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Hardware Freedom Day

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Op 6 Oktober hebben we Hardware Freedom Day

De eerste uitvoering van Hardware Freedom Day vind dit jaar plaats op zaterdag 6 oktober van 11:00 t/m 17:00 bij het TkkrLab in Enschede. Hardware Freedom Day is een wereldwijde viering en aanmoediging van vrije en open hardware en toepassingen die daarmee overweg kunnen.

Er zullen een aantal sprekers zijn die dieper in gaan op het hoe, wat en waarom van hun projekten.

  • Open Computer door Eric Herman
  • Red on the Raspberry Pi door Kaj de Vos
  • Open Source Smart Card door Martijn Oostdijk

Tevens hebben we een Bazaar, een markt waar open en vrije hardware projecten zichzelf kunnen tonen aan de bezoekers.

Toegang is gratis,  Aanmelding verplicht (email met je naam naar Bas)!

Zie onze wiki voor meer informatie over Hardware Freedom Day  en de lezingen.

We are running a 3D printer race at Makerfaire

At Makerfaire in NYC this Saturday, Hive76 will be running a race to test the quality and speed of any 3D printers that would like to participate.

3D printed race car

3D printed race car, unrelated

We will have an announcement and official start in the 3D Printer village at noon on Saturday. But the basic premise is this:

  • We will announce and post a 3D model on this page.
  • Racers will download and print the model in any material
  • The model will need to fit on a metal part and hold water
  • The first part to hold water without leaking for 5 minutes wins!
  • The prizes: a Math Watch by eagleApex (me) and a file to print your own trophy!
In summary, printing an accurate, water–tight part quickly will be a good balance of those three 3D printing goals.

Besides this 3D printer vs Man race, I think this is the first race of it’s kind! I hope you participate and I’ll see you there.


Here’s the file for the race!


Precision Low Current A/C Measurement

I got an interesting question on my YouTube channel yesterday asking if my transimpendance ammeter can measure A/C in addition to D/C and if the output of the instrument is A/C. The answer is yes to all of the above. Good question and a fun little thing to test on the bench on a Saturday morning.

Hack-o-ween is coming…

Hack-o-ween is coming

Nottingham Hackspace’s first Halloween Party will take place on Saturday, 27 October, starting at 7:00pm.

Enjoy spooky movies, terrifying music, gruesome snacks and frightening cocktails as we raise the dead and dance our way to Hell with grim grinning ghosts coming out to socialise.

Costumes mandatory, and the more handmade, the better.

For more information, contact your Ghost Host, Kate, at

The weekend ahead: cryptoparty on Friday, CrisisCamp Ireland on Saturday and Artemis on Sunday!

This is how today has gone so far… Me: “Okay, so Willow is arriving in a few hours! And I’m kicking the ass of my man flu. Yes!” Ush: “Awesome! I saw she asked about a cryptoparty? Are we having a fairly impromptu one tomorrow?” Me: “Yeah, why not? We’ll organise it for 7pm tomorrow. [...]

The road to PPPRS: a light at the end of the tunnel

Last night was a good night for kart construction.  we got a tie rod stretched between the wheels.  it is just a bunch of allthread with some dethreaded sections on the end.  these dethreaded sections make it easier to adjust, since we can just chuck it up in a drill and spin the rod rapidly to get it on or off the car.  It works well enough to connect the two sides together, but needs some tweaking.  Tie rod ends are nuts welded to coupling nuts.


Also related to steering (and throttle, and brakes), someone at the space had the bright idea to cannibalize a razor electric scooter which had a throttle grip, a brake lever, its own self-contained ball-bearing mount, and a telescoping/folding mechanism.  This scooter was a dumpster find but can be found on craigslist for $50, and it also includes a battery, motor, motor controller, wheels, charger, etc which we didn’t use.  I think next year we may see more of these used for steering because when we want to change drivers or if we get in a frontal collision, the steering system just sort of folds away from the driver without actually becoming disconnected.  it’s perfect for us.

Perhaps most importantly, we got all our drive components finally.  we were able to weld the motor mount pods onto the frame and get the motors hooked up.  The pictures don’t show a whole lot, but that’s OK since the mounts need a bit of tweaking and reinforcing at this point anyway.

finally, we turned the original front bumper into a foot rest.  we ran a piece of metal up through it to make it more robust, then welded that piece of metal to the frame.

Here’s a test video.  Next up: iron out the kinks, and add power.

PPPRS test run 1 from Jeremy Ashinghurst on Vimeo.

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Raspberry Pi event = Wed 10/3 at 7pm

Join the Raspberry Pi Foundation's very own Rob Bishop for an evening of embedded electronics and Raspberry Pi fun here at 23b Shop, starting at 7pm on Wednesday October 3rd.  (If you can't make it to 23b Shop on Wednesday, NSL is having an event in LA Tuesday 10/2.)

We probably won't run out of room because we have a big door that opens to the outside world.

We might (read as "will") run out of chairs and computer support hardware like keyboards, monitors, etc.
We should be good for powering your Pi and related gear, but try to bring a power strip if you want to plug a bunch of stuff in.

The events at each hackspace will consist of an informal talk, Q&A session, demo and hands-on workshop. Rob Bishop from the Raspberry Pi Foundation is also going to run a show-and-tell session to allow you guys to come and share your projects with rest of the community and he’ll award prizes on behalf of the Foundation for the best project at each event; we’re also organizing some small giveaways. And yes, they will be selling Raspberry Pi’s on site!

Details at

October 2nd – Nullspace Labs (LA, CA) – starts at 7pm
October 3rd – 23b Shop (Fullerton, CA) – starts at 7pm