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Lockpicking Class – May 11th (Tickets Required)

You can pick your friends.
You can pick your beer.
But can you pick… a Lock?

Join us on Sunday, May 11th, from 4-6pm at Dallas Makerspace as we embark on an ancient mechanical adventure to explore the inner workings of a modern lock, first developed by the Mesopotamians and Egyptians over 4000 years ago. Led by lockpickers Jamie Schwettmann and a Special Guest, this workshop will cover – soup to nuts – everything you need to know about how common locks work… and how to pick them open.

Whether you’re a complete novice curious to find out what pin-tumbler really means, a homeowner protecting your family’s treasures, or a veteran lockpicker with questions about advanced locks and techniques, this event is for you! With 2 solid hours of history, mechanical diagrams (“lock pr0n”), and hands-on lockpicking instruction… first we’ll open your minds, and then we’ll open some locks!

To properly learn this ancient art, you will need the proper tools.  By registering for a lockpick set along with your workshop ticket, this reserves – all for you – a brand-new College of Lockpicking 10-piece Custom Lockpick Set made entirely in the USA, hand-picked by College of Lockpicking faculty to maximize utility for beginners and locksport enthusiasts alike, and offered for only $30.  And of course, you get to take it home for practice after the event. :)

If you already have some picks you’re itching to practice with, you can bring them along and your workshop cost is only $30!

BONUS:  Dallas Makerspace members get $15 off a workshop seat ticket!  (Check out the member mailing list to get the discount code!)

SUPER BONUS: 25% of every workshop ticket will be donated directly to Dallas Makerspace to support this and other other awesome events!

See ya there!

- Eric.

P.S. Visit the College of Lockpicking School Store to pick up custom lockpicking accessories and limited edition goodies as they become available! And don’t forget to Like our Facebook page and follow @lockpickcollege on Twitter, to get updates about this and futureLockpicking events across the country and around the world!


Robotfest 2013 success!

Thanks everyone who participated in the event.  Our booth was a huge success.  If you didn’t make it, view the entire article to see a picture flood of what you missed.

To name a few thing’s you missed:

See you next year!

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The Milwaukee Makerspace Makership

The Milwaukee Makerspace Makership Program

We’re doing it again! For a second year in a row, we want to provide a local maker with a chance to become a member this summer, and do something awesome.

Milwaukee Makerspace is proud to be a part of Milwaukee and to provide a shared workspace where people can explore their passions in making things, whether it be art, technology, electronics, alternative energy, or rapid prototyping and fabrication. Our members are eager to share their skills and equipment with others, and we recognize that we learn better when we learn together, so we’re introducing a “makership” program, which will allow a local maker to become a full member though a sponsorship from the group.

If you’re interested in joining us and gaining access to our space, our tools and our community, come up with a killer idea and apply today!

Find out more at:

“Sie” beobachen mich.

Dass ich paranoid bin, heisst nicht, dass sie nicht hinter mir her sind. Details zu deiner ganz perönlichen Verfolgungstheorie im Conspiracy Flowchart. Extrem zu empfehlen in diesem Kontext übrigens der Film: Das weisse Rauschen. Ach - wolltest du nicht schon längst deine Platte mit truecrypt verschlüsseln?

Ganz in unserer Nähe war übrigens grade die cryptocon, im sublab in Leipzig. (Extrem nette Leute da!).

Stattgarten Wedding: Mittwoch, 1. Mai Schraubergarten mit Cocktails

Es ist wieder soweit!

Die Klappbar ist Einsatzbereit und der Grill sauber, die Cocktails noch ungemixt und es braucht hier und da noch etwas Licht und Deko. Ab 12h fangen wir gemeinsam an, die letzten Schrauben zu drehen und alles hübsch zu machen.

Wer will, kann gern unter Einfluss von Sonne und leckeren Cocktails mithelfen und seine Anstrengung dann am späteren Abend mit Getränken, Musik, Laune und Lagerfeuer ausklingen lassen.

Leute und Grillgut sind mitzubringen. Getränkeversorgung übernimmt der Stattgarten - wir brauchen Geld für Erde, Holz & Co.!

Raspberry Pi Project Update

I’ve made some progress on the Raspberry Pi based traveling mascot for the makerspace. I’ve figured out how to connect the GPS unit, and configure the software on the Pi to read the data. The makerspace’s metal roof well insulates the inside of the building from the GPS frequencies, so the device doesn’t receive location data in the electronics lab.  The wooden roof of my home is much more transparent to these frequencies, so I’ve tested the GPS at home. I’ve got the C libraries loaded, and started a program to check and record the current location of the mascot.

Unfortunately I’ve run into a few setbacks. For some reason it keeps corrupting its file system, and failing to boot. A few times it’s happened has been when I made a configuration change and then rebooted. So I blamed myself. But today the Pi wouldn’t boot. The last time I used it I properly shut it down before tucking it in its box and putting it away. I had the Pi configured to register itself on the network so I could work with it remotely. It wouldn’t come online. So I grabbed the monitor and keyboard to figure out what’s going on. The monitor showed the Pi would start booting, but pause with a “PANIC: No init found.” message. A bit of web searching found that other people have had similar problems and fixed it by using different keyboards and different SD cards. Trying a boot without the keyboard and mouse plugged in gave the same panic message. So I think I need to try another SD card.

My son has a Raspberry Pi of his own, and a few SD cards he’s had success with. He has agreed to let the mascot project borrow one of his cards to figure out if this card is the problem. I’ll post about my results after I try with the different card.

Once I figure out the file system corruption problems, I can continue writing the C code. After that I’ll work on the other parts of the project. These parts include the website, battery pack, camera, and body. I think those denim monsters some members will be making in an upcoming sewing class could make a great form for the mascot. Would any of those members be interested in making a custom one for the mascot? Would any members be interested in helping out with any other part? Would any members just like to play with the Raspberry Pi? If you want to help, participate, or just check out the project talk to me when I’m at the space, or post a message on the mailing list.