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Kwartzlab Radio: The final episode

After a long delay and consideration I have decided to end Kwartzlab Radio. While I’ve been very happy with the episodes Darcy and I have put out I felt it was time to wrap up.

Darcy and I sit down one last time and talk about making the podcast, some of our favourite episodes and what we have learned from the whole venture.

Kwartzlab Radio: Ripple Union

This time on Kwartzlab Radio Darcy and I sit down with Jon Lamothe and Stephen Paul Weber to talk about Ripple Union. What it is and how they are involved.

This will be our last episode before the summer but we will return in the fall with new items to discuss.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. E-mail us or find us on twitter @kwartzlab.


Kwartzlab Radio: Charlotte Armstrong

Kwartzlab Radio returns with our first interview of the year with Charlotte Armstrong. Charlotte, Darcy and I talk about the upcoming Mars Lander Opportunity’s 10th Anniversary of landing on our neighbouring planet. There will be a celebration here at Kwartzlab on January 25th.

We also talk about the local chapter of Nerd Nite‘s 2nd year anniversary and what is being planned for that occasion.

As always if you have any feedback for the show we can be reached on twitter @kwartzlab or email

Kwartzlab Radio breaks until the new year.

This is  just a quick announcement that Kwartzlab Radio will be on a short hiatus until the new year. Darcy and I have a few topics ready to go, however if you have any suggestions on topics, interviews or anything else that you would like to hear on the show email us

Thank you for listening and we look forward to coming back in the new year

Kwartzlab Radio: Handmade Holiday

In this episode of Kwartzlab Radio Darcy and I talk with Agnes Niewiadomski about the Handmade Holiday Christmas workshop series and about crafting for the holidays.

Unfortunately the succulent picture frame workshop has just passed but there is still the brass, copper & leather jewellery workshop instructed by Ryan Consell and the needle felting figurines workshop run by Agnes coming up.

email us at and tell us what you would like to hear in future episodes.

Kwartzlab Radio: Hackerspaces Panel

This time we have a different kind of episode. At sooncon Rob Adlers recorded the Hackerspaces panel talking about the challenges facing Hackerspaces in southern Ontario.

The quality of the audio for this episode will be a bit different however I hope you will still enjoy the conversation.

Special thanks do go out to Rob Adlers for setting up the recording.