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18 April 3D printer dag

Op Zaterdag 18 April is er vanaf 14:00 3D printer dag. Heb je zelf een 3D printer of wil je er in de toekomst eentje bouwen of aanschaffen dan ben je van harte welkom om te komen en te praten met mensen uit de community.

Op deze dag kun je :

  • Met gelijkgestemde praten over je ervaringen en kennis van 3D printers en print technieken.
  • Je 3D printer afbouwen / afstellen (als je mee heb meegedaan met bouwweekend, geef dit bij aanmelding aan.)
  • Je eigen 3D printer laten zien (svp aanmelding ivm ruimte)
  • Mogelijkheden van FabLab Enschede ervaren.
  • Mensen spreken uit 3D hubs Enschede netwerk.
  • Kennis maken met ‘The Element’ van PRINTR, oplossing om 3D printen erg makkelijk te maken (slicen, printen, stl fixen, etc).

Aanmelden kan via email naar bestuur of via deze webform.

Voor meer informatie zie onze wiki

MakerBar Hosting MAKER CAMP 2014

ABOUT MAKER CAMP: Maker Camp is a 6-week virtual summer camp for anyone interested in DIY, making, creating, crafting, hacking, tinkering, and discovery. Maker Camp 2014 starts July 7. MAKE and Google+ host an online Maker Camp in the summer.  This year the camp begins July 7th, with a different theme each week.  New projects to work on are posted each week.  It’s geared towards teens, but anyone can participate. MakerBar is pleased to be hosting this camp, and look forward to a future full of Maker Camps…. Join us!!

We will be meeting once a week to work on projects… More Details to follow soon!

Here’s a link for more info on MAKER CAMP 2014

Here’s a link to our meetup to reserve your spot(Volunteers Welcomed):

MakerBar to host new Software Defined Radio Night Friday, June 13, 2014


‘We interrupt this broadcast transmission to bring you special breaking news report… live from Hoboken, MakerBar….’

Join us as we explorer the air waves with Software Defined Radio(SDR)… Doors Open at 7PM..  Also we will be running our OPEN CRAFT NIGHT as well. Bring a project, in any shape or form, hack the night away with us….

Or just come by explore the space, have a beer with us and see what creations are developing in the MakerBar community…..

MakerBar to host new Software Defined Radio Night Friday, June 13, 2014MakerBar to host new Software Defined Radio Night Friday, June 13, 2014MakerBar to host new Software Defined Radio Night Friday, June 13, 2014MakerBar to host new Software Defined Radio Night Friday, June 13, 2014


For Meetup info:

Comcast NBC Universal Hackathon Saturday June 21, 2014

For more info see our meetup for this event:

NBC Universal and Comcast will jointly present “Help Shape The Future of Media & Technology” – June 21-22 at the new NBC Universal Technology Center’s Media Labs and at 30 Rock’s Studio 8H, home to Saturday Night Live. Competitors will work on innovative cross-platform solutions using Application Program Interfaces (API) from the NBC Universal, Comcast and others such as Beamly, Gracenote etc. Additionally, select television and media “uber-fans” will be on hand to provide the perspective of the television and media power-user.

About the Event

What’s a TV? From the gadget in your pocket to the one that takes up a whole wall, devices today offer worlds of interaction from the living room to the theatre and on the go. Great content, awesome devices and seamless delivery, along with creative modes of participation are the future of media technology. The possibilities are endless. What’s next!?

Then enjoy a thrilling, once in a lifetime opportunity to present your innovation in 30 Rock’s most iconic studio. Developers, designers, entrepreneurs and visionaries are welcome.

How Does it Work?

Teams will select a business partner challenge and create an extraordinary prototype to present in front of the judges. The judges will select a winner for each challenge, and the team with the highest overall score will winn the Grand Prize.


Grand Prize: The team with the best judged entry will receive the Grand Prize of $5,000, the opportunity to pitch their ideas to NBCUniversal and Comcast executives, and more!

For more info see our meetup for this event:

Comcast NBC Universal Hackathon Saturday June 21, 2014

3D Printer Back up and Running:

In time for this week’s Open Craft night, we have been working hard to fix the problems we had with our 3D printer and we got it working last night. We were able to print out some test parts and it’s open for business again!

3D Printer Back up and Running:

We also got another new toy tool in the form of a genuine flamethrower which we tested out and worked magnificently.

Additionally, we have another exciting tool that has been brought to the space on loan from Chester: a genuine Craftsman 10″ radial arm saw. We will be working on oiling it up and setting it up and will post pics of its awesomeness all in due time.

I also intend to finally set up that giant 2D Plotter this weekend and really put it to the test and print out some blueprints.

All in all there’s some exciting things happening in the shop. Check out the Facebook for the flamethrower test video 3D Printer Back up and Running:

Keep calm and hack on,


Wood Burning Class Next Saturday: Still Time to Sign Up!

MakerBarBarians and Friends, back by popular demand is another edition of the intro to Wood Burning and Image Transfer class. There’s still time to sign up to learn this rewarding hobby and take home your own burning iron to customize your own wood projects.

Sign up here at Meetup:

Gothic Arch Room Divider is Finished (Sort of….)

Silversark put together an amazing fashion show on Friday to showcase pieces she made inspired by church architecture and her trip to the Netherlands. This is something I cooked up for a background piece for the show.

The design work took several months and the actual creation of the piece took about a week, working 12-16 hours a day.  The frame is made from CNC routed aspen (thanks, Jason H.!) which is a rather “fuzzy” wood and required two days to hand finish, including the use of a set of needles files to smooth out the inset edges.

The acrylic panels were hand-stained with Gallery Glass stain and simulated liquid leading. They’re not quite finished yet, but I plan to complete the staining within the next week.

I’ll also be using this as a backdrop for various events including the Sustainability Summit coming up as well as the Concinnity sci-fi/gaming convention on April 5th. Additionally, this might be making its way to Embellishments in the Grand Avenue Mall for a window decoration.

I can’t wait to make another one!

Robots Begin Takeover– NJIT Robotics and MakerBar

So maybe the robots haven’t taken over just yet, but there were signs of life in NJIT Robotics club’s giant cube-shaped robot chassis by the end of last Wednesday’s open night.

An old relic of the trade federation   Innovation First robotics competitions that NJIT used to collaborate with Newark high schools to build their robots, this gentle giant has been gathering dust for years until it fell into the club’s hands. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been organizing some interest on both NJIT’s budding robotics club brass and MakerBarBarians to revitalize the robot and begin a series of collaborative projects. We have invited them to use our workshop and aim to pool our resources and expertise, and so far a lot of progress has been made even in only one night.

Mike and Jordan working on Chain Jordan and Mike look at Chains for the robot's sprocket drive The Cube Bot is an old IFI robot that has been collecting dust The MakerBar Shop was visited by NJIT Robotics and their giant Cube-Bot NJIT Robotics Club came to work Bilal making Motor Mount Brackets

The ultimate goal is to create a mobile robotics platform for all kinds of projects to come. Notably, the first project being talked about is a mobile base for an automated Nerf Vulcan turret. (sauce: Perhaps with some innovation, other features can be added like a method for autonomously collecting and re-loading darts. A lot of the details I will leave to your imagination as we still have a long way to go, but our gears are turning and I can hardly wait to see what we can come up with together.

Powered by two old Victor 884 speed controllers, this robot just needs a few nights of TLC and some spare parts to be ready to get upgraded to remote control. Once this benchmark is achieved, we will move on towards autonomous navigation, adding shaft encoders and sonar sensors on the bumpers and maybe sharp IR or cameras and/or a Microsoft Kinnect. Future plans may also include GPS modules and 802.11 wireless, and if we can build/find/’acquire’ one, to experiment with LIDAR.

MakerbarBarians Bilal and Travis and Jordan and myself  were on hand to meet Pat and Mike from NJIT Robotics who were eager to get things going. Once we got the bot inside the workshop (a feat itself at it’s size), we set about attaching the drive chains, building motor brackets, hooking the motor up to bench power, and other odds and ends. Once we put power to those old Victors and heard the fans buzz to life, we knew it was going to be possible to get some chains turning. In the most promising stage, we were able to turn on one of the motors with the speed controller for a few seconds before the sheer peak current tripped the ATX’s internal breaker.

Problems left to be solved are abundant, including battery power and charging of those batteries, power train wiring, finalizing the motor mounting hardware, and other tasks. Apart from this, we also will need to figure out where to attach encoders, sonar bumpers, and other sensors (including the radio transceiver). But these and other challenges are only the beginnings, and we hope to make the robotics club regular guests. Most likely their visits will take place on Wednesdays, but stay glued to Meetup to see information about any future robot hack nights, which I will be posting up soon.

If you are interested, email me and I will make sure to include you on all the robot action and updates.

Peace, love, and nerf-gun-wielding robots,


The Milwaukee Makerspace Theater


Around 25 members have hopped in the new Milwaukee Makerspace Theater after the last two Tuesday meetings.  Its up and running in a “no hearing protection required” way!  The bass still goes way down to subsonic tones, but its being powered by a small & sensible surround sound amp.   Its a very immersive audio experience, and likely sounds much better than any 5.1 system you’ve heard because there’s only one seat!  The sound has been optimized for the single theater-goer: You!  The theater is hooked up to a DVD player, and is available 24/7  for any member to watch a movie in: no check-out required.   Note that any video source you have can be hooked up via the HDMI cable.  Alternately, you can follow the lead of JasonH, who used the theater with a portable audio player to rock out while he worked on his own project near by. See the photos below for the simple instructions on how you can start up the theater, and feel free to take a break from making by using the theater!


Raspberry Pi Project Ended

I’ve really struggled with the Raspberry Pi Project. As I posted earlier, the Raspberry Pi kept killing the file system on the SD card. Pete traded me for a different Pi, which behaved much better, making the card last at least long enough to get the operating system and other software installed. Yet the Raspberry Pi continued to corrupt the file system if left running for longer periods. The latest time it totally killed the SD card; I couldn’t even reformat it on my computer.

If I include the Pi in the traveling mascot, I’m convinced it will not survive the inevitable rough treatment. The only other use I can think of for a Raspberry Pi in a travelling mascot is as a home base server for the mascot, publishing the travelogues. Yet it’s too unstable for even that task.

I still like the idea of a traveling mascot that can track it’s own travels, but I’m convinced that building it around a Raspberry Pi is not the proper foundation. I really like the little GPS unit that came in this kit, and will try to build a scaled down version of the traveling mascot with a USB interface to hook up with any computer for collecting data.

Thanks again Adafruit Industries, we really appreciate the kit, and we’ll continue to work with the parts on other projects. Like vultures, some other members have already picked off some pieces of the kit for their projects.