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Lasercut Settlers of Catan

Hi All, Gav here!

At the space recently we’ve had a few rounds of Settlers of Catan. People seemed to like it, so I figure we should have a set living on a shelf in the workshop. Some late night lasering later, and we have this:

At the request of James, this version has recesses to hold the roads and cities in place, so that his more… enthusiastic… rolls don’t knock over the board:

Lasercut Settlers of Catan

All the wood is bamboo ply, lasercut. The hex tiles are lightly sanded and given an acrylic paint wash, before being given a clear gloss. The base has a Jarrah stain (Yes, I know it looks terrible where the glue wasn’t sanded off enough), and I might end up clear-coating it later.

The settlements and cities have their own little silhouettes, and I made a holder for each player’s unplaced pieces:

Lasercut Settlers of Catan

Files are up here if anyone wants to make their own:

Stained Glass Workshop & Kiln Work

Hi All, Gav here!

You know the space is no stranger to eletronics, lasers and 3D printing, but that’s certainly not all we get up to.

Recently, I got a bunch of glass tools, and a bunch of us have been having fun making stained glass pieces, as well as doing some kiln work. Here’s a few pieces we made:

It’s a rather addictive medium to work with! There’s a huge range of colours and effects you can get. Stained glass is quick to get ideas out with, but for more intricate stuff we can use a kiln to mix and fuse pieces together.

Glass cutting during the workshop:  

Stained Glass Workshop & Kiln Work

The pieces laid out and ready for copper foil to be added. The table is actually a light-box, which helps positioning translucent glass for various effects:

Stained Glass Workshop & Kiln Work

Also that table isn’t just a slab of egg-crate. According to the vendor, it’s a entire sophisticated glass cutting system, and it comes with a 50 page manual showing how to set up templates for various angles, reliably repeating cuts, etc. A few of us have ideas for giant hexagon themed pieces, and that’ll make doing hundreds of pieces a tad easier…

The space already has a large kiln, but for testing ideas and various glass combinations, I recently bought a microwave kiln. This allows small glass pieces to be slumped, tacked or fully fused together. Here’s a pieces ready for firing:

Stained Glass Workshop & Kiln Work

And some pieces we finished earlier:

Stained Glass Workshop & Kiln Work

Most of these are just playing with settings, rather than being a particular design. By controlling the time of firing, we can select how much the glass fuses or slumps together.

I’ve left a big selection of the specialist tools and glass stock for people to play with. If you’ve got an idea for a fused or stained glass piece, feel free to have a go!*

(Get one of us to show you how to handle & cut glass safely, of course).

There’s also a prize for the first stained glass Robots and Dinosaurs logo to be made :-)

January Events

Sat 9th: Open Day / New member tool training day. 11:00 onwards.
Wed 13th: Arduino U. 19:30 onwards.
Thu 14th: 3D Printing workshop 19:30 onwards.
Sat 16th: General Hacking Day. 11:00 onwards.
Tue 19th: NoizeMaschin!! #55 – the Mussolini Meg Edition. 19:30 onwards. $5 visitors
Wed 20th: Wine & Design. 19:30 onwards.
Sat 23rd: General Hacking Day. 11:00 onwards.
Wed 27th: Arduino U. 19:30 onwards.
Sat 30th: General Hacking day. 11:00 onwards.

Mardi Gras lights!

Ada, Tim and everyone who was around at the time helped out a regular who runs a Mardi Gras float. Thanks everyone for the spectacular lights!

The colours all corresponded to different words on the five maypoles, so we wanted all thirty or so different strands to be different colours.

Mardi Gras lights!

The circuit that was designed for the purpose has been written up in an electronics magazine.

Mardi Gras lights!

There were many near misses - the electronics ran late and we never got to light up the signage, even then we only got the float to the city two minutes before lockdown; one battery pulled out and a whole pole went dark but it was quickly fixed by judicious use of an occy strap; by the end of the parade the pole with one fewer battery gave up its fine colours and glowed only red!

Still, it was a huge undertaking and an amazing result. A fantastic time was had by all, and even though we were far from the biggest or brightest float of 2014, it’s been well remembered (and even understood!) by many people from the crowd.

Mardi Gras lights!

Anyone wanting more info or who would like to help out on next year’s float (providing you are queer-friendly and atheist-friendly!) can visit

This is a stand for hatpins, the deadly ornament women used to…

This is a stand for hatpins, the deadly ornament women used to...

This is a stand for hatpins, the deadly ornament women used to secure their
hats to their heads in the nineteenth and early centuries. The long pin is
very Titanic, made to fix a giant hat to bouffant hair, but the others are
probably from later, as hats got smaller and hairstyles simpler.

I needed a way to stop my hatpins from stabbing me, so when I got my hands
on the simple 3D design program at, i designed one. This is
based off some silver versions from the 1920s.

It got scaled smaller than I intended, so it would fit in the machine, but
it still does the job!

Arduino U – 19:30, Wednesday 30th December

Roll Up! Roll Up! The last Arduino U for 2015 is on at 1930 on Wednesday the 30th of December.

All welcome – bring in your own project to boast, explain or seek assistance.

Please don’t forget to BRING YOUR LAPTOP if you want to get the most out of your visit.

$10 in the tin supports the existence of our geek-friendly makerspace.


Facebook event here:


December Events

Wed 2nd : Arduino University 19:30 onwards
Sat 5th: Open Day / New member tool training day. 10:30 onwards; w/MotET rehearsing tunes in the afternoon.
Wed 9th: Wine & Design . 19:30 onwards
Sat 12th: General hacking Day, 10:30 onwards
Tues 15th: NoizeMaschin!! Xmas Special. 19:30 onwards. $5 visitors
Wed 16th : Arduino University 19:30 onwards
Sat 19th: Artifactory Fundraising Gig. 5 bands! 6pm till late. $10 visitors, $5 members. Hello Molly | Empath | MotET | Travis Rose | M0dular Man
Wed 23rd: Wine & Design, 10:30 onwards

NoizeMaschin!!#53 – 19:30pm, Tues 24 Nov 2015

$5 entry, $5 drinks. 8 acts. Big Fun Times Small Dollar!

Australian Computer Music Conference away team report
Alex & I | FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS | Jameson Feakes | The Sonic Manipulator |Eduardo Cossio | Polite.Society | Diode (Duo) | Jean-Michel Maujean

LASERS by The Optic Nerve

Event on Facebook:


Modular Synth DIY Workshop #18 – 19:00 Tuesday 10th Nov, 2015

Build your own Eurorack format synth modules from Nonlinearcircuits kits! #18 in our long-running series of popular workshops, where you too can build your very own synthesiser – one piece at a time!

Kits range in price from $20 to $50 and cover a variety of functions – VCOs, LFOs, Filters, Mixers, Power supplies and more. $10 for non-members.

See the facebook event for more information: Modular Synth DIY Workshop #18

New Member Weclome & Open Day: Sat 7th Nov 11am

We welcome / indoctrinate new members, and train them up on the Fancy Machines like the laser cutters. Visitors are also welcome – this is a great day to check out the space and see what it is all about. If you’ve always been curious and meaning to come along, Saturday is your day to get a guided tour and your questions answered! :) There may even be sausages sizzling.