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Thank You for Your Help

 Today, we raised $21,934 through the goodwill of our community and a contract partner who has graciously pre-paid on a contract we will provide in the fall. We reached our goal!

We took this to our landlord in an attempt to negotiate to remain in the building past the end of June, and he refused.


We are about to go into a weekend-long event, BuildHealth ( and must shift our focus to this and to the Flying Car ( events of next week, along with WordCamp Milwaukee ( next weekend.


This coming week, we will reach out to those of you who have contacted us with offers of space, legal assistance, and real-estate expertise to map out a plan for our transition.


It’s incredible, but in a short time our message reached 90,000 people through the help of partners like ArtMilwaukee, the Onion, and the Business Journal. Contributors from across the US and the world have been showing their support. 55 people donated over $3000.


We appreciate everything you have done and will share more information as it becomes available. You’ve given us the greatest gift of all -- engaging with our mission. Thank you!

Tim, James, Jenn, and all of Bucketworks

Sunday Night Craft Jam

Open Invite: Sunday Night Craft Jam – running weekly in June!

Organized by our Artist-in-Residence Heather Morton.

craft jam

Who: All are welcome! (Free / Voluntary donation)

Where & When: at kwartzlab 7-10pm Sunday evenings in June, starting this weekend (June 2nd), hopefully going till the end of the month.

What: If you like crafts, come to our casual drop-in craft meetups in June – think a Stich’n'Bitch but any portable art/craft is welcome! paper, textile, fibre-based, beads, handwork, etc. If you do want to knit/crochet and don’t know how, we’ll have some books for that too.

Members can also consider this Artist in Residence Office Hours, so if you have any questions about how to use the space’s sewing machine or need sewing/textile-based advice on anything feel free to come and talk to me (Heather).  I’m also hoping to have tea and coffee available at some point. If you’re too busy preparing for Maker Faire, it’ll be running the Sunday after Maker Faire too! Come join us and unwind from a crazy, but awesome, weekend.

Bouw je eigen 3D printer

RepRap Prusa i3


Wil je zelf ook een 3D printer gaan gebruiken? We gaan binnenkort een RepRap bouw weekend gaan houden.

Voor de minder ingewijden de RepRap is een open source printer die zich aan de onderkant van de markt bevind, voor ongeveer 375-450 aan onderdelen kun je deze zelf bouwen.

Omdat zelf een 3D printer in elkaar te zetten een op zijn minst een uitdagende taak kan zijn kun je bij ons onder deskundige begeleiding zelf je 3D printer bouwen. Op het einde van het weekend zou je dan een werkende 3D printer moeten hebben waarmee je alles mee kan printen zoals onze Liberator-tje

Wanneer we voldoende inschrijvingen hebben (meer dan 5, maximaal 10) zullen we weer contact met je opnemen om te kijken welke opties je wilt hebben en op welke datum.

Meer info zie onze wiki of schrijf je meteen als geïnteresseerde.

Gaming LAN Postponed – New Date 15th June

Hi all,   Sorry for the inconvenience but we have to postpone the LAN 2 weeks so we can supply some equipment that we need Keep an eye on our Facebook for more updates and as always, spread the word around so everyone knows! Again please accept my apologies, hopefully the 2 week delay will […]

Vancouver Maker Faire 2013 – This weekend !

Vancouver Mini Maker Faire is this weekend at the PNE and a bunch of VHS members are doing projects and talks. 

Join us !

VHS’s Projects 

A full list of projects can be found on the Vancouver Maker Faire Blog

Richard Sim, The Messy Workbench

The Messy Workbench will demonstrate the design/production cycle of amateur electronics/robotics.
There will be interactive gadgets, demonstrations (circuit board etching), and a good variety of tech from quadcopters and autonomous robots to games and flashing, booping things! I have all kinds of projects on the go at various stages of completion, and will be showing them off as such – in progress work, along with much of my setup for working on them.

Vancouver Hack Space, Learn to Solder Workshop

The Vancouver Hackspace provides a physical space where hackers, computer geeks, engineers, circuit benders, crafters, and other creative types can gather to share ideas, equipment, and opinions. More than just a studio space, we focus on sharing all sorts of knowledge within a friendly and collaborative atmosphere. At maker faire, VHS will help you learn to solder. We will be presenting our classic blinky LED workshop

Symmetry Group

The Symmetry Group uses methods from modular origami, computer aided design and manufacturing, and mass produced industrial materials to create architectural origami. By lasercutting sheets of coroplast and folding them along the scores left by the laser, reusable modules can be produced quickly and inexpensively.While flattened, a module takes up very little space. When assembled, the modules lock into a rigid space-filling dodecahedron. Constructions as tall as 8 feet high have been successfully tested and we’re not even close to the limits of what the system is capable of. While the current incarnation is limited by the size of the bed of the lasercutter, with a bigger laser the constructions are almost infinitely scalable.

Karl Brown, Build a rubber-powered flying model airplane

Participants will build a flying model airplane powered by a rubber band. Expert, experienced instruction and assistance will be provided to ensure that each airplane is a flying success. Airplanes measure just over 12″ (30cm) from wingtip to wingtip and are suitable for flying outdoors on non- windy days (but don’t let it get wet!).

Swashbuckler Design

Swashbuckler Design started after the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2012 as a way to help collaboration and promotion of a number of local makers, artists and tinkerers. We are happy to be presenting:The Crystal Lantern project:
Starting as a small project to help learn basic circuit design and electronics crafting as a hobby the project has grown to include some very lovely finished product lanterns.Hand crafted masks:
Using mask blanks these masked are painted, sculpted, decorated and otherwise beautified in a variety of ways. Often incorporating lovely fabrics, small glass gems and feathers these masks are perfect for any masquerade, fancy party or just lovely pieces of art for a wall Knitted Scale Mail:
Most scale mail products use chain mail as a base to hold all the piece together, These however are using wool knitting to create a very soft and flexible easy to wear objects of art. They are certainly not functional as armour but what they lack in defensive ability they more then make up for in comfort and design.
The Photography and tinkering of Lesha:
A welder and tinkering, Lesha will be bringing some of her objects of interest and a number of prints she is fond and proud of. A great opportunity to pear into the mind of a great maker

Steven Smethurst, The Big Claw Game!

The Big Claw Game is a game where players control a mechanical giant claw suspended by cables with a joystick, and attempt to pick up balloons for prizes.This game is a great example of how a XY table works and should be fun for kids and adults alike. it made of aluminum screws bolts, motors, plywood and acrylic.

Dan Royer, Makelangelo

Makelangelo is an art robot you can put together yourself. If a 3D printer is too complicated for you then this is a great first step to learning all the related technologies like arduino, firmware, gcode, trigonometry, stepper motors, and more. Perfect for classes middle school and up.
For more information please visit

Matthew Peters, Tesseract TS300/TS1000

Tesseract Industrial is in the final stages of developing a new high speed 3d printer. The TS300 and TS1000 will be able to print faster than 300mm/s and are much larger than currently available machines with the largest being 950x520x400mm build area. The machines can also be adapted to be other types of equipment such as laser cutters, lightweight mills or different technologies of additive manufacturing.


IMG_3624Sm The Maker Mobile is a cube van cleverly transformed into a workspace for up to ten people. In this cool mobile laboratory, participants will experience the satisfaction of discovery and learn to be a producer, rather than a consumer of products and technology. The Maker Mobile was created by four teachers who want to share their love for building creative projects and get young people involved in Vancouver’s maker community. At Maker Faire, we are looking for the support of the community in order to outfit the Maker Mobile with the tools and technologies need to start teaching the joy of making!

The Bright Red Crayon, Return of Angry Birds

What better way to celebrate hands on projects than to shoot some stuffed birds toys out of a giant homemade sling shot? Made out of pvc, wood, cardboard and children’s stuffed stuffed toys, you can test your skills in building a tower and knocking as many pigs as you can! Join the young Makers in a game of strategy and fun! For all ages! Available for birthday rentals. Brought to you by Artist Zee Kesler and her company the Bright Red Crayon.

VHS’s Talks 

A full list of talks can be found on Maker Faires blog


12:00-2:00 – Panel Discussion with Chris McLean, Aric Norine & Kent Houston – Moderated by Dallas Luther

Making It Happen: Urban Invention and Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding has begun to change the way we create, purchase and interact with new products. It has enabled individuals to find a willing market for new ideas. With almost 100,000 projects launched onKickstarter in the last 3 years, creators and entrepreneurs have raised over $500 million in funding to pursue their dreams and build new products.

Join us to hear three Vancouver entrepreneurs tell their story of going from inspiration to launch. Find out what it takes, how it’s done and what this new model means to a digital economy. See how design, rapid prototyping and online communities are creating a new marketplace for innovative goods.

Chris McLean - Espro Press copyChris McLean – Espro Press

Chris McLean is a design engineer who focuses on leading people through new product development programs using structured design methods. With over 15 years of R&D and commercial product experience in start-up companies, his goal is to grow companies through new products.

Launched in 2012, The Espro Press is a precision coffee brewer with a patent-pending two-stage micro-filter that lets in all the flavors and keeps the grit out of your cup! In February of 2013, a new size of the Espro Press was successfully crowdfunded in less than a week, eventually receiving over 7 times its funding goal.

Aric Norine - Stack Soap Bars copyAric Norine – Stack Soap Bars

Aric Norine is the independent inventor behind STACK soap, a waste-free stackable soap bar that was successfully funded as a Kickstarter project in 2012. In 18 months, he developed STACK from paper idea to sellable product on in the United States. Mr. Norine is an advocate of self-learning and experimentation in product design through a combination of computer design and rapid prototyping.

Kent Houston - Let's PatchKent Houston – Patch

Recently launched on Kickstarter, Let’s Patch makes growing your own fresh herbs and greens easy with a sleek and compact self-watering planter system. Founded by Kent Houston, a consummate entrepreneur with a passion for urban agriculture, in Vancouver in early 2013.



3:00-4:00 – Panel Discussion with John Biehler, Eugene Suyu, Loial Otter & Dan Royer — Moderated by Dan Allard

The Ethics of 3D Printing

A panel of 3D printer enthusiasts will discuss the ethical implications of recent technical developments in the manufacturing abilities of 3D printers, the media’s reactions, and the potential legislative effects on 3D printer users in the short and long term.

John BiehlerJohn Biehler – 3D604

John Biehler is a Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada based photographer, blogger, gadget geek, mobile phone nerd, teacher, traveler, MakerBot operator, 3D printer builder, maker and all around curious person. He, a club of 3D printing enthusiasts who meet monthly and help share knowledge of 3D printing.


PrintEugene Suyu – Tinkerine Studio

Eugene Suyu is co-founder of Tinkerine Studio, a Vancouver-based company that specializes in 3D printing technologies and creative solutions, including rapid prototyping services like Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) and laser cutting, as well as designing and distributing their own 3D printing machines.


SAM_0448-300x225Loial Otter – Tesseract Industrial

Loial Otter is a 3D printing enthusiast and the driving force behind Tesseract Industrial, started in 2012 to develop adaptable 3D printers with enough size to build functional prototypes and production, combined with the strength required to do lightweight milling and speed to do 3D printing.


Dan RoyerDan Royer – Marginally Clever

Dan Royer is trying to make the future more awesome, one robot at a time.  He’s a veteran of the video game industry, a fan of That Thing in the Desert, and still believes he’ll make it to the moon. He is also the principal, a Vancouver based company that builds robotic educational toys for kids of all ages.




11:30-12:30 – Kim Werker – Mighty Ugly

Sometimes It Ain’t Pretty: How Mistakes, Failures and Hurdles Can Help Us Enjoy Making Stuff Even More

Kim WerkerKim Werker is a writer, editor, blogger, crafter, and speaker. Her biggest passion is Mighty Ugly, about which she’s writing a book and through which she facilitates hands-on and discussion-based workshops to help people confront their creative demons, experiment with new approaches to creative expression and problem solving, and just generally have fun making stuff. Kim is also editor-in-chief of The Holocene, a digital microzine for DIYers and curious people due to launch in late 2013. She lives here in Vancouver with a tiny human, a grown-up human and a mutt. Say hi and see what she’s up to at and

Kim will deliver a talk and facilitate a conversation about making the best out of the mistakes, failures and hurdles that challenge every maker. Come with questions and anecdotes!

12:30-1:00 – Ryan Smith – Vancouver Hack Space

Vancouver Hack Space: Past, Present & Future

Ryan Smith (Goldfish)Ryan Smith, also known as Goldfish, is a Vancouver based hacker and noise maker. As a founding member of the Vancouver Hack Space, goldfish has seen the maker scene in Vancouver grow and share in the last five years.

With the recent move to 270 East 1st Avenue, the Vancouver Hack Space is finally in a position to realize the goal that it has been working towards for the last five years. Come and hear about the humble beginnings of the Vancouver Hack Space and the slow and steady growth of this local member supported community.


3:00-3:30 – Zee Kessler – Maker Mobile

The Maker Mobile

Zee keslerZee Kesler left the Ontario College of Art and Design with a B.F.A. and an urge to create an inclusive community-based space outside of a gallery setting. Zee has worked in a variety of capacities as an Artist Intern with the Vancouver Park Board’s Artist In Communities Program, and as a workshop leader and installation artist at festivals and large public events.  Her personal practice is exploratory and multidisciplinary, utilizing found objects, soundscapes, collage and site-specific installations to explore ideas of inter-connectivity, personal and public space.

The Maker Mobile is a cube van cleverly transformed into a workspace for up to ten people. In this cool mobile laboratory, participants will experience the satisfaction of discovery and learn to be a creator, rather than a consumer of products and technology. The Maker Mobile was created by four teachers who want to share their love for building creative projects and get young people involved in Vancouver’s maker community.


Blacksmithing and Casting are here!

A Picture of hooks!

Over the weekend three of our members forged out of steel some great hooks to organize some of our metal casting supplies. Dan, Matt W. and Steve used the blacksmith forge and anvil to create the metal hooks shown here. The hooks were then mounted to a board which was mounted to the wall. Now our metal casting safety clothing along with our lifting tongs and pouring tongs have a neat place to reside!

An image of an anvil with hooks in the background

Quick and Dirty Rain Barrel Stand

So we have two rain barrels on either side of the house that work fantastically well for gathering water to be used for our small victory garden. The only problem with the barrels was that they were too close to the ground so the head pressure wasn’t all that great and it was a pain to get hose attachments on and off. So with some scrap wood I had lying around and gratuitous thievery of the design from this site I built one that would put the barrel up about 3 feet or so.

So the first thing was to take the 4×4′s that were going to form up the legs and cut them all the same length.


Second we want to frame up the legs. The boards I used were a bit sketchy, but with the amount of reinforcement we are putting on it’ll be ok.



The bottom braces are important as they square the legs up to the frame and keep things from shifting. I raised them about a 2×4′s width off the ground so they wouldn’t draw in water off the ground if the legs sunk a bit. 50 gallons is about 400 lbs, so while it might want to sink, I’m also putting this thing on pavers to keep it from sinking / drawing water up into the 4×4′s.

Internal cross members get screwed in from the outside, with the far ends getting screwed to the 4×4′s as well. These are about the width of a 2×4 apart as well, I fudged a little in the middle since it wasn’t exact. This aint rocket science.


I put the barrel on some additional 2×4′s – the original designed called for the barrel to be inside the lip of the 2×6′s to keep it from sliding off but for me that made the nozzle come awefully close to the lip which would have made screwing on the drip line for the plants a pain. When it was on a wood pallet previously it didn’t move an inch.

Weekly Meeting Update

This week Thursday, May 30 2013, will be the last open public meeting we will be hosting at the Pu’unene facility. We are pretty much moved out of the main room and kitchen, which the DoEdu will be converting to offices.Come on down to the space this week and help us celebrate what has been a great run.There are no public meetings planned for June or later yet.
We are researching venues, such as community centers, but nothing firm yet.Sincerely,Jerry Isdale, Founder