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Hands-On Radio Hacking

CRASH member Samy recently gave a talk at Defcon about car/radio hacking and would like to do a more hands-on version at CRASH Space.

WHEN: Friday, Sept 18 8:00 – 10:00pm

Some topics we’ll go over and live demo as much as possible (legally, of course):

  • low-cost hardware and open source software for radio exploration (RTL-SDR, HackRF, CC1111EMK, IM-ME, etc)
  • sniffing and deciphering unknown radio signals
  • reverse engineering hardware (using logic analyzers, determining unmarked chips, etc)
  • wirelessly reverse engineering radio hardware (like cars and garages)
  • methods to attack and exploit radio communication (like unlocking cars and garages)
  • exploiting mobile device trust + exploiting mobile apps by performing SSL man-in-the-middle attacks, DNS spoofing, automated HTTPS injection/traffic manipulation
  • security measures to consider for more secure designs in the future

Samy will demonstrate all attacks from start to finish, and encourages you to bring any of the following low-cost hardware and go through the entire process with him:

  • $22 – RTL-SDR (hardware dongle for software defined radio, allows sniffing radio frequencies up to ~1.7GHz). This is a great buy and very powerful
  • If you’re comfortable with Arduino and coding, this $9 CC1101 radio (sub-GHz RF transceiver) goes well with an Arduino or Teensy and is very potent /li>
  • I would NOT suggest you buy this $75 CC1111EMK (basically the $9 chip above without a processor) because better/cheaper hardware is coming out soon, but we may use it for those who don’t want to build their own device (sub-GHz radio transceiver and MCU)/li>
  • Bring a logic analyzer if easy to and you have one — while I prefer Saleae, there are much more inexpensive ones out there, and you can even turn your Arduino or Teensy into a low-speed logic analyzer/li>

Also, you’re welcome to bring:

  • your own devices that sniff or emit radio (such as garage door openers, car keys, etc) and inspect them live! (It’s okay if you don’t want to, as Samy will bring a bunch of his own that you can hack.)
  • snacks and drinks
  • smiles
  • laptop
  • anything else you want, really

Hope to see you there!

Hackito Ergo Sum 2015

Hackito Ergo Sum 2015 is being setup one more time! Created by /tmp/lab and for hacking & security passionate researchers, HES 2015 will be the 6th edition of this conference. HES 2015 will take place at Cite des sciences et de l’Industrie (Paris – FR) – October 29th & 30th 2015.

27.6. 7:30 PM: Moldover & Friends at c-base

Don’t forget to grab a c-booc!


The Kickstarter campaign is over in a few hours!


Moldover and friends are invading our Mainhall for an evening of AWESOME. We’ll kick off the evening with some music-tech workshops and then dive into an eclectic program of meta-stellar beats and melodies.

Free event! Donations are graciously welcomed and go to support c-base and the artists.

27.6. 7:30 PM: Moldover & Friends at c-base Timetable

7:30pm-9:00pm Workshops (see below)

9:00pm-2:00am Eclectic Demonstration with:
Timo Preece
Alfred Ladylike
…and more…

WORKSHOPS (7:30pm-9:00pm)

Moldover Makesmusic will premiere a sweet new presentation on how to create unique artworks by designing printed circuit boards. Learn about his Light Theremin CD case (, The Voice Crusher USB/cassette instrument (, and his new wearable LED Four Track Pendant.

Timo Preece will share his strategies for designing a custom live music performance setup (

The official event page is at facebook (sorry 27.6. 7:30 PM: Moldover & Friends at c-base ) (

Cryptoparty am 22. 8. 2014 20:00h

Die Privatsphäre ist ein Menschenrecht!

Um die Hoheit über die eigene Privatsphäre in der digitalen Konversation zu behalten, muss man sich mit einigen Techniken der Kryptologie und Anonymisierung vertraut machen.

Genau das tun wir bei der Cryptoparty am 22. August.

Verschlüsselung von Mails, Chats, Dateien; Anonymes Browsen und Sicherheit für mobile Devices sind die Themen, die die Aktivisten und Aktivistinnen in einem Hands-On Workshop erklären werden. (Also Laptop mitbringen und die Tools gleich vor Ort installieren) .

Da dies eine Einsteiger-Veranstaltung ist, werden keine Vorkenntnisse  benötigt. Ein Event für Fortgeschrittene gibt’s dann möglicherweise in der nahen Zukunft.

Cryptoparty ist eine dezentrale und weltweite Initiative, die das Chiffrieren, die angewandte Kryptografie und Verschlüsslungsprogramme einer breiten Öffentlichkeit bekannt macht. Cryptoparty-Veranstaltungen sind frei, öffentlich, nicht kommerziell und politisch unabhängig. Für mehr infos:

Machine Learning Stammtisch (March, 7th, 19.00 CET)

This Friday, the new Machine Learning regular’s table  will meet for the first time at c-base.

Daniel Nouri will give a talk in which you will learn about recent developments around deep neural networks, with a focus on convolutional neural networks, which have enabled huge improvements in the state of the art of image classification. We will discuss:

  • tricks that enabled the breakthrough of ConvNets, which were originally conveiced in the 1980s
  • how using deep neural nets compares to traditional image recognition; applications, advantages and drawbacks
  • good ways for you to get started with ConvNets; an overview of available open source implementations
  • tips for training train deep neural nets effectively

The talk will be approximately 45 minutes long.  There will be plenty of time to discuss questions about not only the talk but about our new Berlin machine learning group in general: what are our goals, how often do we meet and when, what subjects do we want to hear about etc.

If you’re interested in machine learning, you shouldn’t miss this event ;-)

  • Friday (07.03.14) evening, 7 pm
  • c-base space station – mainhall

Hope to meet you there!

Conference “Pourquoi Obama lit-il mes mails ?”

Le samedi 18 janvier 2014 à la Médiathèque Aragon de Choisy le Roi.

Le /tmp/lab a fait en partenariat avec les médiathèques de la Ville de Choisy qui font la promotion le logiciel libre et la culture du partage. La superbe salle de conférences de la nouvelle Médiathèque sera le lieu de conférences organisées par le /tmp/lab dans l’année à venir.

Pour la première édition, Philippe Langlois nous parlera des enjeux des écoutes NSA/PRISM dans le cadre d’une perspective historique accessible à tous : évolution des techniques et des politiques sur 50 ans…

Bien entendu accès libre et très simple en RER (3 minutes à pied). N’hésitez pas à venir rien que pour voir le lieu (bornes Linux, bornes de téléchargement de contenus libres / domaine public, entre autres). Nous aurons normalement une retransmission audio/vidéo live de la conférence pour ceux qui ne pourraient pas venir.


Join the Cyber-Warfare!


In einer realitätsgetreuen Test-Umgebung wollen wir den Ernstfall des Cyberkrieges  testen, Waffen ausbauen und Defensivmassnahmen entwickeln.

Bei diesem Capture The Flag Wettbewerb geht es darum Angriffs- sowie Verteidigungsstrategien auf digitaler Ebene  auszuprobieren.



Angreifen = Server des gegnerischen Teams hacken

Verteidigen = Eigenen Server absichern und gegenüber feindlichen Angriffen schützen.

Wer mit diversen Netzwerk-Services im Linux Umfeld vertraut ist möge sich bitte umgehend über die üblichen c-base communicationsstructuren zum Einsatz melden. Kommandierender Waffenoffizier ist teco.


(das c-base deathmatch team cbdm liegt übrigens zu diesem ceitpunct auf platc 8 !  Gratulation, der Setcer)


Security Saturday

a one day security event, Saturday 16th November. Tickets Available Now.

Security Saturday is a one-day event where security experts and hobbyists get together to teach, learn and discuss a myriad of topics related to security. From picking locks to hacking wireless routers and getting started hacking RFID tags.

Anyone interested in security as a hobby or professional should get something out of it.

The only prerequisite is a laptop and an open mind. All talks and workshops will assume no prior knowledge and will start with first principles.

All tickets come with a Starter Kit to get you started hacking, picking and more. Early bird tickets will get a special bonus of an Arduino compatible *electronic door opener, and are in very limited supply, so act fast!

Starter Kit

  • *5 piece lock pick set
  • Tog T-Shirt
  • DVD of learning materials



  • Introduce speakers, event schedule etc. (presentation)
  • Distribute Starter Kits

Lock Picking

  • Introduction to physical security (presentation)
  • Lock Picking workshop

Wireless Hacking

  • Introduction to wireless security (presentation)
  • Wireless hacking workshop

Electronic Access control and RFID

  • Magnetic Swipe Card principles and security (presentation)
  • Radio Frequency (RFID) access control and payment systems (presentation)

Tickets are in limited supply, you can reserve yours at


* All tools and information provided are for educational purposes only.