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Linux Conference Australia 2011

Hi all, 
        As you may or may not be aware. LCA2011 starts here in Brisbane on Monday next week. I know a number of you are planning to come up to Brisbane for the event and would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit HSBNE during this period. We are planning on holding two events during the period of the conference.

(1) Our normal Tuesday night session. Starts at ~6pm and continues till late. Those of you who are relying on public transport while you are up here can catch the City Glider (get off at the light st stop) which stops not too far from the main accommodation or a train to Fortitude Valley station and then HSBNE is about a 10 - 15 minute walk from there. 

(2) A Gold Coin Donation BBQ at the Hackerspace on Saturday the 29th. This is the last day of the conference and the open day at which I will be giving a presentation regarding hackerspaces in general and the hacker ethic. All and sundry are welcome to this and we will be laying on the food and spamming out the invites at the conference. 

If you are in need of assistance at the conference to find anything around Brisbane let me know. I will be at the conference all 6 days floating around doing various different volunteer jobs. If you would like my contact details to discuss anything or even just to meet up for a drink please feel free to email me at and I will send them to you.

I look forward to meeting a lot of new faces and discussing how we can work to further the hackerspace movement in Australia. 

Yours Sincerely
         Lawrence "Lemming" Dixon
         Hackerspace Brisbane President

P.s. Sorry for the late notice. Been kind of a fun couple of weeks up here!

Thwarting XSS!

Data containing HTML or Java Script can really be one of the BIGgest problem, specially when its is being specified by a ‘user’. For example simple application like Blog, where user can submit the comments after reading the post, which’s being displayed. If the user is ‘not-that-bad’ and enters only plain text, then seriously no problem. Let’s take […]