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April Book Club

The next meeting of the TOG Book Club is 7:30pm, Friday 25th April 2014, and we’ll be reading The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi

The Quantum Thief is the debut science fiction novel by Hannu Rajaniemi and the first novel in a planned trilogy featuring Jean le Flambeur. It was published in Britain by Gollancz in 2010, and by Tor in 2011 in the US. It is a heist story, set in a futuristic solar system, that features a protagonist modeled on Arsène Lupin, the gentleman thief of Maurice Leblanc.

The novel was nominated for the 2011 Locus Award for Best First Novel, and was second runner-up for the 2011 Campbell Memorial Award.

Big thanks to everyone who came to our February Book Club and read The Bridge by Ian Banks.

All are welcome to come and chat about the book (members & non-members).

TOG Wins A 3D Printer

Thanks to LulzBot, TOG is getting a shiny new TAZ 3D printer!

LulzBot TAZ

TOG’s entry in their giveaway described how we could create 3D printed parts for the TwitterKnitter – and then share the designs so that anyone with a knitting machine like ours could print a TwitterKnitter add-on. LulzBot, who are all about open hardware, liked the idea enough to select TOG as one of 12 winners. We’re anxiously waiting for the TAZ to arrive and planning more printed projects…

Kwartzlab Radio: Meg Leslie

This time on Kwartzlab Radio we do something a bit different. This past Tuesday during our open night, our latest artist in residence Meg Leslie gave a talk about her Awesome Wall project, her experience at Kwartzlab and reads a poem she wrote for the occasion.

The audio quality on this episode is pretty low as I recorded in our front room with a full crowd and working 3D printers you can hear in the background. So yes,  it’s a bit noisy however I hope you enjoy Meg’s talk.

Life Giving Bazooka – An Ethereum Contract

tldr? "Life giving bazooka" is an example of an Ethereum contract that represents a pyramid scheme. Check out the scheme @ github. It's called "life giving bazooka" as a knock on multi-level-marketing schemes.

We've been having a lot of fun having some nights where we're chatting up Crytpocurrency, and recently we got together and had a working session taking a look at Ethereum. We got the client up and running, and moments later gdot had a little "banking contract" running, from an LLL (lisp-like-language) tutorial.

Which is awesome... But, I really wanted to write in the "c-like-language" (CLL) -- that's what I tend to get. So, I found Vitalik's got a CLL compiler, but it's pretty alpha. Also, it's made progress to work with PoC4, which isn't released yet. All the main releases of the clients (which you can download), are PoC3 based. So, I went ahead and fixed a few things in his compiler, and I'm maintaining my own branch @

But, to make it easier, I've been maintaining my own pre-processor (inspired by the C pre-processor) that makes a few things a little easier to work with. You can download my cll-preprocessor at github, and it includes submodules that fix the things that I needed to get Vitalik's compiler working properly, especially with PoC3.

So... Where's this pyramid scheme!?! It's also on github! There's quite a bit more information there for you to read about how it works, and instructions to run it if you so please.

Quick Links

Prusa i3 Buildoff – May 31st – June 1st @ LVL1!

  On May 31st, Sonny Mounicou will be returning to LVL1 to teach another Build Your Own 3D printer workshop! You might remember Sonny from a similar workshop last March, in which 10 people came together, and build 10 Prusa i2 printers in just 2 days. From seasoned makers, to newbees, to father-son teams, everyone […]

The Ugliest NAS

A while back, I decided I’d had enough of the 3+ USB-attached hard drives I had connected to my primary desktop at home and that it was time I consolidated my digital storage capabilities into one, easily accessible location. It was time for a dedicated network attached storage (NAS) box. Naturally, I figured I’d use mostly parts I already had available and throw one together myself. I’m pretty utilitarian, so this ended up being the epitome of “beige box”. The only things I ended up purchasing for this project are the drives, drive cage, handles, clasps, and some #6-32×3/4″ screws to hold the drive cage and power supply in place. Everything else was something I already had, a donation from someone who wasn’t using an item and never planned to, or scrap material.

Here’s a shot of the NAS as ready to be used:

Here’s another shot of it opened up and ready for swapping things around:

The Ugliest NAS

As you can see above, one side of it is still completely empty. In the unused side, there is space for at least two more four-drive cages just like the one I already have installed. Filling out those two spots would give me space for 12 drives total which would require a SATA or RAID card since the board itself can only handle five internal drives.

This ended up taking far longer than it really should have and I swear I will never attempt to make 45 degree edge cuts on MDF ever again without the proper tools being setup the correct way and only when absolutely necessary.

Case Materials:

  • Scrap 1/2″ MDF
  • 4 brass door hinges
  • 10 angle brackets
  • 2 handles
  • Plenty of Titebond wood glue
  • 2 chest latches
  • 6 #6-32×3/4″ screws (drive cage/power supply)
  • 8 #8 bolts/nuts/washers (handles)
  • 16 M6 bolts/nuts/washers (hinge mounting)
  • 20 M5 bolts/nuts/washers (panel-panel attachment)
  • 12 zip ties (motherboard)