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Fabric Scissors

Hopefully a few crafters out there will appreciate the measures we’ve taken to protect tools that have been loaned to the group.  Deterring misuse is only one feature of this upcycled sheet metal enclosure.  It’s also incredibly stylish!  A padlock could easily be added in the future, but surely it won’t come to that.

…or will it?


Dublin Maker

I featured 091Labs at Dublin Maker 2014, on July the 26th, while presenting my “Mobile Pillow Alarm Clock” (aka “smart pillow”) project. Dublin Maker is a festival where inventors/makers sourced through an open call, have an opportunity to showcase their creations ranging from tech to art, craft and electronics. The project I presented is a […]

New Heat Press at Makers Local 256

Last week, we got a new heat press set up in the crafting area of the shop.  It’s a Hix Hobby Lite 9″ x 12″. Wolfenhex and I decided to inaugurate it by making a Makers Local 256 shirt.

The shirt we selected was a Gildan 100% cotton, and we used Thermoflex Plus white t-shirt vinyl. The design was cut from a vector graphic using the shops vinyl cutter.

After the vinyl cutter did it’s thing, we weeded the design with the help of some sharp tweezers, and then positioned it on the shirt.  The vinyl’s backing is sticky and will help hold it in place.  It’s a good idea to press the shirt with the hot press for about four seconds prior to placing the vinyl, to flatten out the surface and remove moisture.

New Heat Press at Makers Local 256

Once the vinyl is correctly positioned (we put it below the shirt’s neckline to avoid any wrinkles from that), set a timer and lock the press down.  Temperature, pressure, and duration will vary by vinyl type, so look up the manufacturer’s recommendation.  This vinyl said to press it at medium pressure (there’s a valve for adjusting this on the heat press) and 330F for 17-20 seconds.  We found that it did better at 20 seconds.

New Heat Press at Makers Local 256

Once it’s finished, peel off the backing while holding the shirt flat (if you can — this is the hardest part because of how hot the shirt and press will be).  Whether you peel it off hot or cold will vary by vinyl type, and peeling off at the wrong time could result in wrinkled vinyl or it not sticking.

This hot-peel vinyl did a fantastic job of bonding to the fabric almost seamlessly.

New Heat Press at Makers Local 256

Here’s the finished product!  We only did one side this time.  If you want to add vinyl to both sides of the shirt, it’s a good idea to put down some parchment paper on the press so that the existing vinyl doesn’t try to stick to it.

Feel free to make your own shirts like this with the vinyl cutter and heat press.  The shop may also have other uses for it, such as working on PCBs.

There’s also a wiki page for the heat press.

Who wants some shop-made shirts like this at the next event?  We can make it happen now!

(FREE) Sock Knitting Night – Wed Sept 25th, 7:30 – 10:30 PM

Photo credit: fletchercjm

Sponsored by Vancouver yarn shop Three Bags Full

Come and knit socks! They are not as hard as they look! Bring a sock project you’re working on, or one you’d like to start with the help of other knitters. A quick discussion of technique will be followed by lots of time to knit and get help.  This isn’t a knitting class but experienced sock knitters will be there to help. Ability to knit, purl, increase and decrease are recommended but beginners who are curious are very welcome! Are you a sock pro? Please come and share your tips! Samples of completed men’s and women’s socks will be there.

Eventbrite - Sock Knitting Night
When: Wed, Sept 25th, 2013, 7:30 – 10:30 PM
Where:  VHS, 270 1st Ave E, Vancouver, BC
Bring: a sock pattern you want to knit, the appropriate yarn, and needles
Cost: free, but snacks or donations to the hack space are appreciated
Who: open to everyone

Some Free Sock Patterns:

Beginner ankle socks
Men’s striped socks
Thuja Socks (men’s sizing)
Dublin Bay Sock Pattern (PDF, women)
Lorna’s Laces One-Hank Socks (women)
Tardis Socks ( advanced)
Pomatomas Socks (advanced)
Vintage Sock Knitting Patterns

Other free pattern sources: 
Knitty Magazine
Vancouver Public Library

If you have questions, please contact Janet.

Craft Night quilt at MakerFaire2013

Dublin Mini Maker Faire logo Dublin Mini Maker Faire 2013 has come and gone. We’ve been recapping a few of the projects displayed at the event, like the Bubble Bird House, and the Twitter Knitter. The Craft Nighters* got in on the action as well, and contributed squares towards a patchwork quilt. The type of squares is varied, including crochet, hand knit, machine knit, embroidery, blackwork, patchwork (meta), and decorative uses of beads, buttons, and googly eyes. Rather than losing some of the detail by making them conform to a strict patchwork quilt, we instead chose a looser arrangement to better showcase the talent and variety of our dedicated crafters.

Crafters quilt at Maker Faire, with Twitter Knitter
* Craft Night happens every second Tuesday from 7pm. It’s free, and open to all crafts. Simply, people show up and work on their projects. It’s great having others around who can help you out if you get stuck/confused, or just to chat with (and find out the best crafting suppliers). Get in touch and come along!

Crochet for not-quite beginners – Sat 17th August

So you started to crochet, but never quite got further than a square that turned into a triangle? This is the class for you. We’ll look at some further techniques, such as crochet in the round starting with a magic circle and stitches for decreasing.  During the class you’ll get a reminder of the basics, and then we’ll make a sphere, which combines increases with decreases and is a great starting point for making hats or amigurumi toys.

Giant Granny Square

We’ll be moving on from here


The class will run on Saturday 17th of August from 2:30pm to about 5pm in Tog. The class costs €5 for non-members, and is free for Tog members.

If you need materials (hook and yarn), these can be provided for €5 or you can bring your own.

Register with the form below:



First Crafting Day – 10th of August

We’re trying something new at the Labs, and holding a crafting day. The idea is to have a day dedicated to some of our less technology-oriented pursuits. So this Saturday, the Labs should be open for most of the day, with some kind of crafting activity going on. The monthly knitting group will go ahead […]

Wanted: Crafty People

The labs is looking to expand the kinds of workshops and events we offer, and so we’re hoping to run more crafting events. Ideally, we’d like to have a monthly crafting day, starting this August. Right now, we’re looking for people who might be interested in running workshops or demonstrations. If you’re interested, or have any […]

Etsy Craft Party

Etsy Craft Party

Our friends at Etsy are helping us throwing a little party on Thursday, June 20th, 2013 and you’re invited!

And what is an Etsy Craft Party exactly? Etsy has a blog post that explains it, but basically:

Etsy Craft Party is a one-day celebration of meeting and making. Around the world, we come together to share creative skills with our neighbors. You can organize a Craft Party, or join one in your area. All you need are good friends, craft supplies, and fun!

Well, Hannah Kleinhans is a local Etsy fan here in Milwaukee, and when she needed a place to host the event, we though Milwaukee Makerspace was a natural fit!

You can check out the event on Facebook, and grab a ticket on Eventbrite.

The event is free, but we are asking asking for $5 to help cover the cost of materials, but we’ll do our best to put the tools and skills of our members to work to help out with the making. And what are we making? Well, there are three projects:

Craft Station #1: Lil’ Free Library

Craft Station #2: DIY Wedding Gifts

Craft Station #3: Crafting for our 4 Legged Friends

(Check out Facebook or Eventbrite for full details.)

There’s some FAQs here from Etsy, and if you’ve got a specific question, post a comment or email Hannah at kleinhah[at]