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Bitte weitersagen.

Liebe Kunstliebhaber,

ein Künstler hat in der Anti-Terror-Lounge beim 31C3 eines seiner Bilder stehenlassen, was dann leider fälschlicherweise beim Abbau an zwei Helfer verschenkt wurde. Er hätte das aber sehr gern zurück. Wir bitten die kunstbeflissenen Helfer, sich bei uns zu melden unter epass(at) (Paßnummer optional).

Angaben zum Kunstwerk: 76 cm x 96 cm, Lack & Acryl (siehe Abbildung)

Der Künstler dankt im Voraus!

The YouTube and stream dump problem

In the past the CCC has decided to not run its own YouTube account as we didn’t want to advertise this service. Despite the growing success and continual improvements to as a streaming platform, people still want to watch CCC talks on YouTube. Unfortunately, many YouTube accounts have shown up which claim to be official CCC accounts. We ignored this for a long time as it was a nice service for the viewer and hey – it’s CC-BY content. However there are some problems with these accounts which we will address later.

To understand the problem we need to discuss another topic, stream dumps. In the past when the release of congress talks sometimes took a few days, stream dumps have been a nice way to watch a talk that you have missed before the final releases where available. But stream dumps have lower quality than the final releases – because the streams also have a lower quality for bandwidth reasons. They also have a watermark applied to show clearly that they are just stream dumps. Stream dumps often contain audio / video from breaks between the talks which can be anything from private conversations near an open mic to just noise.

To remove the need for stream dumps we have built a video on demand portal for your convenience and everything is now instantly available on our own video platform

And here is the problem with the rogue CCC YouTube accounts: we politely ask every year for stream dumps to be removed; not only for the reasons above but also because the stream dumps miss the correct metadata, and are often published under the wrong license. This is also true for final releases that are published by these rogue CCC accounts. A look at the view counts of these stream dumps shows a huge number of people are watching ugly SD stream dumps from events that are available professionally edited in crystal-clear HD.

We recently learned about another problematic point: some of these accounts participate in the Youtube advertisement program, which means they display ads next to our videos. We do all of our work as a non-profit and want our viewers to get the content without ads and in case of without any retention of their personal data. Running a YouTube account with high viewer counts and ads is basically profiting unfairly from content that is provided free of charge by our speakers, produced free of charge by the CCC orga team and brought to you free of charge by the video team.

To mitigate this we have decided to open an official YouTube channel to at least make sure users don’t have to suffer advertisements, incorrect licenses and incomplete metadata. This account can be found on

As all attempts to contact the account owners have failed we ask you to not use these channels, vote them down every time you stumble across one of these accounts and feel free to leave a comment on the video that they need to get in touch with the CCC. From now on we will publish everything we are allowed to on YouTube so these accounts will have no reason to exist.

We are aware that we could have chosen a stricter license for the streams in order to have a stronger legal basis. We would very much like to avoid doing so. Due to the new Video-On-Demand feature it should no longer be required to publish stream dumps.

We strongly encourage you to use or if you like a more simple view; and if you link to a video on your twitter / facebook / diaspora / you name it, think twice which platform is the best to watch a talk about ITSec, digital surveillance or building a rocket.

The VOC team

Einmal Agent sein! – Agent for a day!

Für das echte 007 Feeling müsst ihr nicht auf die verzweifelten Stellenanzeigen des BND reagieren. An Tag 3 habt ihr bei der “Schwarzbeutelherausforderung” (20:30, Halle A) die Chance, im Rahmen unserer “Know Your Enemy” Initiative gefahrlos in dieses sympatische Berufsbild hineinzuschnuppern.
Als Team von bis zu drei Personen bekommt ihr eine schwarze Tasche mit aller notwendigen Ausrüstung.
Eure Mission, solltet ihr sie akzeptieren: Öffnet die Tür zum Zimmer der Zielperson ohne den Alarm auszulösen. Erreicht den Rechner, eher der Bildschirmschoner anspringt. Stehlt den gpg secret key, fotografiert geheime Dokumente aus dem verschlossenen Koffer und findet Informationen auf dem Mobiltelefon.

Seid ihr Bereit fuer die ultimative Herausforderung?
Dann nehmt das Hot-Wire Device, trennt den Rechner unterbrechungsfrei von der Netzspannung und tragt ihn laufend aus dem Raum.

Also: sucht euch zwei Mitstreiter und meldet euch am besten mit Teamname bei an. Aber auch ohne Anmeldung könnt ihr natürlich vorbeischauen zum Zuschauen oder, falls noch Platz ist, spontan mitmachen.

Eure Congresszentrale fuer geheimdienstliche Aufklaerung, i.A. Ray

For the authentic 007 feeling it’s not necessary to apply at your nearest agency. On Day 3 the “Schwarzbeutel” Challenge (20:30, Hall A) as part of our “Know Your Enemy” initiative offers you the possibility to peek into that noble profession. As a team of up to thee individuals you get a black bag with all the required tools.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:
Open the door of the target persion’s room without the alarm going off. Reach his PC before the screensaver activates. Steal the gpg secret key and take photos of secret documents in a locked briefcase. Find information on the mobile phone. And if you’re an UBER agent: take the hot wire device and unplug the PC without it losing power, carry it out runing.

So: find up to two friends and register by mail to
Or just arrive on site to watch or participate last minute if there’s still space.

Your local three letter representative, p.p, Ray

Busparkplätze unter dem CCH / Bus-Parking-Lot at the CCH

Wichtiger Hinweis für alle, die aktuell auf den Busparkplätzen unter dem CCH parken oder erwägen dies noch zu tun:

Nach den Erfahrungen aus dem letzten Jahr besteht die nicht unerhebliche Gefahr, dass dort abgeschleppt wird, wenn irgendein Bus diese in Anspruch nehmen will. Letztes Jahr passierte dies zu dem Zeitpunkt, wo die Hacker-Tours-Busse hier aufgeschlagen sind. Da dies sehr ärgerlich ist und auch nicht unerheblich teuer, wird empfohlen, die dort abgestellten Fahrzeuge zeitnah zu entfernen.


Note for everyone parking on the bus-parking in the basement of the CCH:

This parking-lot is reserved for busses only and regarding to the experiences of the last year, there is a high possibility for cars parking there to be towed away. To avoid high fees and problems to get the car back, you might consider to remove your car as soon as possible. There will be tour busses tomorrow that might arrive at the CCH during the day and cars will most likely be removed, if the busdrivers do not find a place to park.


Assemblies at 31C3: Map available

Please go and have a look in the wiki (or direct link to the .png). Please be aware that this is only a beta version. Keep an eye on the version numbers, we’ll be updating from time to time.

Also there are now the lists of clusters in the wiki available. Please contact us on c3-assemblies (at) if you have any serious problems with your group. Please don’t forget that we can not fulfil every single wish in total, and tried to give everyone in average the best possible experience and place.

Feel free to give us some less serious feedback after congress at the above mentioned address.

Capture the Flag on 31C3

Dear Congress Visitors,

For the 3rd time during CCC you can take part in the CTF competition, proving you are a worthy hacker. Grab a bunch of friends and knock on our ports, smash some stacks, corrupt some heaps and get yourself some shells. Servers are expecting your exploits from Dec. 27 at 21h00 CET for 48 consecutive hours.

The CTF will be in “jeopardy style”, requiring no setup on your part and it will be open to everyone, online or on-site. Register your team at and visit our assembly to bribe us with beer or mate. There will be a couple of easier challenges, so if you have never played before, this is the time!

Good luck and have fun!

Brew-it-yourself mit den coffeenerds

(English text follows)

Liebe Kaffeeliebhaber,

im letzten Jahr fanden viele von euch den Weg zu unserer Assembly – den Coffeenerds! Bei uns konntet ihr euch euren einmaligen Kaffee selbst zubereiten!

Wir sind eine Gruppe von Nerds, die ihre Leidenschaft für guten Kaffee teilen und euch die Möglichkeit geben wollen, in den Genuß einzigartigen Kaffees zu kommen. Nach dem brew-it-yourself-Konzept sollen moeglichst viele unterschiedliche Zubereitunsmethoden wie Aeropress und V60 von euch ausprobiert werden.

Letztes Jahr habt ihr viel Kaffebohnen und Equipment gespendet, so dass jeder kostenlos genießen konnte. Vielen Dank dafür! Das soll auch dieses Jahr so sein. Wir werden zwar auch wieder eigenes Equipment mitbringen, hoffen aber trotzdem auf eure Spenden.
Also bringt euer Equipment oder eure Lieblingsbohne mit oder fragt euren Röster des Vertrauens!

Die Coffeenerds danken Euch im Voraus!

English text:

Dear Coffee lovers,

At the last congress a lot of you already found their way to our assembly of the Coffeenerds, where you could brew your own delicious coffee.

We are a group of nerds, that like to share our passion about good coffee and we want to offer as many visitors as possible the taste of unique coffees. Following our brew-it-yourself concept, a lot of brewing methods like Aeropress an V60 can be tried out.

Last year you already donated lots of coffee beans and brewing equipment, so everybody could try and drink for free. Thank you for that! We will bring our own equipment again, but still hope for donations.
So bring your equipment and your beloved beans or just ask your local roaster!

We thank you in advance,
the Coffeenerds

Simultaneous translations at 31C3

31C3 is getting closer, and the translation team is once again at the ready to translate all German talks into English, and also a selection of English talks into German.

You can listen in on the streams by either selecting the appropriate stream, or by changing the stream audio channel (if your player allows). If you are on the Eventphone DECT network, you can dial in to various streams: 8011 for Saal 1, 8012 for Saal 2, 8014 for Saal G, and 8016 for Saal 6.

Call for translators

If you are multilingual and fluent in German and English, please consider joining the translation team. Simply send an email to “translate-subscribe (at)” and mail a quick intro to the mailing list after subscribing. Also sign up as a translation angel at the Engelsystem

Don’t be shy. If you are uncertain whether your English or German is good enough, chances are that you’ll do just fine. If we believe you might be struggling, we will talk it over, no harm done. So please, take this chance and help us bring C3 to an even wider international audience.

For more information, you can contact us on Twitter @c3translate or via mail to translate (at) (after subscribing).

See (and possibly hear) you at 31C3!

Welcome to HHackertours – your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts!

Visiting the 31C3 and wondering what the city has to offer? Try one of our tours! Our goal is to show Hamburg to the visitors of the 31C3 like no other tour guide would. We’ve selected fascinating tours showing the behind the scenes of our most fascinating technology related sites.

Follow us on twitter for updates, more tours and tour dates!

Save a seat for a tour on our webpage.

Here’s a list of our tours:

If you’ve ever wanted to stand next to a particle accelerator, DESY is the place for you. One of Europe’s leading accelerator research centers, our tour will give you an idea of how particle physics and a host of other sciences are advancing with the help of scientists from all around the world. No special physics background neccessary!

The harbour tour “eye to eye with giants” takes you directly onto the container terminals of the second largest harbour in europe. You will visit CTA (Container Terminal Altenwerder), with semi-automated container bridges and fully-automated transfer and storage of containers. The onsite container transport is done by fully-automated container transport vehicles. The only drawback is, you have to stay inside the tour bus.

Cap San Diego
The Cap San Diego is the largest seaworthy, civil museum ship in the world. Its elegant silhouette is part of the Hamburg harbor panorama like the Michel. Tourists love it and its crew of 38 honorary retired sailors keeps it in good shape with dedication. The Cap San Diego is the last surviving ship of a series of six fast general cargo ships, which were built in 1961-62 for Hamburg Süd and which has preferably sailed to South America until the end of 1981. The tour will take you to the Cap San Diego and you’ll take part in an behind the scences tour on the ship.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, more than 150 submarines have been decommissioned, the most in 1995. Only very rarely are they handed over by the Russian government, in consultation with the intelligence, into museum operations. As a spy submarine U-434 (Russian B-515) was used for special purpose secret spy missions off the east coast of the US and long patrols in the territorial waters of the Soviet Union.

Laser Tag
Equipped with a phaser pack, consisting of an electronic phaser (lamps) and a sensor vest, you move through a slightly foggy, maze-like game arena. You are trying to score by shooting the other players with your phaser. But pay attention to your shields, because when you get hit too often yourself, you’re going to be disabled for a few seconds. In addition, there are interactive arena components such as energy gates (computer controlled light doors with special features), base stations (e.g. make more points if they are captured) or “targets” (there are power ups like “hyper shield”, etc.).

See you soon!

Did we get your preorder payment?

Do you have a preorder for 31C3 and it is not marked as paid yet? Did you transfer the money already?

Often, banks mix up or lose payment references, and we have little to no chance to find out which payment belongs to which order. Therefore, we need your help (and data) to match those transactions.

If you have already paid for your ticket, but it has not been marked as paid on the website within 2 business days of your payment, please contact us (be sure to provide identifying information about your payment, like your(!) IBAN, account holder’s name, payment reference etc.).

If you did not pay already, do not send us money via bank transfer anymore! It will not arrive in time. Any payments made via bank transfer have to be on our account by December 23. You also may still pay for your open order via credit card (until December 25). Otherwise, you can still buy a ticket on-site. Be aware that we can only accept cash at the venue.

As a general guide to troubleshooting any possible issues with our preorders, see the attached 31c3 preorder troubleshooting flow chart.