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Hack-O-Ween Is Coming

Dim the lights, get out the jack-o-lanterns, and send the little ones to bed, because on Friday, 31 October, it’s time for…


Hack-o-ween is Nottingham Hackspace’s Halloween party, with elaborate jack-o-lanterns, plenty of snacks and drinks, spooky movies, scary music, and plenty of fun.

There will be a costume contest, so be sure to get your maker skills out to wow the competition!

The party starts at 7pm, and will continue until the werewolves howl outside!

Be there, or look out for hauntings!

04.+05.10.2014: Vintage Computing Festival Berlin

Am kommenden langen Wochenende veranstalten der Berliner Hackerspace AFRA und der Fachbereich Medienwissenschaft der HU Berlin das erste Vintage Computing Festival Berlin (VCFB). Wer schon mal auf dem Vintage Computer Festival Europa war, das seit 15 Jahren in München stattfindet, weiß, worum es geht: ein Wochenende voller Ausstellungen, Vorträge und Workshops rund um historische Computer und Rechentechnik. Dabei gibt es nicht nur Computer zu sehen, sondern auch historische Betriebssysteme, Software, Programmiersprachen, Netzwerktechnik und Peripherie. Fast alle Ausstellungsstücke sind betriebsbereit und laden dazu ein, selbst auszuprobieren, wie früher an Computern gearbeitet und gespielt wurde. Spielen können insbesondere Kinder im Game Room auf über zwanzig historischen Spielkonsolen und Heimcomputern, aber auch Lötworkshops für den Nachwuchs stehen auf dem Programm. Für die Großen gibt es am Samstag, den 04.10. ab 21 Uhr eine Chiptune-Party, auf der irrlicht project, Thunder.Bird und TheRyk live Musik mit ihrer alten Hardware produzieren.

Das VCFB findet statt am 04. und 05.10.14 im Pergamon-Palais in Berlin. Der Eintritt ist frei. Für alle, die nicht kommen können, gibt es
hinterher die Vortragsaufzeichungen auf Mehr Infos sind zu finden unter

Hackerspace AFRA:
Chaosradio 205 zu Vintage Computing:

SHHH 100001 – Super Happy Hacking House 33

Hello hackers, Tinkerers, Builders, Crafters, and Makers

Its been far too long since funvill organized our last Super Happy Hacker House. So, it is my pleasure to invite you all to The Vancouver HackSpace on October 18th for an open house and a Super Happy Hacker House 33!

Open house – (2PM till 6 PM) Never been to a hack space before? This is the perfect time to visit! We will give you the grand tour of the space. There will be a BBQ on site during the day if you want to bring something down to cook.
Super Happy Hacker House – (9 PM – Late). SHHH a social night where members and non-members are welcome to gather for conversation, beverages, lightning talks, and super happy hacking. Bring your laptops, Arduinos, crafts, and gadgets for a night of merry making!
Lightning talks – (11PM). Lightning talk is a short presentation on any subject that you want. Unlike other presentations, lightning talks last only a few minutes (2 min or less) and several talks will happen in a single period by different speakers. Challenge coins will given out to the people doing talks. Here is a video of some of our previous lighting talks

Remember to BRING YOUR OWN CUP !

A great article about one of our previous open houses!

A time laps video of one of our old Super Happy Hacker Houses

“The Bunker”
270 1st Ave E,
Vancouver, BC, V5T 1A6
or 49.268764,-123.098187 for the numerically inclined.

Parking is available just outside the space. Bikes can be brought inside via the garage door. To get here via transit: get off at Main St. – Science World station, walk South down Main to 1st Ave (past McDonald’s), turn left onto 1st Ave. Walk until you see the VHS sandwich board (past the “Stay away from lonely places” sign, directly across the street from the Brinks building).

Saturday October 18th, 2014. 2 pm until the early hours of the 19th.

Everyone, members and non-members and all of their friends.

Public Meeting 2-Oct 2014

Public Meeting Thursday, October 2

St Anthony, Maryknoll Hall building, bottom floor, room 21, 6-9 PM.

This is an open public meeting. Bring ideas or work in progress to share with others.


St Anthony is “under the bridge in Wailuku”. If you’re coming from Kahului, pass over the bridge and take the left-hand turn(s) to take you under the bridge you just crossed. The school will be on your left.

October meetings (so far):
October 9: Introduction to Arduino/Electronics–no experience necessary
October 16: Make your Halloween Costume
October 23: “Tinkering”

Nova Labs Members 3D Print Prosthetic Hands for Kids in Support of E-NABLE Initiative

Photo: Courtesy of E-nabling the Future

BALTIMORE — Over the course of several weeks, Nova Labs volunteers Jason Kohles, Keith McGerald, Paul Chase, Erica Kane, Jeff Balderson, and Thomas Johnston 3D printed hundreds of small parts that were assembled into 17 prosthetic hands for kids at last weekend’s E-NABLE Conference at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

In all, over 200 prosthetic hands were printed and assembled at the conference!

Nova Labs Members 3D Print Prosthetic Hands for Kids in Support of E-NABLE Initiative

The E-nabling the Future initiative aims to harness the potential of open source designs and distributed, low-cost manufacturing to make the frequent refitting of prosthetic hands during kids’ growth years cost effective for families.

Nova Labs Members 3D Print Prosthetic Hands for Kids in Support of E-NABLE Initiative

Photo: Iron Man Edition. Courtesy of E-nabling the Future

Support our efforts through a tax-deductible donation or get involved by signing up for our prosthetics group mailing list! To subscribe, register for a Nova Labs account, then visit your Nova Labs listserv management page to subscribe to the prosthetics listserv.

Kwartzlab: Year 5 Party this Friday!

Kwartzlab is turning FIVE YEARS OLD THIS WEEK!

During the summer of 2009, 17 strangers pooled their money together to jumpstart K-W’s first hackerspace. Kwartzlab opened it’s doors a couple months later, on October 1st. Two locations later and now at over 65 members, we’re still growing and improving our space with no sign of slowing down!

Come join us on Friday October 3rd from 7:30pm to 1:30am to help us celebrate what we’ve been able to accomplish in the community so far, and for what we can do from here! Drinks. Demos. Crafts. Good Times.

Facebook event page is here:

There’s a $5 cover charge and some of our FIVE BARS require tickets. All proceeds from the party goes to beefing up the infrastructure of our always-in-progress space at 33 Kent Ave… and maybe even slapping a coat of paint on it too!

Here’s what we’ve got…

  • Drink Bar (ticket req’d) – It just wouldn’t be a Kwartzlab party without delicious alcohol, mad scientist-style.
  • Liquid Nitrogen Bar (Free!) – Have a tasty treat forged by the awesomeness of liquid nitrogen!
  • Heat Transfer Bar (ticket req’d) – Bring an article of clothing/backpack/bag to accessorize with our vinyl heat transfer designs!
  • Button Bar (Free!) – Use one of our 1″ button designs or design your own for one-of-a-kind buttons!
  • Food Bar (Free!) – Let’s also not forget human-made, BBQ crafted foodstuffs for partygoers!

We hope to see you there, Cheers!

Build-Out Recap!

A bunch of great stuff got done at the build-out yesterday. A huge thanks to everyone that came out to pitch in!

Here are some pictures to recap the projects... Randy's team hung the curtain to the workshop to create more of a barrier between the front of the house and back of the house and to control dust levels a bit more. We'll be finishing the top of the wall soon, but the hard part's already done. Karen, Donald, Tom, Violet, and James framed the doorway to the Media Lab and Bio Lab and hung the door for that area. Next step is AC!

Build-Out Recap!

Michelle and Mary's team cleaned out project storage and moved the shelves over so that Neils could put the flammability cabinets in that area. That allowed all of us with the help of Adam and Nathan to clean up the workshop and really tidy up. They also sorted out all of the laser cutter raw materials and cut them down to a usable size on the table saw. 

Build-Out Recap!Build-Out Recap!

Build-Out Recap!

For the portal clouds, JW, Nathan, and Kat rolled an awesome $1 solution for controlling the WS2812 clouds with an attiny and a programming header. The schematics and board layout are included too. We used highlowtech's guide to programming the Attiny85s with the help of an instructables for driving LEDs with them that provided some supplemental information. There was an issue with setting the fuse in the ATTiny to get the timing right that we ended up having to use avrdude to change manually. Maybe that had something to do with us using the internal clock or the ATTiny-10... Anyway, more clouds coming soon :)

Build-Out Recap!Build-Out Recap!

Build-Out Recap!Build-Out Recap!

Thanks again to everyone who came and I'm looking forward to the next one!