wir den Speakern Bescheid und wenig später veröffentlichen wir das Programm.

Wenn du noch kein Ticket hast hast du noch bis zum 16. August Zeit, dir eins zu klicken. Es wird zwar eine Abendkasse geben, aber an der Abendkasse gibt es voraussichtlich keine unserer wie immer großartigen Tassen oder Gadgets. Wir möchten euch bitten, den Vorverkauf so schnell wie euch möglich ist zu nutzen, da wir zur sinnvollen Planung auf ihn angewiesen sind. Die untenstehende Grafik aus dem letzten Jahr zeigt, warum: Die meisten unserer Ausgaben müssen wir im Zeitraum vor der Veranstaltung tätigen. Das macht uns die Arbeit im Vorfeld ziemlich schwierig, und ein aktiv genutzter Vorverkauf hilft uns sehr.

MRMCD 2015: Submission and presale deadline arrives soon [EN]

Dear sports fan,

traditionally, the MRMCD provide you with wonderful conference cups for your daily coffee as well as cool gadgets and an all-day breakfast, but also with a comprehensive set of workshops, talks and (this year) competitions.

In order to plan all these things, we need your help. If you’d like to give a talk or organize a workshop, please tell us via the frab system now!

The submissions deadline is the 9th of August. We will inform all speakers whether their talk is being accepted by 11th of August and we will publish the program soon after.

If you do not have a ticket yet, you can buy one until 16th of August. There will be a ticket sale on site, but there are probably no awesome cups or gadgets at the door, as well as no t-shirts or hoodies.

We kindly ask you to make use of our ticket presale, as we need that data (and money) to plan properly for the event. The graph below shows why: We need to spend most of the money before the event. This makes our work harder – and it can be solved by you buying your ticket in advance.

Vintage Electronics 2

Following the build of our 1978 Metal Detector, next up in our Vintage Electronics series will be a Digital Bicycle Speedometer.  In the March 1977 issue of Popular Electronics, they published an article for a digital speedometer complete with red LED displays. This will be a build from the original magazine which we have in TOG.

You can get an LCD digital bike speedometer nowadays for as little as 5 euro. These multi function devices can do much more than speed. Back in 1977 however, this thing must have been space age…..  red LED displays and all!

We think it will look suitably retro on a modern carbon fibre road bike Vintage Electronics 2 We will be building the speedometer over the next few weeks. Come in and join in the build, or keep in touch with the build online.

Intel-Instructables IoT Contest: Enviro-Ag Kit

Maui Makers has been selected to participate in the Instructables​/Intel Internet Of Things (IoT) Edison competition. We are being sent the Environmental and Agricultural Kit and will have until Oct 5 to complete documentation (an instructable) on the project(s) we build.
We need some members to step up and help on this. I will be off island for most of September, but we have August to get things going.

If you are interested, PM/email me and/or show up at next week’s public meeting (Aug 6) at the makerspace

This page gives the basic details with correct dates:
This is the instructables post that gives details on the kit etc:

Intel-Instructables Internet Of Things Environmental-Agricultural Kit

Environmental & Agriculture
This kit is designed with agriculture in mind. The 7 sensors in this kit can help you determine light, UV and dust in the environment and based on that information one could rinse a plant off with the water pump and/or water the plant and not waste any water because a flow sensor is included. There is an LED bar for visual output and a dry reed relay to turn things on and off.

Included in this Kit:
6V Mini Water Pump
G14 Water Flow Sensor
Grove Digital Light Sensor
Grove Dry-Reed Relay
Grove Dust Sensor
Grove Gas Sensor(MQ5)
Grove LED Bar
Grove Moisture Sensor
Grove UV Sensor
Grove Water Sensor


Ludum Dare 33: August 21st 6pm

Come to crashspace and see the theme announced for Ludum Dare 33!

Ludum Dare is a weekend competition to make a video game (however simple) based on a theme in 48 hours. You can work in a team or by yourself.

At 6pm local time, the theme will be selected, and international brainstorming on #ludumdare will begin. Here at crashspace locals will decide whether to go it alone or make a team, and come up with the best ideas for games based on the final theme.

Ticket system re-opens Friday, 2015-07-31, 22:00 CEST

  • Unpaid tickets ordered before July 16th are dropped now. Do not pay for those anymore!
  • There will be 250 tickets made available on Friday, 2015-07-31, at 22:00 CEST sharp!
  • Please pay for your precious ticket immediately after you have ordered it! Ask friends to help you out!
  • Once those 250 tickets are gone, you can create a verpeiler-friends-request.
  • We all need to move closer together to have enough space for everyone.

Verpeiler-friends-request? If you don’t get your ticket on friday, you have one very last, very tiny chance: Go to the ticket system and convince us that you are one of our dearest verpeiler-friends. There won’t be many of those tickets available. Also you need to be very patient waiting for a reply. Please try really hard to order your ticket on Friday, 22:00 CEST!

We had a pretty difficult time now: so many messages from so many people wondering if there are any tickets left.

We felt we couldn’t break all those hearts and have managed to increase the number of available tickets a tiny bit. That way we won’t have to turn as many of you away; but this also means we’ll need to share the resources amongst more people – less camping space, less time in the shower, less electricity for everyone at the camp. Please keep this in mind – especially once you arrive – build your tents as close together as possible and consider merging spaces. Sharing is part of the Camp spirit!

Let’s have a camping Fahrplan!

There are only a few days left and we are late but finally it is here: the Fahrplan for the Chaos Communication Camp 2015. Due to circumstances we had some lags, but finally we made it!

Please note this safety advices by going through the Fahrplan to pick your sessions:

  1. There is a new track: Failosophy. Read more about it in the Call for Papers.
  2. Mind the gap between 12:30 and 16:00. This is siesta-time where no lecture will be held in the lecture-tents. We decided to do so as this timeframe will be incredibly hot and we do not want to constipate you in tents while the heats is rushing over the campsite. (However, there may be a self-organized session going on elsewhere)
  3. There are still other gaps which will be filled magically within the next days till camp. Please come back on a regular basis to get the new talks.
  4. There are Fahrplan Apps. Please move on to the Fahrplan-App wiki-page to see which are available.
  5. For our pleasure and your curiosity we have a naming scheme for the releases of the Fahrplan. Maybe it is to easy, maybe to hard to figure it out. Let’s see what you can do with it.

Enough said – have a look at the first public available Fahrplan (Version 0.8 first and last and always) of the Chaos Communication Camp 2015.

We will meet each other in Mildenberg!