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Nieuwe hackerspace in Rotterdam

Ben jij klaar voor een feestje? Morgen, zaterdag 13 februari 2016, viert Pixelbar hun officiele openingsfeest. Kom langs en vier mee!

Tijdens het openingsfeest kun je diverse workshops verwachten van deelnemers en andere bekenden van de nieuwe hackerspace aan de Keilewerf in Rotterdam. Van meubels maken tot hacken met Arduino’s, het gebeurt allemaal! Bekende namen binnen de hacking community geven een lezing en verschillende bands van zorgen voor live muziek.

Om 13:00 uur openen de deuren. Vervolgens wordt om 14:00 uur een korte openingsspeech gehouden, waarna Brenno de Winter tot 15:00 uur spreekt over hackerspaces.

Meer info over pixelbar kun je vinden op en Pixelbar Facebook.

We’re baaaaaaack

It was just over six years ago that we had our last grand re-opening.


I’m pleased to say that Hive76 is about to re-open its door to the public once again, and in our new location! This time around, we thought we’d do things a little differently and decided to kick off our new space with a Grand Open House! If you haven’t been to a Hive76 open house before, why not make your first one a Grand one?!


When is this exciting event, you ask? Why, it’s tonight!! That’s right! Make your way to the Bok building at 9th & Mifflin (entrance on Dudley St.) this evening for all of your hackerspace needs! We’ll have plenty of our past projects on hand for you all to play with and our members will be hanging out for any & all of your questions, such as: “How do I become a member of this awesome organization?” We can’t wait to meet you!


When: Friday, January 29th, 7-11PM

Where: 1901 S. 9th St., Suite 106, Philadelphia, PA 19148 (entrance on Dudley St.)

How: RSVP here

Why? Because we like you



Building Our New Common Room

On Friday, a big pile of timber arrived on our loading bay. On Saturday we turned it into our common room. Well we are a maker space after all!

We built sections on the floor and lifted them into position. If you remember our common room from Chancery Lane…….. well this room will be bigger and warmer too. We’ll be finishing it off over the next week or two and building some other rooms. Pics here.


Software nerds will understand !Cake


Well the cake didn’t last long. What do you expect with a bunch of hungry hackers. Great to see everyone at our social evening tonight. Great to talk to some visitors too who are interested in joining up. Some interesting new ideas. Keep in touch with us as things are moving along steadily with TOG 3.0

Hive76’s Building Temporarily Closed Down

buskers76 – photo by Matt Yarema

Time for a long overdue update on the building situation. As many of our regular open house visitors have noticed, 915 Spring Garden, the building where Hive76 has set up shop since its inception in 2009, has been shut down due to code violations after a small fire in another artist’s studio. It is an ongoing issue with the city and owners of the building to resolve, but meanwhile we have no access to the building, our space, or our tools, so open house is postponed.

In the meantime, Hive76 members have been working on new projects in our garages and home workshops, and are going to public events to stay involved in the community, such as PumpCon this weekend. Stay tuned to our mailing list, along with our IRC Channel, #hive76 on, where we will make announcements of these events. We encourage everyone to reach out via e-mail and in person at any events we’re attending.

Hive76 is currently working with the realty company to find out when the building can re-open. We’re also investigating other options, such as moving Hive76 to a new location within Philadelphia. Either way, we’ll try to keep you informed about Philadelphia’s Premiere Hackerspace.

Hive76’s Building Temporarily Closed Down

onward & upward – photo by Matt Yarema

Hark24!!! Pastsummer lectures and general NURDing at Hack42

We proudly present the first edition of Hark24!!! A one day event for a max of hundred people. Organized by some people of NURDSpace Wageningen and Hack42 Arnhem.

NURDspace will bring their self-made dome to Hack42. At Saturday the 17th of October there will be lectures about open hackathons, why and how do we do crypto, laser safety, Operation Gladio, !arduino, QtPass, NurdNodes, modified keyboards and whatever else you bring to the microphone.

Of course badges and stickers will be available to every participant! You can even make it a whole weekend trip. About 50 people can stay for the sleepover afterparty in the attic (but bring your own gear!). And if you help out during build-up (Friday the 16th from 14:00 onwards) we promiss NOT to send you home after the hardly intense labour.

Why are we doing this? Because we could! Because it’s fun! Because together!
Read the program and buy your amazingly cheap ticket at:

Thank you for reading our spam. Hark24!!! Pastsummer lectures and general NURDing at Hack42

Hack42 doet mee aan Weekend van de Wetenschap

Het eerste weekend van oktober staat in het teken van wetenschap en technologie. Daarom opent Stichting Hack42 op zaterdag 3 oktober ook haar deuren. Tijdens deze open dag kunt u zien wat hacken inhoudt en wat er allemaal gebeurt in de hackerspace van Arnhem en omstreken.

We nodigen jou en iedereen die je kent uit om op zaterdag 3 oktober vanaf 11:00 uur onze hackerspace bezichtigen. Gedurende deze open dag verzorgen wij diverse rondleidingen langs de labs, kunt u het computermuseum bezichtigen en geven wij een workshop.

Iedereen is welkom! U hoeft zich vooraf niet in te schrijven. Voor kinderen en huisdieren is ons pand minder geschikt, we gaan ervanuit dat u hen dichtbij houdt.

Stichting Hack42 is gevestigd in een van de Rijksmonumenten op buitenplaats “Kamp Koningsweg Noord”, een voormalig militair terrein aan de Koningsweg, ook wel bekend als de N311. Ons officiële adres is Radarweg 12, het webadres is

Hack42 doet mee aan Weekend van de Wetenschap

Meer over Weekend van de Wetenschap
Tijdens het eerste weekend van oktober beleef je wetenschap & technologie live op meer dan 191 locaties door heel Nederland. Alleen tijdens het Weekend van de Wetenschap openen bedrijven, instituten, (onderzoeks-)instellingen, universiteiten en musea exclusief hun normaal gesloten deuren. Nieuwsgierige mensen krijgen op deze manier de unieke kans binnen te kijken in de wereld van wetenschap en technologie.

Op de website is de meest actuele lijst van deelnemende organisaties en activiteiten opgenomen.

Het landelijke Weekend van de Wetenschap, georganiseerd door NEMO, wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt door het ministerie van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap. Het Weekend van de Wetenschap wordt gerealiseerd dankzij de vele organisaties die tijdens het weekend voor het publiek hun deuren openen.

Pers is van harte uitgenodigd om ook een bezoek te brengen tijdens onze open dag. Dat kan ook in de aanloop naar het Weekend van de Wetenschap, indien dat nodig is in verband met redactionele deadlines. Wilt u op deze uitnodiging ingaan, laat het ons weten via

Our New Laser Cutter!

The new laser cutter station in our classroom.

We are very happy to share that Hive76 is now home to a 45W H-Series laser cutter from Full Spectrum Laser! Members now have the capability to cut complex 2D shapes in wood and plastic in thicknesses up to 0.25 inch. If you can draw it on a computer, the laser can cut it. It’s great for engraving too:

Our New Laser Cutter!

Hive76 rocks!

We’ve just begun making test cuts and machine break in. Our next step is to develop a class for members to become laser cutter certified. I can’t wait to see what kind of cool projects our members will use this tool for. In the mean time, stop by our open house Wednesday nights 7-10pm to see it in action and find out how to become a member!




Our New Laser Cutter!

Laser guts.



Pizza Oven 1.1

Our pizza oven was built as a bit of a hack over Christmas and New Year. After 5 months of operation, a bit of maintenance and a few minor mods were in order. A better flue, some re-jigging of insulation and foil and some re-pointing of bricks were done.

On Saturday 20th June, we fired it up for our regular open social event. It all worked as good as usual and everyone got fed! We had plenty of first time visitors to TOG too, who got the grand tour of the space. They’ve been keeping in touch with us on meetup and twitter. Pics of the maintenance here.

Open Social Saturday

Hey all, just a quick post to let you know about our regular Open Social tomorrow June 20th. The open social is a great way to see the space, hang out, and meet other members & visitors. If you’ve never been to the social, you’ll find it a great alternative Saturday evening in town. If you have some project or idea in mind, its a great opportunity to talk to other makers, hackers and do’ers. Or you can simply just hang out and chat Open Social Saturday

Hopefully, there’ll be all the usual madness of an open social. Weather permitting, there’ll be pizza. There may also be beer samples, courtesy of Capital Brewers at TOG. You might even get to pick some locks if our friendly lock pickers will show you some tricks. The space stays open until the last member is left…. usually the small hours of Sunday morning. The open social is free to attend. Our doors will be open from 7pm.