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Torathna team won the second place of The British Council’s Culture Shift :)

54 people, approximately 1/3 technical, 1/3 creative and cultural, and 1/3 business focussed, came together last Thursday evening with little idea of what would happen.

They’d been asked to think about what challenges and opportunities faced the creative and cultural sector in Egypt. After an evening brainstorming solutions and voting, they got down to work to try to build a proof-of-concept solution to address these challenges.

These teams had a bit of help from both UK and Egyptian mentors, and a prototyping workshop courtesy of Snook and a workshop on investment readiness from FirstPort.

Second place, with project funding of £1,000 : Torathna

Torathna will build tools for communities of readers to find the next book to read – from coordinating offline meetings to online discussion forums, they are targeting high-value readers. They’re working with the Cairo Hackerspace who are working with the open-source DIY Scanner project to get out-of-print and hard-to-find Arabic language texts scanned as well.




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AFRON $10 Robot Design Challenge

AFRON $10 Robot Design Challenge
This is a competition to develop an extremely low-cost programmable robot for education.   
The goal is to identify and/or design hardware that costs under US$10 including a USB port and the associated open source software that allows anyone to program the robot and share their results.
More details about the competition are forthcoming.
But for now , we at Cairo Hackerspace offer support for anyone who want to develop for this competition or you can join our team.

Cairo Hackerspace now is a member of the African Robotics Network (AFRON).

Now Cairo Hackerspace is a member of the African Robotics Network (AFRON).

African Robotics Network (AFRON)

The African Robotics Network (AFRON) is a community of institutions, organizations and individuals engaged in robotics in Africa. AFRON seeks to promote communication and collaborations that will enhance robotics-related education, research, and industry on the continent. To achieve this, AFRON organizes projects, meetings and events in Africa and at robotics and automation conferences abroad.

Established in April 2012, AFRON hosts a website, Facebook page, and moderated email list (“robotics-africa”):

For the purposes of AFRON, “Robotics” is broadly defined to include related areas such as automation, computer vision, signal processing, machine learning, mobile games, and other related topics.


Pop-Up Hackerspace

ركن الهاكرز بالقاهرة هو مجتمع مفتوح على شكل معمل/محل عمل/مركز موارد بحيث يسمح للمهندسين والمصممين والعلماء والفنانين وغيرهم بالتعاون وتبادل الأفكار والأدوات. فى الفترة من ٨-١٨ ابريل ستدخل تلك الروح البناءة والنقيضة لحقوق النشر تاون هاوس من خلال ركن الهاكرز فى الطابق الأول من الجاليرى. على مدار أسبوع ونصف سوف يقوم الهاكرز أو خبراء القرصنة الاكترونية بتقديم ورش عمل تستهدف فنانى الصوت والصورة بمافى ذلك طرق وبرمجة “آردونيو” والأشكال المنتجة لتقنيات “الهاكينج” وغيرها من الأمور الذاتية التنفيذ. تركز الورش على حل المشاكل وتقدم أيضا الفرصة للفنانين لكى يطوروا حلولامبدعة لمسائل تكنولوجية قد تكون صادفتهم فى مشروعاتهم الحالية.


انضم إلينا في جدول الورش العمل التالية:

الأحد، ٨ أبريل، الاثنين، ٩ أبريل، الأربعاء، ١١ أبريل، الساعة السادسة حتى التاسعة مساءاً:
- استخدام الدايود الثنائي المشع
- رسم على البيض باستخدام الروبوت
- طباعة اجسام ثلاثية الابعاد باستخدام طابعة البلاستيك ثلاثية الابعاد
- بناء العرض

الثلاثاء، ١٦ أبريل، الأربعاء، ١٧ أبريل، الخميس، ١٨ أبريل، الساعة السادسة حتى التاسعة مساءاً:
- تطويع الدوائر الاكترونية
- مقدمة للالكترونيات و الاردوينو للفنانين و الهواة
- لحام الكترونيات


Cairo Hackerspace is an opensource community lab/workspace/resource center where engineers, designers, scientists, artists, and everyone else can collaborate and share ideas and tools. From April 8th to the 18th, this spirit of copyleft construction will infiltrate the Townhouse in the form of a pop-up hackerspace in the First Floor Gallery. Throughout this week and a half, the hackers will lead workshops geared towards visual and sound artists, including sessions on making Arduino programming, hacking designed objects and other DIY-driven topics. Focused on group problem solving, the workshops also present the opportunity for artists to come and develop creative solutions to technological-related issues they may be having with current projects.

Join us for the following workshops:

Sunday, April 8th, Monday, April 9th, and Wednesday, April 11th,
6 pm – 9 pm:
- LED Graffiti
- EggBot and MakerBot
- Building a DIY projector

Tuesday, April 16th, Wednesday, April 17th, and Thursday, April 18th,
6 pm – 9 pm:
- Circuit-bending
- Arduino for Artists
- Introduction to Welding

Regarding the parts list, for Arduino workshop:

-17 x 100 Ohm resistor
-5 x 2mm red LED
-6 x 2mm blue LED
-6 x 2mm green LED
-2 x 100 Kilo Ohm resistor
-2 x push button

LED workshops:

-10 x mix color LED
-10 x 100 Ohm resistor

Egg-bot workshop
Eggs or ping pong


Celebrating Document Freedom Day

Join us tomorrow Friday 30/3/2012 and celebrate The Document Freedom Day .At Cairo hackerspace we planned to build a diy book scanner to give it to the Wikipedia Arabic content teams. So we find this a good chance to support the Document Freedom Day too.We will celebrate DFD 2012 at Cairo Hackerspace by building the diy book scanner and talks explaining document freedom and open source in general. The invitation is open and free for anyone who want to help building the scanner or have other ideas like giving some related talks or workshops.