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Lost something at #cccamp15?

Camp is over since long, but some people are still working hard to get all the things back into place. There is still plenty of stuff in our storage that needs to get cleaned and stored back, to be ready for the next congress! One of those piles is the famous lost’n’found, you might have heard about it :)

All those things are idling now in Berlin, and waiting patiently to get back to you!

Please write to if any of the found items listed there belong to you. Please write us some details about your lost thing, so that we can be sure that the item actually belongs to you. Thank you!

Towards a greener CCCamp?

When in this years’ camp’s opening ceremony hukl noticed that the on-ground generators actually are a little embarrassing for the hacker’s scene and the camp should in fact be self-sustaining, he struck an important chord: If not even the self-proclaimed tech elite is able to power its festival without burning fossiles, the IT-revolution will never be a very green one.

And it got us thinking where most of the electricity is spent on site (we will leave out central infrastructure for now), and we guess we’re basically heating wires and transformator coils. If we can eliminate on-tent demand for those power-consumers, we can get rid of miles of extension cords, inefficient chargers and most important: the noisy and smelly generators.

The average participant needs power to charge phone and notebook, illuminate the tent and it’s surroundings, play music and refrigerate beers or (baby) milk. None of this actually needs AC power.

After being thunderstruck at CCCamp15, via „powlpaul“

  • Ultrabright LEDs lasting a week on an off-the-shelf power brick are dead cheap by now and from our experience even need some shades to be comfortable.
  • Looking ahead four years to the next camp, an average notebook computer may even run on the power you brought in its battery from home – we’re not so sure about your smart phone, though ;). However, there’s no need to have everyone re-convert the 230 V we just transverted, back down to 5 V, when we can just provide USB outlets powered by Power walls or their future competitors. They could be pre-charged with solar power and neatly distributed around the camp ground.
  • Laptops and other devices that do not last a whole camp might also be charged&locked at central charging stations. Since virtually all chargers convert to DC, an exhaustive set of plugs and a variable regulator can take care of all devices, including your power bricks.
  • For the day to day refrigerating needs, one or some centralized cooling sources helps saving energy, as well. A coin locker system where each slot can take a six pack of beer will surely do.
  • There is a whole tinkerer scene building urban sound systems running on batteries that fit in a child’s waggon. We doubt you can’t find a way to annoy everyone around you with loud 90ies techno without a wall plug socket.
  • Other festivals offer deposits returned if you return you trash. We might do the same with power, if you feed clean energy into our grid. Maybe you can have your toddlers walk in a treadmill?
  • If you manage to operate your whole village infrastructure without our electricity, you will be placed on the glorious environmental heroes list.

We have not yet fully explored, how to improve our central infrastructure in NOC, lecture halls and sanitary installations. More aspects and ideas that might help reduce our environmental impact are welcome in the comments.

While it might seem unrealisticly to operate the whole CCCamp 2019 independently of external and fossile energy sources, we can at least challenge ourselves to dedicate half or even more of the camp site DC and generator free and be a good example not only to outdoor festivals.

Do you have thoughts on that?


Bus Transit from Camp to Gransee and vice versa

English Version Below

Es gibt nun endlich genauere Informationen zu den Fahrzeiten des
Bustransits Gransee <-> Camp
Diese haben wir hier veröffentlicht:

Um die Fahrtkosten zu decken, wird um einen freiwilligen Beitrag von ungefähr 3
Euro gebeten. Diese kann am Eingang am dafür vorgesehenen Tisch
entrichtet werden. Danke!

Achtung: Die Busse fahren nur in eine Richtung!


There are finally more information on the timetables of the transit
busses Gransee <-> Camp
We have published them here:

To cover the travel expenses you will be asked for a donation of
about 3 euros. It can be paid at the designated table located somewhere around
the entrance. Thanks!

Attention: The Busses only drive one-way!

Follow the White Rabbit


class Crash {

    name = "Crash!"
	description = "Scavenger hunt (Schnitzeljagd) for space travellers"
	duration = 3h
	price = "Certified Mixer of the Pangalactic Gargle Blaster"

	function play() {
		if (won == 1) {
			print("Congratulations! You are now a " + price)
            exit program
		} else {
			solve next task and have fun

function doShitAtTheCamp() {
	enjoy the camp and be excellent to each other!

function followTheWhiteRabbit() {

	while (universe) {
		if (now > day4) {
			exit program
		} else if (now < tag1) {
 			do something useful
 		} else {
 			if ("C2H5OH") && me.compareTo("Homo Ludens") > 0.5) {
				if (Crash has started) { || doShitAtTheCamp()
				} else {
					download app at ""
					start Crash
					// find the crashed escape pod
					// [optional] ask at BER for help || doShitAtTheCamp()
			} else {

Thank you!


Video and audio streaming during #cccamp15

As with most chaos events, c3voc and friends will cater for recording and streaming of the lectures in the two main tents. On the campsite you will be able to watch them on DVB-T channels 35, 40, 49 or listen to them on your DECT or GSM phone (numbers 8001 & 8002 and 8011 & 8012 for simultaneous interpretation). There will be programming broadcast on FM radio at 89.30 MHz and DAB at 211.648 MHz (channel 10B).

If you participate via the internet, you can enjoy our live streams using your favorite device at If all goes well, we will also provide ReLive streamdumps there, in case you missed a lecture. We’ll experiment with multicast streams, check back with us at for more information. After the event, all recorded lectures will be available in better quality on Beware of lectures marked as “optout” in the schedule – we will neither stream nor record them!

As a special service for the villages and their participants who’d like to broadcast, we will also provide a free audio-streaming infrastructure.  It’s for everybody on the Camp site, who wants to transmit music, sound or noise to the world wide webs. Those streams will appear side-by-side with the main video- and audio-streams at If you would like to publish one or more such streams, please fill in the form at so that we can prepare a login. For details on how to set up a stream source, see

If you are interested in our activities or just want to visit, you can find us on the campsite in our container next to the big lecture tent “Project 2501″ or follow us on twitter.

Start #cccamp directly in Berlin #cccamp15

There will be a bus-shuttle from Berlin directly to the campsite! 

Departure: Berlin Ostbahnhof (East-Station)
Arrival: Camp o/

Getting there: 
– Wednesday, August 12th, 
– Thursday, August 13th, 15:00 (3 PM)

Getting back: 
– Sunday, August 16th, 15:00 (3 PM)
– Monday, August 17th, 15:00 (3 PM)

Reservation opens today, Thursday 6th August, 12:00 (noon), please go ahead:

If you want to have a bus at another time, please gather enough people for that date via the wiki. As soon as there are more than 30 people interested in getting a bus at another time, we will try to arrange that for you. Please drop us an email to the main orga address once there are more than 30 people signed up for one date.

Ticket system re-opens Friday, 2015-07-31, 22:00 CEST

  • Unpaid tickets ordered before July 16th are dropped now. Do not pay for those anymore!
  • There will be 250 tickets made available on Friday, 2015-07-31, at 22:00 CEST sharp!
  • Please pay for your precious ticket immediately after you have ordered it! Ask friends to help you out!
  • Once those 250 tickets are gone, you can create a verpeiler-friends-request.
  • We all need to move closer together to have enough space for everyone.

Verpeiler-friends-request? If you don’t get your ticket on friday, you have one very last, very tiny chance: Go to the ticket system and convince us that you are one of our dearest verpeiler-friends. There won’t be many of those tickets available. Also you need to be very patient waiting for a reply. Please try really hard to order your ticket on Friday, 22:00 CEST!

We had a pretty difficult time now: so many messages from so many people wondering if there are any tickets left.

We felt we couldn’t break all those hearts and have managed to increase the number of available tickets a tiny bit. That way we won’t have to turn as many of you away; but this also means we’ll need to share the resources amongst more people – less camping space, less time in the shower, less electricity for everyone at the camp. Please keep this in mind – especially once you arrive – build your tents as close together as possible and consider merging spaces. Sharing is part of the Camp spirit!

Let’s have a camping Fahrplan!

There are only a few days left and we are late but finally it is here: the Fahrplan for the Chaos Communication Camp 2015. Due to circumstances we had some lags, but finally we made it!

Please note this safety advices by going through the Fahrplan to pick your sessions:

  1. There is a new track: Failosophy. Read more about it in the Call for Papers.
  2. Mind the gap between 12:30 and 16:00. This is siesta-time where no lecture will be held in the lecture-tents. We decided to do so as this timeframe will be incredibly hot and we do not want to constipate you in tents while the heats is rushing over the campsite. (However, there may be a self-organized session going on elsewhere)
  3. There are still other gaps which will be filled magically within the next days till camp. Please come back on a regular basis to get the new talks.
  4. There are Fahrplan Apps. Please move on to the Fahrplan-App wiki-page to see which are available.
  5. For our pleasure and your curiosity we have a naming scheme for the releases of the Fahrplan. Maybe it is to easy, maybe to hard to figure it out. Let’s see what you can do with it.

Enough said – have a look at the first public available Fahrplan (Version 0.8 first and last and always) of the Chaos Communication Camp 2015.

We will meet each other in Mildenberg!