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Wood Carving with Hand Tools

Come learn basic wood carving at Culver City’s premier community hackerspace, CRASH Space!

This class will focus on carving small utensils out of hardwoods using hand tools such as chisels, gouges, saws, and files.


Class requires each person to have at least the following tools:

  • 1/2″ straight chisel
  • a V parting tool 1/2″ wide or smaller
  • a gouge 3/4″ wide or smaller
  • a wood file


A tool kit is available for purchase right on this page. Just buy the ticket with the tool kit. The tools are yours to keep.

The tool pack sold here includes a 6 piece carving toolset of 1 chisel, 1 skew, 3 gouges of different angles, a v parting tool, and a wood file.


This class will be taught by Emily Barinka, an experienced wood carver (owner of Felle’s Wands) and active member at CRASH Space.

Eventbrite - Wood Carving with Hand Tools

IP via audio for Raspberry Pi

A simple Python script uses some mp3 files to tell you the IP address of your Raspberry without stuff like nmap or peeking into your router.

Audio aktivieren:
sudo apt-get install alsa-utils
sudo apt-get install mpg321

Die mp3s habe ich hiermit: erzeugt und mit audacity zerschnibbelt. Soundfiles und Script aus diesem zip auspacken und in ein Verzeichnis deiner Wahl legen, und mit crontab das script beim booten aufrufen:

crontab -e
@reboot python

Tuesday meeting – NOGIZAKA space viewing – Don’t go to Shibuya!

07/02/2013 19:30
07/02/2013 19:30
Event Type: 

This Tuesday night meeting, do NOT go to the Shibuya space. You will be all alone. Lonely. So lonely.
Instead, come to Chiyoda line, Nogizaka station. We will meet up on the street level outside exit 3.  Please arrive by 730.

We will then stroll down to the potential new space to have a look.


Have an idea for a startup? Come learn how to turn your idea into reality!

On July 1st at 7PM, LVL1 will be hosting a talk by serial entrepreneur and KY Small Business Development Center associate state director Gordon Garrett to help hackers and makers navigate the often-difficult business world and to understand how individuals successfully go from idea to startup.   With 15 service centers statewide and an experienced [...]

LVL1 Third Birthday Party Open House – July 5th – 7pm!

Friday, July 5th, LVL1 Celebrates its third anniversary of having a physical space! We’ve been at 814 E. Broadway since July 1st, 2010, so LVL1 is now officially 3 years old! Come to LVL1 at 7pm on July 5th and help us celebrate 3 years past, and many years to come!  There’ll be food, beverage, [...]

Why don’t you just die.

As I am finalizing my MagneTag prototype for a small production run, I have been looking into efficient ways to cut fabric.  Right now I trace by hand and and cut with scissors.  I’m currently thinking I may want to make several hundred of these initial units.

With that in mind I am going to try die cutting my design with a shop press.  Since I’m not exactly sure what my final product will look like aesthetically, I am reluctant to shell out a lot of money to have a die professionally fabricated. What’s the fun in that?  I figured I would try my hand at a home brew hacked version.

I laser etched my design into two different substrates: wood and acrylic.  Then a took an old rusty bandsaw blade and hammered it teeth down into the laser kerf.   Then I took a Dremmel and ground a sharp edge into the steel.

An initial test on a manual hydraulic press gave mixed results.  The wood is too soft to keep the blade from becoming embedded; the steel needs to pass all the way through the substrate.  The acrylic seemed to work better, and surprisingly did not break when I tried to use it.

There is still lots of room for improvement, but I’m pretty happy with this first attempt.

DIY Bandsaw Blade Cutting Dies.

DIY Bandsaw Blade Cutting Dies.

Gettin' my grind on.

Gettin’ my grind on.

P.S. This is the 500th post on this blog!

Canvas Fabric Workshop Recap

Last night, Milwaukee Makerspace held a workshop in the Craft Lab to sew something out of canvas. Using cotton canvas drop cloths from the hardware store, we made aprons and messenger bags custom fit to each person.

Here are some of our members (and family of members!) sewing up a storm and Joe B showing off his new messenger bag!


As always, you can learn about upcoming workshops and events by joining our public mailing list!

Perth Artifactory and the Kafka-Quagmire of Doom!! (redux)

redtape1Notice reposted from the artifactory Facebook page:

18 months after first contact, 2 months after we submitted the bestest planning approval application ever to their own spec which was “finally” decided on 16 months in, the council tells us actually they want to reinspect and decide on a new category… and so it begins again.
Perth Artifactory: your local innovation space, and hoop-jumping gymnasium. Oh the gallows humour of it all.

Space Update

Did you know the VHS now has a vending machine? It takes anything up to a loonie and is loaded with snacks, drinks, electronics, and short projects you can do in an evening. There’s even EL wire for the bike rave this Friday. Once the machine has paid for itself profits will go to buying awesome stuff the space needs.

Every bench in the space now has a name, and every shelf has a number. (Thanks, Illithia!) That means things can start to get labelled with an address and find their way back home, ending the confusion of things that go a walking. That means YOU have to put addresses on the things you use so we can put them back where they belong. Please & thank you.

Special thanks to Steven for sorting all the small parts bins, Tom for rolling out the fiber network in-house, Ryan for giving the toilets a once-over, and all our fantastic new bloggers. VHS rules!