Maker Inspiration
Screen Printing? We do that too…
Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016
Drive Time!
Op Amps for Everybody
Bike in Kassel geklaut, 200 EUR Prämie
Infos zum Easterhegg 2016 – Hackfestspiele in Salzburg
The Anti-Valentine’s Day: Voodoo Doll Soft Circuits Class on Feb 7th
Vortrag: Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
The Making of Gertrude the Great
Yes, There Will Be a Craft Night on Turkey Night
Make Pumpkin
Hang out at Nottingham Hackspace Skatenights
Leafing with the Mogul
Nova Maker Faire – Call for Makers!
Eat-n-Educate – Programming your Baofeng Radio
Nerd Rummage Sale 3.0
Thrift on Kent: Thrift University Free Workshop Series
February Open Social
This November, Hackers Anniversary Party!
PPPRS Race World Maker Faire 2015
Quickie laser cut snowflakes
Monday Open Night: Come Knit With Us!
Hackers Party Update!
Time Delay Relay
Jewelry Box
Shibori & Indigo Dyeing Workshop: Thursday, October 15th, 7-10pm
Wearables Wednesday is TONIGHT!
TON Presentation Postponed to Thursday, March 3rd at 7:00pm
Science Hack Day Badges
Prepaid Getränke-Abrechnungssystem
DIY Gold Plating Class on Saturday, Feb 20
Goodbye Old TOG, Hello New
Wie man einen Blackout verursacht
Nixie Clock Part II: Nixie Display
Photos from: Soldering 101/Learn to Build a Radio
Feedbag: Where Art, Design, and Electronics Collide
Komende activiteiten: oktobereditie
Mardi Gras lights!
Tables from the Science Gallery Dublin
Learn the basics of Inkscape
Oszilloskop Lötworkshop
What a Night!
Still tickets for Soft Circuits Workshop! Electronics you can hug! (Or Stab! Or Wear!)
Nail Art Make-Along on Sunday, Jan 17th
Upcoming Class: Beginners Sketchup
Knitting and Crochet Make-A-Long on Sunday
Auto-Off Timed Outlets
ESP – Party! 1.3.’16
shack-a-days: Wir feiern 5 Jahre shackspace!
El labo de viaje
Member Project: Octagonal Nightstand
Let’s Detonate!
Fall Artist in Residence: Nik Harron
OMG I wrote a book on React Native
Die Gentrifizierung der Hacker und Maker Szene
The Sofa and the Sledgehammer
Exploring the Spectrum of Light Workshops
Prove your knowledge at the Nottinghack Nerdy Pub Quiz
Hive76’s Building Temporarily Closed Down
VHS Sewing Machine Roundup
We’re Open!
Python im shack mit der „STUttgart Python Interest Group“
Vector display class
Michelle’s Hamstrometer is in Raspberry Pi Geek!
Tesla (Days and) Knights
32C3: Gated Communities
Building Our New Common Room
Elektronenrad: Cargo Circus 2016!