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The Two Shelves

A member here was catching up on the TOG website, and saw this very hackerspace relevant post. It’s about dealing the the accumulation of junk. The following is originally posted on TOG, Dublins Hackerspace:   “ Like many hackerspaces, TOG accepts a lot of materials, donations, parts, and junk that Might Come In Useful™… sometimes […]

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Dublin Maker

I featured 091Labs at Dublin Maker 2014, on July the 26th, while presenting my “Mobile Pillow Alarm Clock” (aka “smart pillow”) project. Dublin Maker is a festival where inventors/makers sourced through an open call, have an opportunity to showcase their creations ranging from tech to art, craft and electronics. The project I presented is a […]

CrisisCamp Ireland – next meetup 8th December at 2pm

CrisisCamp Ireland will having their next monthly meetup in 091 Labs on the 8th of December at 2pm. At the first meetup on November 3rd, we jumped straight into actively helping out with Hurricane Sandy. The attendees were working with other tech-heads from around the world to try to provide as much info to those [...]

Hack The Space Day

Hack The Day Space

The first Sunday of every month is the Nottingham Hackspace’s Hack The Space Day.

This gives members the opportunity to make the space a better place, whether it’s organising components, building storage, cataloging consumables, or just giving the space a good clean.

If there is ever anything about the space that you feel can be made better, this is your chance to do it – just come along, join in, and help make the hackspace your space!

The Hack The Space Day is an all-day event, and feel free to drop in at any time. All help is welcome!

Cryptoparty #2 – November 30th

A second Cryptoparty will be happening in 091 Labs on November 30th from 7pm! Cryptoparties are happening all over the world. These free events are for people who are interested in encryption so they can come and learn more about basic Crypto programs and the concepts behind their operation. You can check out more info [...]

The weekend ahead: cryptoparty on Friday, CrisisCamp Ireland on Saturday and Artemis on Sunday!

This is how today has gone so far… Me: “Okay, so Willow is arriving in a few hours! And I’m kicking the ass of my man flu. Yes!” Ush: “Awesome! I saw she asked about a cryptoparty? Are we having a fairly impromptu one tomorrow?” Me: “Yeah, why not? We’ll organise it for 7pm tomorrow. [...]

Maker Playgroup on Sunday, 7th October


On Sunday, 7th October, Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting its Maker Playgroup, a chance for parents and small children to enjoy the hackspace.

Starting at 10am, Maker Playgroup is a great way to see the space and talk to other makers and hackers. There will be crayons, paints, cardboard boxes and plenty for children to play with, whether inventing a new rocket ship or just colouring a robot.

Share your favourite parenting hacks, get to know other parents, and play at the Nottingham Hackspace!

Nottingham Hackspace at EMF Camp

The front gates at EMF Camp

The front gates at EMF Camp

Nottingham Hackspace was the talk of the field at Electromagnetic Field (EMF Camp), a UK maker/hacker camp, held 31 August to 2 September, 2012 at Pineham Park in Milton Keynes.

Nottingham Hackspace went with the specific plan to host a “hackspace in a field”, bringing along soldering irons, drills, tools, yarn, knitting needles, crayons and the laser cutter. With 13 hackspace members attending, our village was visited not only by fellow hackspaces, but hosted soldering workshops, worked with the TiLDA badges given to all attendees, and provided a bright, cheerful and welcoming place for people of all ages and skill levels to learn what they could accomplish within a hackspace.

The Nottingham Hackspace Tent at EMF Camp

The Nottingham Hackspace Tent at EMF Camp

Along with running the Nottingham Hackspace Village, members enjoyed the rest of the camp, including blacksmithing workshops, talking about starting hackspaces and how to work towards a greater gender ratio, launching bottle rockets, chatting on EMFM, the camp’s streaming radio station, playing with quadcopters, learning variations on Cat’s Cradle, drinking under an M1 underpass in a post-apocalyptic style bar, and even trying the old Mentos & Diet Coke trick.

EMF Camp was a fantastic event all around, and Nottingham Hackspace wants to congratulate all the volunteers and organisers who worked around the clock to make that happen.

You can see what we did at EMF Camp in our Flickr set, and we’ll see everyone at EMF Camp 2014!

A wild Ein the Duck appears!

Ein the Duck on the BBC News Technology site

Ein the Duck on the BBC News Technology site

Ein the Duck made his first appearance in the national media when he appeared on the BBC News Technology homepage.

Ein the Duck appeared as part of the Geek camp comes to Milton Keynes article, all about EMF Camp, the weekend-long hacker/maker camp running from 31 August to 2 September.

If you’re at EMF Camp, come say hi to Ein!