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Give the GIFT OF LEARNING with one of our great classes!

Looking for a unique gift for a friend or loved one? Why not consider giving them the gift of learning at one of NYCR’s great classes.

We have some really great classes in the upcoming weeks, click descriptions for more info:

December 2 – FIRE THE LAZZZOR – Rapid Protoyping for Ornaments, and Gifts.
Develop a gift for a relative, or just learn how to use the laser for any project.
December 9 - Intro to IOS Development for Programmers -
Get your feet wet in the hottest development kit from Apple.
December 15 – FIRE THE LAZZZOR!  Learn how to Rapid Prototype with the Laser -
Our standard handy rapid-prototyping LASER CLASS!
December 16 – PCB Design with EAGLE -
Learn how to make those beautiful green PCBs that all modern electronics have.
January 13 – Surface Mount Soldering -
A class on an important electronics fundamental.

Vacuum Forming

Due to repeated collisions with the ground, walls and every other structure in the area,  my miniature Quadcopter required some plastic surgery.  I contemplated using the large vacuum former at the space to make replacement bodies, but my quad is only 4 in. 101.6mm in length, so I decided to make a mini vacuum former.

My first step was to aquire a heating source, so I picked up a toaster oven for $6.00 US, at a local thrift shop.


I  used CamBam to design the frame to fit in the toaster oven.


I used the CNC Router to cut the pieces. dscn0304 dscn0305_0 dscn0315

I assembled the base and inserted a piece of Non Glare Picture Glazing in the frame.  The first time I tried it I set the oven at 400 f /5 minutes.  The plastic was too pliable and turned out very brittle.  The next attempt was using 300 f /3 minutes (using some thicker plastic I found in the scrap heap. That didn’t seem to be enough heat or time.  The final attempt I used more of the Non Glare Picture Glazing at 350 f / 4 minutes, and that turned out to be perfect. dscn0318


Open Data and Lasers at VHS! Thursday Dec 13th

Hello sentient hacker beings!

On December 13th around 8pm we’re going to have 2 short presentations on mashing up open geo-data with LASERS.
We’ll have a guest Tylor Sherman give a short talk about using Tilemill to style open data (based on his talk at Polyglot Conf, and then VHS co-discoverer Luke Closs will talk about toolchains to lasercut your open datas.
Hope to see some of you there.

TechMilwaukee “Coming of Age”

What is techmilwaukee?

Tech Milwaukee is simply a diverse group of meetups and meetup organizers who love technology. It’s nothing fancy or official. Tech Milwaukee is just a website that gives a glimpse into the vibrant Web, tech, hacker and maker community in the Greater Milwaukee area.

Tonight at 6:00pm we will be gathering for a "Coming of Age" in-person gathering to get all the TechMilwaukee meet-up leader aligned, answer questions and plot out what 2013 will look like. BYOB and munchies.

Who is techmilwaukee?



WPMKE: (Lead Organizer: Scott Offord)

Web414: (Lead Organizer: Dustin Filippini)

DC414: (Lead Organizer: Anarchy Angel)

RubyMKE: (Lead Organizer: Alexander Lemanski)

MKEPUG: (Lead Organizer: Jeremy Dee)

MobileMKE: (Lead Organizer: Curtis Gibeaut)

Annual Conferences

BarCamp Milwaukee:

WordCamp Milwaukee:




For over the past two months, we worked hard on the ledboard. Which was a donation, very soon the where lot’s of idea’s what we should do with the ledboard.
On the ledboard you can read the statistics, how much power/ Watt is being used. On the board you can see the beats of the music. (Link 1)
One’s in al while we see a woman falling out of her bed and someone wrote a beginning of the game Pong.
The Hardware is now finished and we’re still writing different kinds of software, because there is much more that we can do on the ledbord.

Link 1:

Some of the software that is running on the board:

Submission for the 100 Square Feet of Art Charity Event

The picture consists of a laser-cut vine motif with an orchid laser-etched in the center, raised a half inch above a laser-etched picture of a creek with large rocks.

Art for charity’s sake


When Raster mentioned the event, “Red, White, & Black: 100 Square Feet of Art“, I thought I’d take part.  The general idea is for artists to pick up a 12×12″ piece of wood and “art” it somehow, transforming it into a mini-masterpiece for an auction to support pets in need.  The auction takes place on December 7th, so be sure to stop in.  They’re featuring live music and food along with a raffle and the auction.

Taking a cue from some Art Boxes I’d been working on, I decided to use a similar vine motif with an orchid etched in the center.  After studying it for a while, I thought it needed depth, so I laser etched a photograph that I took out at Boerner Botanical Gardens for the backdrop.

Still not content, I wanted the darker shadows of the vines to play along with the lighter picture behind, so I cut several half-inch blocks to raise the top piece above the back piece.

The back has been treated with teak oil while the front was stained with Bombay mahogany satin stain.  The blocks are put specifically in each corner in order to maximize the amount of light that hits the back piece.  I may add a few extra spacers for support in the coming days.