Meet Joe

Last month we started a maker profile video series; we began with our very own industrial furniture maker Joe.  As a member, Joe, has made some amazing furniture using reclaimed parts from industrial machines.  One person’s trash is this maker’s treasure and he has found some gems.  These images are just a few pieces of Joe’s amazing work.  From end tables made with old gears to dinning tables made from a bowling alley, he has it all. Meet Joe Meet JoeMeet Joe Meet Joe

Meet JoeMeet Joe Meet Joe

Maker Faire UK 2016

We are delighted to have been accepted to showcase our projects at Maker Faire UK. Being the largest Maker Faire in the UK, its a huge gathering of all sorts of makers. We always have a great time talking to the public and seeing our fellow hackerspaces.

This will be our 4th year showing casing at the event.  Last year we were trilled to find other Irish makers also there (Mint Tek). We hope this year will be no different.

This year we will be showing a range of wearables and a arduino powered panel clock. We are super proud that our project from last year is now featured on the Maker Faire UK home page. Can you tell which one it is ?




TON Talk: March 1st with Erin Kennedy aka Robot Grrl

Join us this coming Tuesday, March 1st for a special presentation! Starts at 8 pm.


Erin “Robot Grrl” Kennedy is currently a Studio[Y] fellow at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. She is an avid robot maker. Her current project is Robot Missions, which aims to enable makers and humanitarians to collaborate on improving the environment with the use of a robot platform. She participated in Fab Academy 2015 where she prototyped unfolding CubeSat robots. She launched a kit named RoboBrrd for people to learn how to build a robot character. Erin is the host of the Robot Party, a Google+ Hangout where robot builders join internationally and show the robots they are working on. She was recognized as an Intel Emerging Young Entrepreneur and won a gold medal in the RoboGames, the robot olympics.
RoboBrrd didn’t start out as the chirpy character it is today. Almost like nature, it evolved through iterations and iterations. I’ll give a history of how RoboBrrd began as a popsicle stick robot, to what it became with a lot of help from the maker community. This involved learning circuit layout, having boards made, learning CAD and laser cutting designs.

Fast forward a bit, and I’ll share the robot creatures that followed (like BotBait), the adventures had through Fab Academy  and now what I’m currently working on as a part of Robot Missions while at Studio[Y] and MaRS.If you’re a maker working on a hobby project, but can’t really envision how it could become replicated for 100 other people, this talk will be helpful to you. If you enjoy robotic creatures and seeing ways that digital fabrication can be used, this talk will be enjoyable for you.


Monday,Tuesday and Thursday

We hebben natuurlijk al iedere dinsdag onze meetup waar wekelijks onze leden bij elkaar komen (en iedereen van harte welkom is om een kijkje te nemen bij TkkrLab). We hebben het programma uitgebreid met :

Blender Monday

Voor de liefhebbers van Blender (open source 3D software) houden we iedere maandag vanaf 20:00 bijeenkomst. Neem je laptop mee en ga zelf of samen aan de slag met tutorials en ander materiaal. Mocht je vast lopen is er wel iemand die je verder kan helpen.

Voor meer informatie zie onze wiki

Code & Cookies (on Thursday)

Code & Cookies is een informele wekelijkse bijeenkomst op donderdag van (web)programmeurs die met elkaar willen sparren over de ‘uitdagingen’ die ze dagelijks tegenkomen. Dit kan variëren van eenvoudige problemen tot heilige oorlogen over welk framework beter is.

Voor meer informatie zie onze wiki

Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm

51HP of diesel powered, hydraulically controlled, wood milling goodness!

On January 16, 2016, Nova Labs members were treated to a wood milling demonstration at Belle Grey Farm in Upperville, VA. The 51HP diesel powered, hydraulically controlled portable saw mill ran through the wood with ease.

Members were shown how entire trees were rough cut down to boards. The boards were then put into a solar kiln to dry for at least several months and sometimes as much as several years. Once dried the boards make it to the shop where they are used to make equestrian jumps.

Check out our Facebook page to see a video of it in action!

Wood milling demo at Belle Grey FarmPosted by Nova Labs on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm


03/19/2016 17:30
03/19/2016 17:30
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Electroluminescent Wire (EL Wire) is an easy way to make things glow. It's colorful, flexible, and easy to power with batteries.

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Breadboard Arduino

02/27/2016 17:30
02/27/2016 17:30
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Learn about how an Arduino is made, by making your own on a breadboard!

This is a great introduction to electronics, micro-controllers, and basic programming skills.

To sign up for this class, please go to the connpass page.


Arduinoの互換機を作成しながら、電子・電気工作の基礎を習得できます! 初心者歓迎クラスです。


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Finalmente, luego de realizarse en México y Colombia, el taller de Gamelines (dispositivos sonoros diseñados por el Labo de Juguete) se hace por primera vez en Buenos Aires, Argentina. Qué es un Gamelín? Es un circuito sonoro que ejecuta un versión de un escala musical indonesia, mediante la interacción del usuario directamente sobre la placa del circuito. De acuerdo al contacto físico del usuario, el circuito ejecutará una frecuencia determinada (a mayor cantidad de superficie de contacto, más alto el tono). Al pertenecer todas las notas a una misma escala musical, este circuito es ideal para ser ejecutado junto a otros iguales, logrando interesantes climas y contrapuntos.

Gamelín está basado en el uso del microcontrolador attiny45/85  , de tamaño y nombre pequeño pero con grandes posibilidades creativas. Durante una jornada súper-intensiva ensamblaremos y pondremos en marcha 15 nuevos gamelines. A continuación, la información del taller:



VALOR: $700 (incluye todo excepto batería 9V)


A continuación algunas fotos del taller realizado en Cali, Colombia y un video de los gamelines en acción (en la Fonoteca Nacional de México ):

Haga click para ver el pase de diapositivas.

Antes de despedirnos les recordamos que el Gamelín es HARDWARE ABIERTO






ESP – Party! 1.3.’16

hi all,

nächsten dienstag 17:00 Uhr wollen wir zusammen unsere ESP 8266 zum rennen bringen

kommt alle.

- ESP 8266
- breadboards
- 3,3 V quellen
- FTDI 232 USB - seriell adapter
- jumper wires

the internet of all the things!

ESP - Party! 1.3.'16

Making a Welder

Welding SlowMo

What does it take to make a welder?  One Marc and space for lots of practice.  Thankfully we have both of those things at Milwaukee Makerspace.  I have seen few people give of them selfs as freely as our resident welding expert Marc.  Over the past weeks he has been teaching classes covering theory, safety, and of course hands on MIG welding.  There is still time to level up your skills so be sure to sign up for a class on the google group here.