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Evening Talk: Secure Yourself Online – Thursday 21st May 2015 @ 7pm

On Thursday 21st at 7pm our very own jester`, Martin Mitchell or @jayester depending on the circles you run in, will be speaking about some best practices of securing yourself on-line :

Whether you are a creator or user of on-line content, knowing how to secure yourself on-line is important. In a world that is becoming more and more digital, we are ever growing our digital footprint. During the talk we will go through a top 10 best security practices, and maybe a few more too boot. It will relevant to you whether your on a laptop, or smart device, getting on-line for work or personal. You only need to be compromised once for an nefarious individual to make for life awkward. Their intention may be for fun or profit, but I will give you the information to protect yourself on-line.

I shall cover a lot but it will touch on passwords, email, encryption, tracking and wireless just to name a few. Aimed at everyone from general viewers of cat videos, those of you that have compromised, to those that would like to become a little bit more paranoid on-line.

Please use the sign up form below. This is do I can track how many to expect on the night. Information submitted though the form will only be used for tracking attendance and a reminder email will be sent a few days before the event.

See you on the 21st.


Privacy Security Talk in TOG – 22nd April @ 7pm – FREE

Dublin is lucky enough to have great speakers pass through town on occasion and on Wednesday the 22nd April 2015, Runa A. Sandvik (@runasand) and Per Thorsheim (@thorsheim) have kindly offered to speak in TOG from 7pm. The format for the evening is a general meet and greet, but both speakers have offered to give a presentation on a topic of their choice.

Anyone one interested in privacy, security, journalism, Tor and/or has previously attended a CryptoParty would be wise to attend. Doors are from 7pm and bring any projects with you you would like to share with other attendees. This is a free event, open to the public and no need to book. See you Wednesday.

Runa A. Sandvik is an independent privacy and security researcher, working at the intersection of technology, law and policy. She contributes to The Tor Project, writes for Forbes, and is a technical advisor to both the Freedom of the Press Foundation and the TrueCrypt Audit project.

Per Thorsheim as founder/organizer of, his topic of choice is of course passwords, but in a much bigger context than most people imagine. Passwords, pins, biometrics, 2-factor authentication, security/usability and all the way into surveillance and protecting your health, kids and life itself.

Open Social with Satellite Ground Stations

This Saturday is our monthly Open Social. We are trying something new this month with having a talk on during the night too. We will have all the normal madness with project demo’s, beer tasting , pizza making and general chatting all round but with a short talk by Daniel Cussen.

Our doors will be open from 7pm with the talk starting at 9.30pm . The event is free and all our welcome.

Talk Title : Creating a Satellite Ground Station

Talk Description: This talk will be about the experiences of setting up a  Satellite Station to talk to the International Space Station. From more information you can view an article in Echo Ireland on the project.

Brewday (12th July 10.30am)

Capital Brewers return to TOG this Saturday. Hearty brews are on the menu, in both brewing with guidance and instructions from the experts, and tasting craft beer made earlier!

A very rough time-line of a brew day is as follows:

  • 10:30am – 12pm: Heating water, water treatment and mashing grain
  • 12pm – 2pm: Boiling, BBQ, beer tasting from previous brews and visitors beers
  • 2pm – 4pm: Cooling and clean up

Every brew day is slightly different with a mix of brewers, recipes and techniques. This weekend we plan to brew an Irish Red Ale that is similar to O’Hara’s Red but with some improvements. We also won a mixed berry cider kit  from one of the brewing shops which we have decided to donate to TOG. We will brew the mixed berry kit and in a few weeks time bottle it using any empty beer bottles in the TOG kitchen. The cider batch should be ready for the August open social night but I will bring a large batch of red wine with me to the July open social for people to try if they want.

The long term goal would be to get a full set of brewing equipment that TOG members can use themselves at the space and make your own beer, cider or wine whenever you like! All you need are the ingredients.

Its always a fun and engaging day, the cost is free (donations are welcome) so come along, ask questions and even help with the brewing!

Capital brewers discussion is here, and pictures of our previous brewdays can be found here.

Tech Week 2014 – Videos

On Thursday 1st May 2014, TOG hosted a night of talks for Tech Week. Nearly all the talks were recorded, and are on our YouTube Playlist. Apologies for the lighting in some, we are still finding our feet when it comes to videoing talks in TOG.

Introduction to Open Source by Rory McCann

How to pretend you know stuff about stuff by Sinead McDonald

Blender and the Creative Space by Jamie O’Leary

Spammers hate him! How one weird trick can keep your accounts secure online by Diarmaid McManus

The battery for the video camera ran out a few minutes into this talk.

Made It Aoife Crowley & Mary Plunkett
Unfortunately the battery in the video camera was empty, so this talk wasn’t recorded.

All Tech Week talks at TOG. Other videos from TOG

Tech Week Talks

We are proud to be taking part in the inaugural Tech Week, which hopes to encourage young people to enter technology professions. We will be holding a night of short talks. each speaker is limited to just fifteen minutes  to convey their idea, story or insight on a part of technology.   The event is free for anyone to come along, no need to book.

Date: Thursday 1st May

Time: 19.00

Location:  TOG

Cost: Free

Sign Up: None. Just turn up.

Details on the talks below.

Speaker – Rory McCann
Title –  Introduction to Open Source
Why do programmers give away their software for everyone to use for free? What is Open Source / Free Software? Where did it come from, and how does it work?
Links: http://www.technomancy.org

Speaker – Sinead McDonald
Title –  How to pretend you know stuff about stuff
I’m a visual artist, and a graduate of the Art in the Digital World Masters at NCAD. I like to make machines that make people think about things, like quantum mechanics or emotions or time travel or regrets or alternative realities or music or long-defunct Victorian crazyscience. I play with the blur between science and fiction, and I get a LOT of help and collaboration. I’ll be talking about a few past projects, the people who helped me and made me look good, and the stuff they taught me that helps me pretend I know stuff about stuff.
Links: www.sineadmcdonald.com


Speaker – Jamie O’Leary
Title –  Blender and the Creative Space
Blender is a free and open-source 3D computer graphics software product used for creating animated films, visual effects, art, 3D printed models, interactive 3D applications and video games.  The talk will be on what blender can do for you as a hobbyist.


Speaker – Diarmaid McManus
Title –  Spammers hate him! How one weird trick can keep your accounts secure online
Social media accounts are valuable to scammers and spammers, who want to make a quick buck off your reputation. Here’s a few tips to help make your accounts harder to abuse.


Speaker – Aoife Crowley & Mary Plunkett
Title –  Made It
Dublin is a city that has been known for its creative and literary heritage. More recently the tech community has elevated Dublin into the new age, but for some, this is a closed circle. For other, they may have the skills, but lack the confidence to bring their ideas to life. You may know how to build an app or create a product, but do you know how to bring these things to market? With Made It, we want to foster a greater sense of community and engagement between the spheres of technology, creativity and entrepreneurship and see how the successful projects we see around us came into being.

Engineers Week: An evening of inspiring ideas

Join us for another Evening of Inspiring Ideas as part of Engineers Week.  From 7pm in TOG, we will have six speakers doing their best to inspire you about engineering with short talks.  The event is free for anyone to come along, no need to book.

Date: Wednesday  12th February

Time: 19.00

Location:  TOG

Cost: Free

Sign Up: None. Just turn up.

Details on the talks below.

Speaker – Greg Foley
Title – Chemical Engineering: Science, Art and TV
“You know what women are like; once they hear you have a PhD in chemical engineering, they’re all over you”. So said a minor character in an episode of the classic eighties television series, Moonlighting, the show that launched the career of Bruce Willis. Obviously the scriptwriters were being ironic and having a little chuckle at a profession that they saw as being the epitome of ‘nerdiness’. In this talk I’ll explain what chemical engineering is, why it involves more than just the application of science, why it actually has very little to do with chemistry and why the best chemical engineering is a wonderful mixture of science and art.

Speaker – Ciaran Donnelly
Title -  Wind Energy – Irelands Oil.
In my presentation I will give the audience a brief introduction to wind energy before  I discuss the different engineering disciplines involved in the construction of a Wind Farm from concept through to energisation. I will subsequently focus on the integration of wind onto the irish transmission and distribution system dealing with issues such as non-synchronous penetration and the ability of “Ireland Inc.” to export to international markets. I will also attempt to show how engineering as a discipline shapes the energy (and consequently economic) future for us all.
Links: (you can also download eirgrid app),

Speaker – Elaine Doyle
Title – Engineering Change
The talk I will be giving is about engineering and its possibility for positive change in the world. Engineering in a development context can provide people with access to cleaner water, better food, non toxic cooking methods and electricity, services we take for granted but are a vital part of everyday life. I will be speaking of my own experiences last summer in Guatemala as part of the EIL Global Awareness Programme where I helped manufacture a rainwater harvesting unit in addition to the work of Engineers Without Borders Ireland. You can learn more about EWB Ireland from the links below or join us at our annual conference on February 13th in Engineers Ireland on Clyde Road from 6.30. Registration is free until February 10th.
Links: Find Engineers Without Borders on the web, twitter and facebook. Find out more about the conference by email or facebook

Speaker – Eoin McLoughlin
Title – Intro to simulation: particles and clothes
Here’s a complete newbies’ guide to software simulation. We start from nothing, cover the theory behind how simulation is done and a little bit of maths to get us started. Next, we’ll get a basic particle simulation and try adding complexity to see if we can’t simulate a universe. Then, we’ll add even more complexity and hopefully we should be able to simulate some clothes. This is all completely safe to try at home.

Speaker - Liam OTailliuir
Title – Connecting the continents
Ever wonder how such massive amounts of data travel from one country to another. Easily enough across a land border, but what about when there are thousands of kilometres of ocean and depths great enough to crush all but the hardiest of research submarines?

Speaker – Conor McGinn
Title – hat Robots should look like and how they
should behave

The gap between what robots can actually do and what people expect them to do is a big one. This talk will explore how lessons learned in the fields of psychology, philosophy and social robotics can be used to help design and build better, more usable robots

Big Data applied to Intermedia Art

Big Data applied to Intermedia Art : Pierre Jolivet / Pacific 231

P231 @ Blackbox


TOG Hackerspace and Exchange Dublin are proud to host a talk by French artist / composer Pierre Jolivet on Big Data and Intermedia Art. The event forms part of a week long series of events and a gallery show celebrating our 5th birthday.

“Big Data and complex visualisations are now ever present as a means of representation and semiotic simplification. Artists, with the development of specific languages like Processing, are starting to generate a new revolution where creativity transcends data. This short presentation is an attempt to expose the potential of tapping in our environment and / or our inner self – revealing a new form of Intermedia Art*.”


Date: Friday 24th January - 8pm

Where: Exchange Dublin

Tickets: No booking required, free entry.

* Intermedia was a concept employed in the mid-sixties by Fluxus artist Dick Higgins to describe the often confusing, inter-disciplinary activities that occur between genres that became prevalent in the 1960s. Thus, the areas such as those between drawing and poetry, or between painting and theatre could be described as intermedia. [Wikipedia]



Bio: Pacific 231 is the moniker of French artist Pierre Jolivet, who is now living in Ireland. He has been composing music for a long time, which is proved by the huge number of releases and also by the wide, ever-changing and evolving range of sub-
genres that are the results of his work. He found the roots of his early works in noise and industrial bases. One could say that Pacific 231 has never left a certain inspiration in noise structures. A few years ago, he began to make more and more experiments with sound samples of various kinds. Discovering the magic of abstract arrangements and sound collages led him also to co-operate with other artists. His discography has got more than eight split or collaboration albums with such artists as Lieutenant Caramel, Vox Populi! and Rapoon.

Linux 2. Introduction to Networking

linux-networkTOG will be offering a six week introductory course to the Linux Networking on Tuesday nights starting in January. This course is a companion to Linux 1. Note that either course can be taken separately but this course assumes some basic Linux knowledge.

This course will teach you how to administer your Linux network from the command line. It will start with a detailed descripton of the TCP/IP protocol and progress to all the basic network protocols and programs used to set up web, mail and file servers with an emphasis on security.

When: Tuesdays Jan 7th – Feb 11th 2014.
Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm (with 30 min break)
Sessions: 6.
Where: Tog Classroom.
Price: 100 euros.
  • The OSI Stack.
  • Network Topologies
  • Ethernet and ARP
  • TCP/IP protocol.
  • Security and Encryption
  • Serving user data with LDAP
  • File servers with NFS and SAMBA
  • Web Servers with Apache, MySQL and PHP
  • And much more

You will need to bring a laptop running either Windows, OSX or Linux with VirtualBox installed. Each user will receive a virtual hard drive with the latest Debian customized for the course (See instructions below).
In addition, we will be demonstrating installing various protocols on a server. Students will get to take home copies of all configuration files used in the class.

Download VirtualBox from the following link:
Select the right version for your machine and follow the instructions.

Signup Here

Linux 1. Introduction to the Command Line

tuxLinux is a free open-source operating system invented by Linux Torvalds and developed by a community of developers worldwide. Linux is based on UNIX and has been ported to every platform in use today including PC, Mac, Sparc and ARM and is the base operating system behind Arduino and Android. It is released under the GNU public license and can be copied and reused freely.

TOG will be offering a six week introductory course to the Linux Command Line on Monday nights starting in January. This course assumes no previous programming experience.

This course will teach you how to administer your Linux system from the command line. It will not cover installing Linux nor will it cover Gnome or KDE functionality. Instead, we will be using VirtualBox and each student will download a virtual hard drive with the latest Debian preinstalled and configured for the course.

When: Mondays Jan 6th – Feb 10th 2014.
Time: 7:00 – 10:00pm (with 30 min break)
Sessions: 6.
Where: Tog Classroom.
Price: 100 euros.
  • Introduction – setting people up, using the command line.
  • Linux file system
  • Processes
  • The vim Editor
  • Command Line Utilities
  • Shell Scripting
  • Startup and Shutdown
  • Globbing and Regular Expressions
  • awk, sed, grep
  • Installing Software with apt-get and make

You will need to bring a laptop running either Windows, OSX or Linux with VirtualBox installed. Each user will receive a virtual hard drive with the latest Debian customized for the course (See instructions below).

Download VirtualBox from the following link:
Select the right version for your machine and follow the instructions.

Signup Here

If you want to know more about Linux, watch Revolution OS.