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Maui Makers needs your help

Maui Makers is at a critical time as an organization. We are making a concerted effort to get the word out and need your help.

Through the work of dedicated volunteers like you, we had a great year. We incorporated as a 501c3, leased and built out a space, and made it through our first year of operation in the black.

The coming year is crucial to the growth and survival of Maui Makers. Makers are about a community coming together and sharing ideas, knowledge, tools and training. We are here to serve you.

Please help us in 2 ways:
1) Tell us what we are doing well, or not well. I appreciate honest and constructive feedback, and don’t take it personally. Email me at
2) Get th e word out. Without active members, we just an interesting idea. The community of creative, thoughtful and interesting people on Maui is what will make Maui Makers thrive!

We will be hosting a booth at the Maui County Fair to get the word out.

Maui Makers–get the word out at Maui County Fair
Thursday Sept 24-Sunday September 27.

Please help us with staff the booth. No experience needed.

Happenings at the Makerspace

Things are really starting to come along nicely at Maui Makers.

TEDxYouth was a great event to see the quality of Maui’s next generation of leaders.

We’ve passed 40 paid members, so are on track for our membership goals.

We’ve got the power into the electronics lab, so look for it to open soon.

The space is starting to get a good roster of activities going on.

Look for our Menehune Makers children’s program soon.

Our Up 3D printer is now working, so we’re up to 2 printers. Shapeoko CNC is coming along nicely, and we’ll be offering training on safe use of power tools.

On the business front, board member elections are coming up and we’re inviting qualified members of the community to help carry the torch forward. Look for more info soon.

What’s Up?

Lots of exciting happenings at the Makerspace.  We are open noon to 5 pm every Saturday and Sunday at 200 Waiehu Beach Road (across the street from Jack in the box). The first Thursday from 6 to 9 pm is also open hours. Other events will be shown on our Google calendar.

Drop in and check us out. Members and non-members welcome.

The shop area (office 3) is functional with workbenches, basic tools, and a selection of power tools. We’ll get the full list posted soon. Training, proficiency check and membership are required to use the tools. Use fees will be based on membership levels. Pete Menningen is our shop master, with over 41 years in product development and testing for Craftsman! Expect to see additional tools and equipment added as membership grows.


The classroom (office 2) is complete. We have wifi, a Raspberry Pi, Arduinos, soldering irons and a laptop with shareware design software set up for member use. At least one of the 3d printers will be set up soon.

The facility issues in the dedicated electronics lab (tool access on the layout) have been corrected, so we are starting build out there. In the meantime, the classroom is doubling as the Electronics lab.

Contact us at with any questions.

Update on the Makerspace

Maui Makers continues our build out. Things are coming along nicely. The picture shows the electrical run in the tool room. It will allow for flexible set up and configuration for optimum use of space.

Pete and Wayne have been doing the bulk of the work this last week, with assistance from others.

The team will be hitting things pretty hard Tuesday night at 5 pm at 200 Waiehu Beach Rd in the old Y Hata Building. Some folks may know it under its new name of Da Warehouse.

The focus has been on 2 of the main rooms: the Conference/Class Room and the Tool/Workbench Room. We will start on the side room once the property manager fixes an issue in that area.

The classroom has a sink area, cabinets, a whiteboard and a projector screen set up. Pete was building and painting shelves last I talked to him.

About half of the electric conduit has been run. Wayne should have most of the conduit run tomorrow and be ready to pull wires on Wednesday.


Membership: 10 new members this month. We are halfway there!

Grants: We have submitted four grants to pay for equipment and tools. Fingers crossed.

Classes: Arduino Workshop is coming back this Friday, and we’ll acquire some fundamental skills necessary for computer control of machines, while making some valentines.

makerspace build out update

Thanks to everyone who contributed this weekend. If you want to help design or build, go to our google group here:!forum/mauimakers

Pete Menningen, supported by Cole Santos, have been doing a great job leading the build out. Basic painting in the Build Room and Conference/Class Room. Room lights in and plumbing. Whiteboard and projector screen.

Electrical is big item for this week. Then we can start moving equipment in.

Ways to help:
1. Become a member–your memberships will help us make the space nicer and get better tools.
2. Make a donation. Even small donations help us buy needed items and tools. A lot of what we need is small parts. Those add up quickly.
3. Join us in an awesome group build to celebrate our grand opening. What about a remote controlled vessel that monitors the health of our coral reefs? Do you think we can make it happen?
4. Design and build a sign.
5. Design membership cards.
6. Design marketing material.
7. Volunteer to facilitate a workshop. You don’t need to be an expert–that’s a benefit of a makerspace–we learn together.
8. Help us find and write grants.
9. Let us kn kw if you are interested in becoming a Board Member or Committee Member.
10. Get everybody you know excited about Makers.

Today’s blast from Maui Maker’s past is Wade’s reprap 3d printer from a couple years ago.

Makerspace Build Day–Sat Jan 10, 2015 9 AM to 6 PM

Help us Make Maui’s Makerspace a reality.

If you are available, we need the following skill sets:

1) Painting
—wear suitable clothes, we have supplies
2) Installing fixtures (electric)
—experienced makers only
3) Sorting and inventorying equipment
—no experience necessary
4) Building and plan marketing materials and events
—bring computers and ideas

Note that our lease allows us access solely for the purpose of building out the space. Please come prepared to work.

We will meet at the new space: 200 Waiehu Road starting at 9 AM, for those helping with painting and installing fixtures.

For those who can help with sorting and inventory, meet at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School after 10 AM.

For further info, email

We need a few volunteers to help move heavy items during a weekday next week. If you are available, please contact

Today’s Blast from the Past is Cole and Jerry from 2011 with their Chill Box.


Physical Makerspace Under Construction–Jan 2015

January is Make a Makerspace on Maui

Most events in January will be focused on getting the Makerspace built out for Feb Grand Opening.

The location is 200 Waiehu Beach Rd (some people might know it as the Y Hata building). We still have access to a classroom at St Anthony, so expect to see some of our future activities to take place at St Anthony.

January Activities will be:

Jan 8: Public Meeting: Help Plan Build Out of Our New Space, St Anthony, Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21, 6 to 9 PM

Jan 10-11: Volunteer activities for move in. Specifics to be announced.

Jan 15: Public Meeting, Self Help Activities: Sorting equipment, Inventory, Painting, Etc. We will meet at St Anthony Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21 between 6 and 6:30 PM. Some volunteers will do prep work at St Anthony, some at the new space.

Jan 17-19: Volunteer activities for move in. Specifics to be announced.

Jan 22: Public Meeting, Self Help Activities: Making things for the Makerspace, Sorting Equipment, Inventory, Etc. We will meet at St Anthony Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21 between 6 and 6:30 PM. Some volunteers will do prep work at St Anthony, some at the new space.

Jan 24-25: Volunteer activities for move in. Specifics to be announced.

Jan 25: Make Valentines the CNC Way: Learn basic graphic import and editing: Class 1 of 3, St Anthony, Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21, 6:00 to 8:00 PM. Make Valentines the CNC Way: Learn basic graphic import and editing: Class 1 of 3. Each class is $5 for Members, $10 for non-members. Follow up classes on 4 and 11 of Feb.

1 Feb 2014. Makerspace Grand Opening. Thanks to Doug Allan for making us a drawing of the floor plan.

Prior to opening of the Makerspace, memberships are discounted. Click here to join.

Upcoming in December

Rocket Workshop this last Saturday was a Blast! See the Facebook page for more photos.

Several events are planned for December.

Hopefully we can close the deal on our lease and have special Make a MakerSpace meetings. Stay tuned.

Arduino Workshop Fridays continue from 6-9 PM every Friday–location TBD so email for info. Kids Wearable Workshops are also possible–email

4-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21
Public Meeting (Free)
Come down and talk story. Bring items or ideas for show and tell. Meet collaborators for projects. Help us design Maui’s Makerspace. We’ll have a wind tunnel for the young ones, and a short discussion/demo on basic soldering skills by Jerry Isdale.

11-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21
Learn to Solder
by Jerry Isdale ($5.00 for non-members/free for members; suggested material fee: $1.00; a few kits available for $5.00 each)
Space is limited, and will be on a first-come basis.

20-Dec-2014 (Tentative), 10-2 PM Location TBD
Rocketry Returns
by Cole Santos ($20.00 per family)
In stage one we will go over the basics of rockets and how they work and then construct rockets from straws and paper. Launching the rockets will be done using the scientific method to see how launch angle and thrust affect the distance flown. In stage two we will build and launch basic Estes rockets (weather permitting).

18-Dec-2014, 6-9 PM at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School in Maryknoll Hall, Rm 21
Tinkering: Build Personalized Christmas Tree Ornaments
by Laura Ulibarri ($20.00 for non-members/$10.00 for members–includes materials to build 2 ornaments)
How would you like to make your very own Christmas Tree Ornament using whiz bang technology or your own creativity?
We’ll fire up the EggBot to let you print your very own personalized ornament. We’ll provide white ornaments for the eggbot and supplies for various kinds of ornaments.

Membership Drive

Aloha Everyone,

Maui Makers needs your help.

After an intensive search, Maui Makers has secured an option to rent a space in Wailuku that will be a great home for us to set up our tools and house tools and equipment. The landlords love the idea of Maui Makers so have given us a great deal on rent. The space gives us rough finished areas suitable for setting up separate classroom, clean work space for electronics and printing, “dirty” work space for painting, dyeing, cutting, etc. and wood/metal working areas.

The space will allow us to have multiple events each week, and broaden our activities. It also allows members to access tools, equipment (3D printers, shapeoko, Arduinos, Dremels, hand tools, soldering stations, power tools), workbenches, build areas and fellow makers.

The space is rough finish, so we can modify it to fit our members needs, and it has adjacent space that allows us to offer members studio and storage space.

How can you help?
1. Help with daily administration of mauimakers: blogging, coordinating volunteers, championing a type of making, website management, bookkeeping, record keeping, board member, etc.

2. Hands-on turning the roughed in space into an awesome makerspace: painting, flooring, building shelves, equipment set up, equipment donation, installing workbenches, cables, etc.

3. Become a member (at, or mail a check to Maui Makers, Inc. 415 Kahului Beach Rd.Suite E-429,, Kahului 96732), or donate using the paypal button. All donations are tax deductible, and all funds will be used to support the physical makerspace. Memberships are discounted until we get set up, so get them now. Discounts also apply for 5-year memberships. A limited number of lifetime memberships are available. Email

4. Volunteer to lead classes or workshops. You don’t have to be an expert, just enthusiastic and willing to learn with others.

5. Spread the word and invite your friends. Spread the Maker bug. Making is a fundamental aspect of being human. Everyone is a maker.

Email if you can help in any capacity.

Member Graph

Well, Pete did us a solid with the HMMDMMH.. I took it to the next level, by graphing the data the HMMDMMH provides!



You can change the number of weeks’ worth of data it displays, by adding “&weeks=xx” to the URL, like this.  There’s a little bit of missing data here and there, which is why there are some skipped week numbers. Right now, I’ve collected approximately 25 weeks worth of data. This will only grow as MMS does, though! You might end up seeing this in the MMMPIS too!

Also, coming soon: A stand-alone executable version (for Windows) of the HMMDMMH!

EDIT: 2014 Week 26: After this was implemented we looked closer at the numbers and found an error. It has been corrected, hence the drop