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TON Talk: March 1st with Erin Kennedy aka Robot Grrl

Join us this coming Tuesday, March 1st for a special presentation! Starts at 8 pm.


Erin “Robot Grrl” Kennedy is currently a Studio[Y] fellow at the MaRS Discovery District in Toronto. She is an avid robot maker. Her current project is Robot Missions, which aims to enable makers and humanitarians to collaborate on improving the environment with the use of a robot platform. She participated in Fab Academy 2015 where she prototyped unfolding CubeSat robots. She launched a kit named RoboBrrd for people to learn how to build a robot character. Erin is the host of the Robot Party, a Google+ Hangout where robot builders join internationally and show the robots they are working on. She was recognized as an Intel Emerging Young Entrepreneur and won a gold medal in the RoboGames, the robot olympics.
RoboBrrd didn’t start out as the chirpy character it is today. Almost like nature, it evolved through iterations and iterations. I’ll give a history of how RoboBrrd began as a popsicle stick robot, to what it became with a lot of help from the maker community. This involved learning circuit layout, having boards made, learning CAD and laser cutting designs.

Fast forward a bit, and I’ll share the robot creatures that followed (like BotBait), the adventures had through Fab Academy  and now what I’m currently working on as a part of Robot Missions while at Studio[Y] and MaRS.If you’re a maker working on a hobby project, but can’t really envision how it could become replicated for 100 other people, this talk will be helpful to you. If you enjoy robotic creatures and seeing ways that digital fabrication can be used, this talk will be enjoyable for you.


Monday,Tuesday and Thursday

We hebben natuurlijk al iedere dinsdag onze meetup waar wekelijks onze leden bij elkaar komen (en iedereen van harte welkom is om een kijkje te nemen bij TkkrLab). We hebben het programma uitgebreid met :

Blender Monday

Voor de liefhebbers van Blender (open source 3D software) houden we iedere maandag vanaf 20:00 bijeenkomst. Neem je laptop mee en ga zelf of samen aan de slag met tutorials en ander materiaal. Mocht je vast lopen is er wel iemand die je verder kan helpen.

Voor meer informatie zie onze wiki

Code & Cookies (on Thursday)

Code & Cookies is een informele wekelijkse bijeenkomst op donderdag van (web)programmeurs die met elkaar willen sparren over de ‘uitdagingen’ die ze dagelijks tegenkomen. Dit kan variëren van eenvoudige problemen tot heilige oorlogen over welk framework beter is.

Voor meer informatie zie onze wiki

Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm

51HP of diesel powered, hydraulically controlled, wood milling goodness!

On January 16, 2016, Nova Labs members were treated to a wood milling demonstration at Belle Grey Farm in Upperville, VA. The 51HP diesel powered, hydraulically controlled portable saw mill ran through the wood with ease.

Members were shown how entire trees were rough cut down to boards. The boards were then put into a solar kiln to dry for at least several months and sometimes as much as several years. Once dried the boards make it to the shop where they are used to make equestrian jumps.

Check out our Facebook page to see a video of it in action!

Wood milling demo at Belle Grey FarmPosted by Nova Labs on Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm Wood milling demo at Belle Grey Farm

Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016

ctag and I made an appearance at the Charger Union for the UAH MakersMake-a-thon event. We gave a brief talk/tutorial about Arduino basics to an audience of a couple dozen attendees, including both UAH students and non-UAH affiliates. We also discussed how to integrate Arduino and Raspberry Pi-based trinkets into larger projects, such as for robotics or automation – as well as just for fun. Here are some shots of the event, as well as our example trinkets and projects.

Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016 Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016 Collaboration with UAH Makers for “Make-a-thon” on 17 Feb 2016

Prove your knowledge at the Nottinghack Nerdy Pub Quiz

Do you know your Cylons from your Cybermen?

Your Elder Gods from your Elder Ones?

Your C# from your C++?

Your Sonic from your Sanic?

Then join us at our first Nerdy Pub Quiz!

Our Nerdy Pub Quiz will take place on Friday, 11 March, starting at 8pm.

Rounds will include video games, programming, robotics, music, picture round, and the potato disco round!

Teams can be up to 6 people, and it’s only £4 per person (or £5 if you want a bottle of beer). Beer and soft drinks will be available to purchase, and tickets are available now through EventBrite.

All proceeds are going to support Hackspace 2.5, our expansion plans.

So sign up, join us, and nerd out!

Wearables Wednesday is TONIGHT!

Join Barb and Michelle tonight at CRASH Space for Wearables Wednesday from 8pm-10pm!

We’ll have sewing machines, arduinos, tshirts, cloth, and various electronic goodies to tinker with! (But be sure to bring any materials with you that you intend to take home!) Barb is a maker and educator who runs the awesome tinker channel Barb Makes Things, and Michelle is a professional software engineer with a long history of making, building, and teaching.

Wearables Wednesday is TONIGHT!

Wearables Wednesday is TONIGHT!Wearables Wednesday is TONIGHT!

CRASH THE PLANET: The First Ever CRASH Space Art Show

>>> SIGN UP HERE <<<

CRASH Space is hosting our first ever official art show: CRASH THE PLANET.

The show will be hosted at CRASH Space, all throughout the interior (and possibly exterior) of the space.

The theme of the show, CRASH THE PLANET, is a CRASH Space spin on hacker culture and media interpretations thereof.

Art pieces should incorporate the theme in some way, but extraordinary and outlandish interpretations of the theme (and of what exactly a “CRASH Space spin” means) are welcome… encouraged, even.

Entries Due: March 19, 2016
Show Opening: April 2, 2016

>>> SIGN UP HERE <<<

Exhibition Day – Saturday, 13 February

On Saturday, 13 February, we’re having our first Exhibition Day of the year.

From 10am until 3pm, we’ll be open to the public for tours, exhibits, demonstrations, and workshops, giving you a chance to see everything Nottingham Hackspace has to provide to its members.

The Exhibition Day is completely free, although the workshops will require a fee, such as our Useless Machine Workshop. Buy your ticket to make a Useless Machine for only £15, and come in at any time during the Exhibition Day to pick up your kit and make this clever and fun machine.

Hang out at Nottingham Hackspace Skatenights

Join fellow skaters at the Nottingham Hackspace Skatenights.

Watch skate videos and films, do board maintenance, and thoroughly utilise the Hackspace for skating fun. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re been skating since the 80s, we’re a friendly place for skaters of all types to come hang out and shoot the breeze.

Skatenights run every first and fourth Tuesday of the month, from 6pm onwards.

Hackspace members and non-members are welcome – and if you’re not a member, you can get a tour of the space as well. To find out more, check out Nottingham Longboarding on Facebook for more details on upcoming events.