Every pizza joint around here knows TOG. You hardly ever have to explain to give directions. So it was high time that we made our own pizza oven in the yard. Loads of pics here

First had to set some cavity blocks. There’s quite a slope on TOG’s yard so the left side was about 20mm lower than the right. The left side blocks had to be raised to compensate. After the bottom 4 blocks were set, the others were simply stacked on top and lengths of timber, painted with bitumen paint for waterproofing, were laid across the top, Now we had a suitable platform to build on.

Built a frame 100mm high as a mold for a lightweight insulating concrete mix, made with mostly vermiculite. Filled the frame with dry vermiculite to find out how much is needed. Made up some wire mesh for reinforcing, some wire rope to make a carry handle, and some lengths of cable to make holes through the base for a temp probe. Mixed up 6:1 vermiculite to cement. Levelled out the mix in the frame. Now leave it to set.

Started to lay out red bricks to decide the best size and shape. Decided on 3 bricks wide (lengthwise) and 8 bricks deep. Stacked up bricks to make the sides. Used small amount of weak cement/sand mix to seal the gaps in the bricks. Cut 25mm angle iron to support the bricks used for the roof. Lit a small fire to get some heat into the oven and really dry it out. Covered the sides with aluminium foil and rockwool slabs for thermal insulation.

Connected up a makeshift flue and lit a fire directly in the bricks. After a few hours the dial thermometer was almost off the scale at 300 deg C. Time to start cooking! Made a peel from a baking tray and brush handle. Pushed the fire to the back and brushed the hearth clean. Made about 20 pizzas from both of readymade bases and dough. There were no leftovers Pizza

They were cooking in about 3 to 4 minutes with one turn half way through cooking time. 12 hours after letting the fire go out, the inside was still at 101 deg C! Pizza oven makes a great patio heater too Pizza


3D with cardboard

02/22/2015 10:00
02/22/2015 10:00
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Come and build your own virtual reality headset out of cardboard.  No skills or tools required, although you should bring a smartphone with Cardboard compatible software on it.  (See for links to lists of apps.)


We're using Unofficial Cardboard kits, and will have both Classic and Large kits.

Colin Rowat
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Humans need not apply

Ah, Humans need not apply, la belle vidéo que voilà. Montage impeccable, propos au cordeau qui ont fait leur petit effet dans le monde anglo-saxon l’an dernier. Tant que, dans quelques années, on la ressortira volontiers en se disant que tout y était.

Ah, Humans need not apply, such a nice video here. Perfect cut, spiritful script which had its on small effect last year. So much, that in a few years, we’ll unbury it gladly, saying it had it all.

Tout y était, comme celle ci qu’on ne se lasse pas de regarder, et dont on sent que le style a pu inspirer la première. Non ?

It had it all, much like this one a never ending watching pleasure, whose style seemed to inspire much the former. Don’t you think?


We now have an Acrylic Bender

Many of our members have used heat guns and strip heaters to soften and bend acrylic in the past. While that method works most of the time, we decided it was time to get one that just works all the time. Since we acquired it, we have been finding all kinds of uses for it. A few finished projects are listed below.

Stepper Motor Mounts

We now have an Acrylic Bender

Tooth Brush Holders

We now have an Acrylic Bender

A Fork!

We now have an Acrylic Bender

Robot Chassis


2015 Election Results – Meet Your New Officers and Board

The 2015 election was successfully concluded at the January 20th Tuesday Night Meeting with quorum being met and the votes tabulated.  This year’s Officers and Board Members are: Danielle Blank, President Ben Hibben, Vice President Daniel Johnsen, Treasurer Nathan Armentrout, Secretary Sean McPherson, Director at Large Patrick Joyce, Director at Large Jose [REDACTED], Director of […]

Arduino Workshop is Back

Arduino Night is back – Fridays starting at 6:00p.m.  We’ll meet again at the Conlon’s for 2 more weeks – after that we’ll be in our new space in the Y. Hata Building.  Bring your projects to work on, and get in on the planning for the direction of the Maui Makers Arduino Group.  For more info or if you can’t make it and want to express your thoughts, please contact


Space Meal Contest – 31. 1. 2015 – 20h

Werte Gourmets der pangalaktischen Culinaric!

Einmal im Jahr materialisiert sich der 7.5te Ring “cuisine” auf der Station. Im Rahmen des Space Meal Contest werden wieder Cöstlichceiten aus fernen Galaxien, von fremden Planeten und neuen Civilisationen zubereitet worden sein.


– Teilnehmen cönnen Member/Aliens/Teams ab 18 Jahren

– Jeder Combattant hat 5 Minuten Zeit eine ausserirdische Spezialität mit kurzer Einführung über Historie der Speise/des Heimatplaneten vorzustellen.

– die Combattanten bewerten sich gegenseitig. Zusätzlich gibt es eine Jury aus dem Publikum


1. Aussehen

2. Geschmack

3. Historie

4. Weltraumtauglichkeit

Den besten Cöchinnen und Cöchen winken wie immer attractive Sachpreise.


Anmeldungen bitte an e-punc(ät)


(Bild: Public Domain NASA via Wikimedia)


Softwerkskammer Treffen & Diskussion: Statische Codeanalyse

Entspannt guten Code schreiben? Statische Codeanalyse ermöglicht das frühzeitige und schnelle auffinden problematischer Stellen im Code. Wir werden uns einige kritische Codestellen anschauen und über die Möglichkeiten und Grenzen dieses Ansatzes diskutieren.

Wer schon immer einmal wissen wollte wie das funktioniert, ist herzlich eingeladen am Mittwoch den 4. Februar 2015 ab 18:30 Uhr vorbeizukommen.

Zum Event:
Eintritt frei! (Spenden an shack e.V. sind gerne gesehen) Jeder ist willkommen!
Datum: Mittwoch, 4. Februar 2015, ab 18:30 Uhr
Anfahrt: U4/U9 Haltestelle “Im Degen”, Ulmer Straße 255, Stuttgart Wangen (gegenüber Kulturhaus Arena)

Softwerkskammer Treffen & Diskussion: Statische Codeanalyse


Nottinghack Stitch & Bitch Society

Do you knit? Crochet? Weave? Spin? Nålebinding? Embroidery? Kumihimo? Anything to do with stitching?

Want to sit in a comfortable place and have a chat while doing your stitching? Maybe a slightly mean chat? Maybe a bit off-colour and rude?

Nottingham Hackspace is now hosting a monthly Stitch & Bitch session, where you can bring your textile work and hang out with like-minded people who want to have a talk, get some work done, and maybe complain about things.

Every third Tuesday, from approximately 6pm onwards, we’ll be in the comfy area getting our stitch on.

All levels of expertise are welcome, including complete beginners.


Introduction to Arduino Workshop on Saturday, 21st February

Nottingham Hackspace will be hosting an all-day Introduction to Arduino Workshop, run by James Fowkes and Ian Dickinson, on Saturday, 21st February.

The Arduino system is a microcontroller board and software designed for extreme ease-of-use and learning, and has been wildly successful all over the world – not just in electronics, but for all sorts of maker projects. If you want to learn how to incorporate electronic control into your projects, this is definitely the workshop for you.

This workshop will cover:

  • What an Arduino is, and how to program it
  • Components and tools
  • Basics of electronics (voltage, current, resistance, etc.)
  • Arduino input and outputs
  • Controlling high-power components
  • Analog output
  • And more!

Aimed for complete beginners, this workshop doesn’t require you to have written a single line of code, switched on a soldering iron or even own an Arduino to take part. All the electronics equipment, including Arduino boards, will be provided on the day, but you will need to bring a laptop to program the Arduino with. It would also help if you installed the Arduino software onto your laptop before the workshop.

This workshop will run from 11am to 4pm, with a break for lunch at 1pm, and will cost £16, which includes use of all tools, boards and components, and free tea or coffee.

Arduino Unos will be available to purchase for £18 and Arduino Starter Kits will be available to purchase for £35. Please bring cash if you would like to buy either of these.

Spaces are limited and this workshop is extremely popular, so please book your tickets now.