Monthly Archives: October 2010

whitehatGuru Mission

Our mission is to research, shape and disseminate information, tools, and tactics that empower people to use technology in a way that is indeed more liberating. We support and strengthen our local communities through edification and action. We strive to learn from each other and focus our skills toward creative goals, to explore and research positive […]

IPS : ‘B/D’oom Justified

This publication would address challenges with respect to the security devices thus proving the acumen towards best practises in an IPS world, resulting in guarding a firm against these perpetrating alarming attacks. Also the paper would direct, tips and guidelines for deploying these products from internal to border network environment as in a practical scenario, […]

EDI:Iaas {EDI: Integration as a Service}

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables businesses to exchange electronic documents easily, efficiently and cost effectively. Documents such as invoices and purchase orders are transmitted from one computer to another in a standardized electronic format. EDI enables you to send and receive business documents with minimal chance for errors and omissions, due to the fact there is [...]