My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic

Hear ye, hear ye! There’s a new monthly meetup brewin’ at Crashspace!

WHEN: Monthly starting May 8th, every second Thursday of the month. 8:00pm – 10:00pm
WHO: Open to the public!
HOW MUCH: FREE! (Donations dropped in the Crashspace donations jar are VERY appreciated!!)

Soon we will have a cool logo. Until then, please enjoy this amazing and strangely appropriate image by
Colin Adams and Lisa Wood

FLOSS: Free/Libre Open Source Software

If you love open source, come hang out with us! We’ll be working together to get started contributing to open source projects. Whether you have no idea how to get started, or already maintain a FLOSS project of your own, we’d love to have you by!

I’ve never been. Can I just drop in randomly?
YES! My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic Find Michelle and she will introduce you to everyone.

Are there any pre-reqs?
NO! My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic

Do I have to know anything about open source at all?
NO! My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic

Do I have to stay the whole time, or arrive on time?
NO! My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic But keep in mind that space at Crashspace is limited, and is first-come-first-serve.

Should I bring anything?
MAYBE! My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic We have two desktops available. Bring a laptop if you can, use the desktops if you can’t

Are there any expectations for my behaviour?
YES! My Little FLOnieSS: Open Source is Magic We follow the same Code of Conduct as Learn to Code with Us:

Please direct all other questions to

Atelier photo “La photo vue du labo”

Atelier du /tmp/lab à la Médiathèque de Choisy

Le 10 mai 2014 de 16h à 18h à la médiathèque Aragon de Choisy-le-Roi (accès)

Le /tmp/lab organise un atelier à la Médiathèque de Choisy le Roi sur le sujet de la photographie, sous la forme de micro ateliers en simultané.

Au programme

GlitchAPN  Comment bidouiller de vieux appareils photo numériques pour des résultats expérimentaux.

Photo argentique Comment pratiquer la photo argentique

La photo en musique  Comment une photo peut devenir sonore.

La photo pour débutant Comment fonctionne la photo :  focale,  temps de pose etc.

La photo libre Comment travailler ses photos avec du logiciel libre

Plus d’infos :


OWASP Treffen & Vortrag: Memory Forensic

Am Montag, den 5. Mai 2014 lädt shackspace zum Reboot des OWASP Stammtisch. Los geht es um 19:30 Uhr mit einem Vortrag zu “Memory Forensics” (Wikipedia engl.)

Zum Vortrag:
Bei einer forensischen Untersuchung geht es auch darum, Daten schnell und umfassend erfassen zu können.
Bei einer üblichen Festplatten-Forensik gehen hierbei viele Daten verloren. Bei der Memory-Forensik werden die meisten Daten, die bei einer reinen Festplatten-Forensik verloren gehen erhalten.
In diesem Vortrag geht es um die Möglichkeiten der Memory Forensik, wie sie eine optimale Ergänzung zu der Festplatten-Forensik darstellt, gesetzliche Vorgaben (Datenschutz) und wie ein Dump des Arbeitsspeichers schnell und effektiv erstellt werden kann.
Auch Angreifer haben sich auf die Memory Forensik eingestellt und haben Anti-Forensik Maßnahmen entwickelt. Diese werden ebenfalls vorgestellt und die Gegenwehr durch Anti-Anti-Forensik.
Abschluss der Präsentation wird eine Live-Demo des Volatility Frameworks.

Zum Referent:
Christoph Ritter, Dualer Student der Priolan GmbH, studiert Angewandte Informatik mit dem Schwerpunkt IT-Security in Mosbach.

Zum OWASP Stammtisch:

Zum Event:
Eintritt frei! (Spenden an shack e.V. sind gerne gesehen)
Anmeldung: Zur einfacheren Organisation, bitte kurz anmelden (
Datum: Montag, 5. Mai 2014, 19:30 Uhr
Anfahrt: U4/U9 Haltestelle “Im Degen”, Ulmer Straße 255, Stuttgart Wangen (gegenüber Kulturhaus Arena)

OWASP Treffen & Vortrag: Memory Forensic


Call for proposals: The 2014 Interactive Show is coming!

Get that Club Mate cold and those soldering irons hot because it’s time for another Interactive Show! We’re putting out the call to hackers around the globe to come show your stuff at our annual party.

This year there’s no theme– it’s a free-for-all! Have something blinking and beautiful? Something that bleeps or bloops? Anything interactive goes!

This year’s show will be June 7th. If you’re interested in being part of a show, drop us a line at! Try to get in touch by May 7th so we can make sure there’s space for your project. Hope to hear from you soon!

Props to Olivia Barr for our awesome gif flyer this year!


Virginia Delegate Ken Plum Visits Nova Labs

Delegate Ken Plum visits GEMS Club Take Apart Zone at NoVa Maker Faire

When asked — on a tour last week to Nova Labs — what he makes, Delegate Ken Plum quipped, “I make mischief in Richmond.” But don’t let that fool you. Delegate Plum is a Veteran Maker. On the tour with Co-Founder and President Brian Jacoby, he was knowledgeable and curious.

Virginia Delegate Ken Plum Visits Nova Labs

The Virginia House of Delegates is comprised of 100 members elected from districts throughout the state. Plum is in his thirty-third year of service representing the 36th District.

Delegate Plum grew up in Shenandoah, Virginia. His proudest makes, he says, were a “digger” machine (like a back hoe that he could use to dig in the sand along the creek bank) and numerous machines and buildings constructed with his Erector set.

As a high school student, he was part of a team that built rockets (from scratch – before the Estes kits). They constructed the fuselage, nose cone, and nozzle out of metal parts, after calculating the size of the nozzle orifice. Next time you see Delegate Plum speaking about Richmond mischief, ask him what happened with those rockets.


New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table

The CNC router table is now completely set up with the new controller board and Mach 3. The board that came with the router did not allow the router to be controlled by host software from a computer and the g-code interpreter was unreliable. We decided to replace it with a board that would allow us to run the machine with Mach3 over a USB connection.













The new electronics.

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table






















I built a control box to set the spindle speeds that are programmed into the fuling inverter that runs the spindle. The circuit is built around a PIC16F88 microcontroller and there are 7 different speeds to choose from using a single potentiometer knob.

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table













The router table has 3 homing sensors and a Z-axis automatic tool zero sensor. The Z-axis tool sensor makes it easy to zero the cutter to the surface of the material to be cut.

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table



















Here is the VB script for the Z-axis calibration sensor. It is executed when the ‘Auto Tool Zero’ button is clicked after the sensor is located underneath the endmill.

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table













After the table was set up and calibrated I decided to do a test cut with a 3D lions head. The lion head STL file was imported into MeshCam and a Mach3 g-code file was generated. Note that the lions head is only 2-inches by 2-inches wide with a depth of 1-inch. I decided to use a 1/4-inch ball nose router bit to see what kind of detail I could get on such a small object and a larger bit.

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table










I loaded the g-code into a CNC simulator named CutViewer Mill to be certain that the code would run correctly and to get an idea of the level of detail that would be achieved with a 1/4-inch endmill. CutViewer Mill was set up to emulate our router table.

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table












The next step was to load the g-code into Mach3 and run it!

New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table
















New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table
















New Controller Board and Mach3 for the CNC Router Table



















Karl P. Williams


New Class: “Intro to Mechanisms” (May 10)


Got a shiny new 3D printer, but not quite sure what to do with it? Interested in learning to make your projects move? Sign up for “Intro to Mechanisms” on May 10th and get a gentle introduction to making stuff spin, wobble and reciprocate using things like gears and cams. We’ll also explore more advanced control mechanisms like Geneva Drives and Jacquard-style Punch Card readers, so you can live out your steampunk fantasies and setup your own desktop Dickensian sweatshop!  Taught by Chris Fenton (chris on thingiverse).


Circuit Bending!

En poquitos días comienza el taller de un gran amigo del Labo, el Sr. Cristian Martinez (aka Norman Bates) :

Circuit Bending!

Dice Cristian: Traé los juguetes sonoros que tu sobrino ya dejó de usar, tu walkie talkie de la infancia, la radio de bolsillo con la que escuchás los partidos o lo que se te ocurra y descubrí todos los sonidos ocultos que tienen adentro!  
No hace falta experiencia previa, pero si alguna vez bendeaste algo ya y ahora querés algo más avanzado también te vamos a ayudar. 

Miércoles 23 y miércoles 30 de abril.  De 18:30 a 21:30

En Casa Abasto (Anchorena 632)

+ info a:

Circuit Bending!

3D Printing Talk

On April 8 2014 I (Jerry Isdale) gave an introductory talk on 3D Printing to the Society for Women Engineers (Hawaiian Island Chapter) at the Malcom Center in Kihei. We had about 20 people attending.

This (and other Maui Makers presentations) are available on our public google drive. Look for the ones named “ie 3D Printing” – its there as pdf, odp and google format.

The flyer for the event:
3D Printing Talk

And some pics for your enjoyment…

3D Printing Talk

3Doodler creation by Brian Isdale

3D Printing Talk

3D Printing Talk

3D Printing Talk

3D Printing Talk

3D Printing Talk