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NYE Craft Night!

There has been some question around whether NYC Resistor is open for New Years Eve so pay attention cause we are open.

And there will be music.

NYE Craft Night!

And there will be science.

NYE Craft Night!

And there will be dancing

NYE Craft Night!

So get over here and join us for the last craft night of 2015!

NYE Craft Night!

Robotics Course

01/17/2016 14:00
01/17/2016 20:00
01/17/2016 14:00
01/17/2016 20:00

This is not a public eventMembers may use the garage space, but office will be reserved.

Robotics course

01/16/2016 14:00
01/16/2016 19:00
01/16/2016 14:00
01/16/2016 19:00

This is not a public eventMembers may use the garage space, but office will be reserved.

Arduino U – 19:30, Wednesday 30th December

Roll Up! Roll Up! The last Arduino U for 2015 is on at 1930 on Wednesday the 30th of December.

All welcome – bring in your own project to boast, explain or seek assistance.

Please don’t forget to BRING YOUR LAPTOP if you want to get the most out of your visit.

$10 in the tin supports the existence of our geek-friendly makerspace.


Facebook event here:


Service numbers at 32C3

***German version below***

On Chaos Communication Congress, more than a thousand volunteers, our angels, are helping out in order to make this enormous event happen. They are with building up and tearing down, supplying drinks, recording audio and video, supplying an internet connection, lighting, art installations and much much more.

Angels are here as well to assist you in case of emergency. Should you need assistance during the congress, dial one of the following internal congress-numbers (i.e. Congress-DECT or Congress-GSM, underlined in the text below):

General emergency: internal number 110

contact this number…
– in case of (serious) threat of violence.
– if an argument threatens to escalate.
– in case of any non-medical emergency.

CERT: internal number 112

contact this number when…
– a medical emergency happens.
– you notice unwanted smoke
– a fire breaks out.

Awareness: internal number 113

Call this number when…
– you need help dealing with other people.
– you feel discriminated against or harrassed or become the witness of somebody being (also structurally) discriminated against.
– you are being pursued or threatened or have the feeling that you are.
– you need a safe space.
– you need somebody to talk to.

Infodesk: internal number 1111

Call this number…
– for general questions or remarks.
– for positive or negative feedback.
– if you have lost something.
– if you need help with your travel planning or any kind of cultural tips.

To reach the service numbers from your external network, please dial the following numbers:
+49 (0) 40 231889-110 for general emergency
+49 (0) 40 231889-112 for CERT
+49 (0) 40 231889-113 for Awareness
+49 (0) 40 231889-1111 for Infodesk

If you don’t have your own telephone with you, you will find DECT telephones at all bars and at the helpdesk.
Don’t hesitate to ask angels to help you or to connect you with service numbers.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the time at 32C3!

____German version starts here____

Servicenummern auf dem 32C3

Dafür, dass der ganze Ablauf beim 32. Chaos Commincation Congress funktioniert, sorgen mehr als tausend Freiwillige, unsere Engel. Sie kümmern sich um Auf- und Abbau, Getränkeversorgung, Video- und Tonaufnahmen, Internetzugang, Beleuchtung, Kunstinstallationen, und vieles, vieles mehr.

Auch für Notfälle gibt es Engel. Solltet ihr während der Veranstaltung Hilfe benötigen, wählt bitte eine der folgenden Congress-internen Nummern (d.h. Congress-DECT oder Congress-GSM, im Text unterstrichen dargestellt):

Allgemeine Notfälle: intern 110

Meldet euch unter dieser Nummer…
– bei (ernstzunehmender) aufkommender Aggressivität.
– wenn ein Streit zu eskalieren droht.
– in nicht-medizinischen Notfällen.

CERT: intern 112

Meldet euch unter dieser Nummer, wenn…
– ein medizinischer Notfall eintritt.
– ihr unbeabsichtigte Rauchentwicklung bemerkt.
– ein Feuer ausbricht.


Awareness: intern 113

Meldet euch unter dieser Nummer, wenn…
– ihr Hilfe im Umgang mit anderen Menschen braucht.
– ihr euch diskriminiert oder belästigt fühlt oder Zeug*in davon werdet, dass andere (auch strukturell) diskriminiert werden.
– ihr verfolgt oder bedroht werdet oder dies so empfindet.
– ihr einen Rückzugsraum (“Safe-Space”) benötigt.
– ihr einen Menschen zum Reden braucht.

Infodesk: intern 1111

Medelt euch unter dieser Nummer…
– für allgemeine Fragen und Anregungen.
– um Lob oder Kritik loszuwerden.
– wenn ihr etwas verloren habt.
– wenn ihr Hilfe bei eurer Reiseplanung oder kulturelle Tipps benötigt.

Um die Servicenummern von eurem externen Netz aus zu erreichen, wählt bitte folgende Nummern:
+49 (0) 40 231889-110 für allgemeine Notfälle
+49 (0) 40 231889-112 für CERT
+49 (0) 40 231889-113 für Awareness
+49 (0) 40 231889-1111 für Infodesk

Falls ihr kein eigenes Telefon zur Hand habt, sind DECT-Telefone an allen Bars und am Helpdesk zu finden.
Scheut euch auch nicht, Engel um Hilfe und Vermittlung zu den Servicenummern bitten.

Eine schöne Zeit noch auf dem 32C3!

Live Interpretations at 32c3

Following a couple of years of tradition, we will, at 32c3, interpret
all the talks.
Yeah, all of them. Live. German-English, English-German.
For you as a participant that means:

You can listen in on the streams by either selecting the appropriate
stream, or by changing the stream audio channel (if your player allows).
If you are on the Eventphone DECT network, you can dial in to various
streams: 8011 for Saal 1, 8012 for Saal 2, 8014 for Saal G, and 8016 for
Saal 6.

But that’s not all. In order pull this off, we need help. Never tried ?
Don’t worry, we’ll help you to find out if you’re talented. Expert
interpreter? Even better. So if you speak great English AND German
please contact us via e-mail:
or via twitter: c3lingo.
We usually meet twice per day, so don’t worry if you miss a meeting.
Just register at the heaven and ask for guidance.

Oh and if you use our services and like what we do, please let us know.
If you don’t like what we do, please tell us how you think we can improve.

Screen Printing? We do that too…

After having many people ask about the screen printing machine, I figured I should do a demo, which turned into a class, and a few members got to learn a lot about screen printing, and how they can use the vinyl cutter to prep screens for printing.

I’ve got a post on my own blog about the demo, but I figured I’d add a photo of some of the results. Above is a shirt printed by one of our members, and below is a poster I printed for our “Wall of Stuff” in the lobby.

If you’re interested in screen printing, just get in touch with me, and I’ll share what I know.

Screen Printing? We do that too…