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Komende activiteiten: decembereditie
CX3000 Heavy Duty Dust and Chip Extractor
Grand Opening Party
Photos from: Soldering 101/Learn to Build a Radio
Maker Inspiration
Learn the basics of Inkscape
PPPRS Race World Maker Faire 2015
Goodbye Old TOG, Hello New
Vortrag & Hackathon: Inexor Hackathon 2015
Quickie laser cut snowflakes
The Sorting
DIY Gold Plating Class on Saturday, Feb 20
Wie man einen Blackout verursacht
Infos zum Easterhegg 2016 – Hackfestspiele in Salzburg
Screen Printing? We do that too…
Photos from: Stand with Ahmed Arduino Binary clock Workshop #IStandWithAhmed
Nuevos talleres (Noviembre)
Visitor Register
VHS Sewing Machine Roundup
Wearables Wednesday w/ Barb and Michelle!
Still tickets for Soft Circuits Workshop! Electronics you can hug! (Or Stab! Or Wear!)
Bezoek Burgemeester Enschede
Michelle’s Hamstrometer is in Raspberry Pi Geek!
Make a terrifying skull prop for Halloween
Science Hack Day Badges
The Making of Gertrude the Great
Workshop: Lighting With Arduino – Sunday, November 15, 2015, 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Shibori & Indigo Dyeing Workshop: Thursday, October 15th, 7-10pm
2016 Make-Alongs Posted!
Build Out 12-5 Photo Recap
Elektronenrad: Cargo Circus 2016!
Immortalize yourself forever in the garden of CRASH Space
Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016
Breadboard Arduino
Ice Skating
Workshop: Build a radio controlled fixed-wing airplane
Prepaid Getränke-Abrechnungssystem
Goodbye, Matsuura…
Call for Subtitles
Board Game Night – First of 2016!
Join us for Pumpkin Hacking this Sunday!
Giant fox head build night, Thursday Oct 15th, 2015
Bobby the Biker, hacker of all the things, needs our help
Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!
Time Delay Relay
Fall Artist in Residence: Nik Harron
Maker Holidays
Meet Joe
Into to lighting with the Arduino – Sunday Jan 31st, 2015 Noon – 5pm
We’re baaaaaaack
Arduino U – 19:30, Wednesday 30th December
Refreshing the Singing Pumpkin Display
32C3: Gated Communities
Vector display class
Workshop: Lighting With Arduino, Sunday, October 25th, Noon – 5 PM
Come Learn Something
Daggercon Daggers
Lasercut Settlers of Catan
32C3 Ticket Status
Lockpicking back for another year!
Feedbag: Where Art, Design, and Electronics Collide
Op Amps for Everybody
TON Presentation Postponed to Thursday, March 3rd at 7:00pm
Call for Heralds

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