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Intel IoT Instructable Posted

The Intel IoT Invitational Instructable Contest was extended a few times. It closed monday 9Nov. Our entry for the AINA: Field Lab Using Edison IoT was successfully submitted and is garnering interest (1400+ views in about 1 day). The project proved out several of its goals, found some issues with the Edison/Bluetooth, and leaves many options for ruggedization and enhancement.

Some of the major issues to be addressed:

  • Bluetooth activation and pairing seems to require console access (command line tools) on the Edison.  Rather silly for an embedded device with no or minimal human interface.
  • Grove connectors and cables are not adequate for outdoor use
  • Proper housing of a field lab unit has many issues not addressed in the project
    • weather protection of electronics
    • exposure of sensors to elements they need to test
    • ventilation while protecting from flora and fauna (geckos, bugs, mold, etc)

Please check out the instructable and Vote for it before Nov 12!

De Makerspaces Contest van Instructables

We hadden het al eerder over Instructables: je weet wel, die website vol met uitgevoerde projekten, en instrukties om ze zelf ook te maken. Een leuke plek om ideetjes op te doen en technieken te leren.

Bij Instructables hadden ze van juni tot september een leuke wedstrijd, bedoeld voor makerspaces. Er deden een heleboel groepen mee, de meeste uit de Verenigde Staten. Je kon allerlei gereedschap winnen. En op z’n minst kon je een mooi snijapparaat winnen, een Silhouette Portrait, als je groep minstens tien ‘featured’  Instructables bij elkaar kon tikken. Nou, dat moest ons toch ook lukken?

Net Sinterklaas!

En dat is ons ook inderdaad gelukt! Ons team bestond uit SA007, Jos, Duur, Mack, Bix, Stoneshop, Cooper en ik, en samen maakten we zestien Instructables, bijna allemaal werden ze ‘featured’! Daarom kregen we onlangs in een grote doos toegestuurd: stickers, T-shirts, en vooral een mooie glimmende Silhouette Portrait. Dat was feestelijk uitpakken natuurlijk.

Twee van deze Instructables wonnen ook nog een individuele prijs: namelijk Mega Guide to Macro Photography van Dvanzuijlekom en From blank keys to working keys without dismanteling the lock van Jos.

Ik zou bijna zeggen: alweer een succesvol, en gezamenlijk, Hack42-projekt!

Intel-Instructables IoT Update Aug 16

Our Intel-Instructables IoT team met at the makerspace on sunday 16Aug.  So far we have a team of 5 high school students (all Kihei Charter) working on the project.   Luke Jones, an intern on loan to makers, and Celeste Jongeneelen are leading the effort.  We established a google group forum for team communications.  If you would like to join in, pop over and request to join.  We could use some more people.

For team updates, you can check the page here on our website

Be a Prize-Winner! We Need Your help! is having a Makerspace contest, and we need your help!

They are giving away $30,000 in prizes (click/tap the link for full details).

Two of our four submissions were already featured as of 7/6/2015.   Let’s keep this up!

It’s easy to write an instructable! Just document something you’re making.  It doesn’t have to be complex. It can be a few steps or many.  I can be a variation on something already done.  Let your imagination flow!  If you had a reason to make something, let someone else benefit from your experience.

Visit the contest page to see the instructions and use the links there to submit your instructable.

Contact us if you need help with creating or submitting your instructable or are stuck and need ideas.

Remember, we have to do this by the end of August!!

LED Bonanza at the LED Build Day

Ever wanted to play with LED lights? Now you can on our LED Build Day.

Thanks to Instructables, we have a huge collection of 10mm LEDs in a variety of colours, and we’re having an LED Build Day to make everything bright and shining.

From 11am until 5pm on Sunday 17 August, we’ll be working on everything from grand projects to small projects to existing projects, adding LEDs where we think they’ll be best.

If you’re never worked with LEDs, or if you’ve decked out your house in them, you’ll find something at your level of expertise for LED fun.

This event is free, and fun for all ages!

littleBits Projects

Back in June we announced some Instructables Build Nights featuring littleBits and the new Arduino at Heart modules. We had a lot of members play with the ‘Bits during the last six weeks, and we’re still waiting for Steve to publish the detailed instructions on his “littleBits-powered Vomit-Inducing Machine”, but for now we’ll have to make do with the littleBits Arduino Annoying Machine that Eric and his son built.

I also got in on the action, with two Instructables that (sort of) go together; littleBits Serial Data and littleBits Serial Controller. All of our projects make use of the Arduino module, which add some great programming functions to the littleBits world.

If you didn’t get a chance to play with the ‘Bits yet, we will have four littleBits Deluxe Kits and a bunch of Arduino modules at the space to experiment with. They should be treated like a LEGO set; build something, then take it apart. Hopefully having some fun and learning something new along the way.

(Big Thanks to Instructables and littleBits for providing the kits to us!)

MakerBar to Host Instructables Dremel Build Night!

Instructables and Dremel have selected MakerBar as one of its locations to host a build night to learn Dremel and create awesome things!

We will be Dremel-ing and writing up our projects for others to learn via doing through the power of sharing knowledge. After a 15 minute safety demonstration, we will have five Dremel rotary tools with accessory kits and three Dremel reciprocating tools to make a mountain of awesome projects! We have a lot of things at MakerBar that could serve as the foundation for projects, but we want your ideas, your participation, and your projects to shine here. Bring any materials you may have and transform them into science, art, or something unique.

All are welcome, and the event will begin at 7:30 with our safety demonstration.

Come out and build things with Dremel tools and learn how to make your projects a reality fast!

See you there!

Sign up on the meetup!

MakerBar to Host Instructables Dremel Build Night!

MakerBar to Host Instructables Dremel Build Night!

Instructables / littleBits Build Night

Have you heard of littleBits? It’s an open source library of electronic modules that snap together with tiny magnets for prototyping, learning, and fun. If you’re the kind of maker who tends to avoid the Electronics Lab, littleBits might be just what you need to start experimenting with circuits.

We’ll be hosting a number of littleBits Build Nights in June, sponsored by our friends at Instructables, who have provided us with a bunch of littleBits Deluxe Kits, as well as a number of their new Arduino at Heart modules, which let you add an Arduino brain to your littleBits creations.

If you come up with something cool, we’ll help you post a step-by-step Instructable for it, so others can enjoy your creation. If you need some inspiration, check out some of these littleBits projects.

These events will be free, just bring yourself (and your ideas!) to 2555 S. Lenox St. in Bay View and make something cool with littleBits.

Sugru Build Night Results

Instructables & Sugru

We had out first Instructables Build Night recently and a few of the members wrote up Instructables showing what they did with the Sugru… here they are:

Thanks to Instructables, Sugru, and everyone who took part in the event. We’ll be hosting another Instructables Build Night in August, so keep an eye on the calendar.

Monthly Build Night – July 2012

June Build Night Banner 2013

Check out our lists of projects from the May and June Build Nights on the Maker’s Local wiki!

The Maker’s Local 256 Monthly Build Night for July is this weekend! The theme for July is “Sugru Moldable Rubber”, and this time, Instructables sent us some free Sugru to use in our projects! In case you’ve never heard of Sugru, it is a “multi-purpose, non-slumping brand of silicone rubber that resembles modeling clay”, and can be used for all sorts of projects and repairs, from fixing your phone charge cable to creating robot parts.

The structure of this Build Night will be similar to our first, except that the Instructables we’ll need to make have to involve the Sugru in some way. We’ll need to submit five Instructables from the night.

Build Night will be on Saturday, July 20th from 1PM to 11PM. More info on the event can be found on the ML256 Wiki Page.