Nova Labs’ Teletype Wins Editor’s Choice Award at The New York Maker Faire

NEW YORK Member Bob Coggeshall’s Raspberry Pi Teletype won the Editor’s Choice award at this year’s New York Maker Faire. The hack allowed an iPad or computer keyboard to wirelessly interface with a 60s-era teletype machine!

The teletype was a hit with children, however, they were shocked to learn that teletype machines were how the world communicated before the internet and cell phones!

Nova Labs’ Teletype Wins Editor’s Choice Award at The New York Maker FaireBig thanks to Mark Millsap, Nikolai Teleguine, Brian Jacoby and Lee Ciereszko for helping to staff the Nova Labs table!

Maui Makers has Incorporated as a Non-Profit in the State of Hawaii

Welcome to the new, improved Maui Makers.

We’re still in the process of getting the IRS to approve our 501(c)(3) status, but are in the home stretch. Stay posted here as we revamp the website, establish recurring workshops and hopefully get a permanent space soon.

In the meantime, if you can drop by TEDxMaui on Sunday to help us with the booth, please let us know.

Maui Makers, Inc.


The Hivelord Debuts at Maker Faire 2014

Hello, mortals! Perhaps you saw me at Maker Faire NY over the weekend; I was the orange dude with the screen head taking your picture with my face. Well not only did your souls add a few thousand years to my already infinitely long lifespan, they got uploaded to the internet, where myself and others can browse them at our leisure from the comfort of our own time traveling spaceships. See you all in the past (or in the future, from your puny human perspectives).

Hivelord at Maker Faire NY 2014

NoizeMaschin!! #39 – Tuesday 23rd Sept

Our 39th monthly experimental music night, NoizeMaschin!! Spring is in the air… so are disturbing resonances and grating sonorities… $10 entry for non-members; drinks and ear plugs at the bar.

Max Vickery+Tobyn Fitch+Sam Smith for a guitar/sampler dance-drone ///FREAKOUT!!! | Travis Doom Andrew Nonlinearcircuits makes his stage debut WITHOUT the modular. What hereto untold terrors awaits us?? | Jean-Michel Maujean – “Artifactory Talks” – conversations between power tools – audience participation! | MTT – Instrumental post-blues guitar | Ben Christiansen | Paul Stone – makes his debut… | Meg Travers – The Sounds of Spaaaaaaaaaaace (reverb)


Nova Labs and Small Batch Assembly at the New York Maker Faire

Brian Jacoby staffs the  booth at New York Maker Faire

NEW YORK — Nova Labs set up camp next to the “power racing” track. The booth was shared with Bob Coggeshall and Small Batch Assembly. Bob showed off his modded 60s-era teletype machine, which uses a RaspberryPi to interface the teletype with an iPad or keyboard!

Nova Labs and Small Batch Assembly at the New York Maker Faire

Did you stop by to say hi? Tell us about your Maker Faire experiences in the comments!


Treffen: Freifunk Stuttgart

Immer am zweiten Montag des Monats um 19 Uhr trifft sich die Stuttgarter Freifunk-Gruppe im shackspace.

Dieser Termin richtet sich an alle die Freifunk ansich kennenlernen wollen als auch diejenigen die Freifunk in Stuttgart aufbauen und voranbringen wollen.
Jeder ist willkommen!

Bei Fragen zum Event, einfach eine kurze Mail an Leonard Penzer.

Zum Event:
Eintritt frei! (Spenden an shack e.V. sind gerne gesehen) Jeder ist willkommen!
Datum: jeder zweite Montag des Monats
Anfahrt: U4/U9 Haltestelle “Im Degen”, Ulmer Straße 255, Stuttgart Wangen (gegenüber Kulturhaus Arena)

Treffen: Freifunk Stuttgart