A new Junghackertrack!

Auf dem Congress wendet sich der CCC am zweiten Tag (28. Dezember) besonders an das junge Publikum. Das Projekt „Chaos macht Schule“ baut zwischen 10 Uhr und 15 Uhr drei Stationen auf, an denen gelötet und gebastelt werden kann. Angeboten wird eine Alarmanlage, der Pentabug und der Rappelzappel. Für jede absolvierte Station gibt es einen Stempel in den Junghackerpass.

Gebastelt werden kann ab acht Jahren. Junghackern mit langen Haaren wird ein Haargummi empfohlen, damit der Lötkolben nicht den Friseurtermin erledigt. Ein Comic zum Thema „Löten lernen“ gibt es here (pdf).

Der Eintritt für Junghacker (bis 14 Jahre) inkl. eines Elternteils ist in der Zeit von 10 Uhr bis 15 Uhr (Einlass) kostenlos. Die Workshops sind ebenfalls kostenlos, Spenden werden aber gerne entgegengenommen. Alle Workshops starten um 10 Uhr und können bis 15 Uhr besucht werden. Pausen sind natürlich möglich.

Mehr Informationen zum Projekt im Wiki.

Wir freuen uns auf viele Junghacker!

Welcome to HHackertours – your provider of sightseeing tours for technical enthusiasts!

Visiting the 31C3 and wondering what the city has to offer? Try one of our tours! Our goal is to show Hamburg to the visitors of the 31C3 like no other tour guide would. We’ve selected fascinating tours showing the behind the scenes of our most fascinating technology related sites.

Follow us on twitter for updates, more tours and tour dates!

Save a seat for a tour on our webpage.

Here’s a list of our tours:

If you’ve ever wanted to stand next to a particle accelerator, DESY is the place for you. One of Europe’s leading accelerator research centers, our tour will give you an idea of how particle physics and a host of other sciences are advancing with the help of scientists from all around the world. No special physics background neccessary!

The harbour tour “eye to eye with giants” takes you directly onto the container terminals of the second largest harbour in europe. You will visit CTA (Container Terminal Altenwerder), with semi-automated container bridges and fully-automated transfer and storage of containers. The onsite container transport is done by fully-automated container transport vehicles. The only drawback is, you have to stay inside the tour bus.

Cap San Diego
The Cap San Diego is the largest seaworthy, civil museum ship in the world. Its elegant silhouette is part of the Hamburg harbor panorama like the Michel. Tourists love it and its crew of 38 honorary retired sailors keeps it in good shape with dedication. The Cap San Diego is the last surviving ship of a series of six fast general cargo ships, which were built in 1961-62 for Hamburg Süd and which has preferably sailed to South America until the end of 1981. The tour will take you to the Cap San Diego and you’ll take part in an behind the scences tour on the ship.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, more than 150 submarines have been decommissioned, the most in 1995. Only very rarely are they handed over by the Russian government, in consultation with the intelligence, into museum operations. As a spy submarine U-434 (Russian B-515) was used for special purpose secret spy missions off the east coast of the US and long patrols in the territorial waters of the Soviet Union.

Laser Tag
Equipped with a phaser pack, consisting of an electronic phaser (lamps) and a sensor vest, you move through a slightly foggy, maze-like game arena. You are trying to score by shooting the other players with your phaser. But pay attention to your shields, because when you get hit too often yourself, you’re going to be disabled for a few seconds. In addition, there are interactive arena components such as energy gates (computer controlled light doors with special features), base stations (e.g. make more points if they are captured) or “targets” (there are power ups like “hyper shield”, etc.).

See you soon!


Did we get your preorder payment?

Do you have a preorder for 31C3 and it is not marked as paid yet? Did you transfer the money already?

Often, banks mix up or lose payment references, and we have little to no chance to find out which payment belongs to which order. Therefore, we need your help (and data) to match those transactions.

If you have already paid for your ticket, but it has not been marked as paid on the website within 2 business days of your payment, please contact us (be sure to provide identifying information about your payment, like your(!) IBAN, account holder’s name, payment reference etc.).

If you did not pay already, do not send us money via bank transfer anymore! It will not arrive in time. Any payments made via bank transfer have to be on our account by December 23. You also may still pay for your open order via credit card (until December 25). Otherwise, you can still buy a ticket on-site. Be aware that we can only accept cash at the venue.

As a general guide to troubleshooting any possible issues with our preorders, see the attached 31c3 preorder troubleshooting flow chart.


Move date is Tuesday, starting early morning – Come help out!

We have a truck booked for Tuesday the 23rd of Decermber.

Who can drive a 16 foot box truck?

We probably need at least 3 drivers, because this is going to be a long day.

Everyone willing to drive, we need you at Penske1 in Burnaby at 7 am to sign some forms.

Live tally:
Currently we have 2 out of the 4 drivers we need.

Email me (Jarrett) or PM me on Talk to volunteer yourself.

Everyone else:
Show up at VHS any time after 7am until late at night. We need all of the hands we can get! Somewhere in the range of 4-6 people at pickup location (VHS), and 4-6 people at drop-off location (the storage warehouse).


Join us in the thread!

A Respectful Goodbye for your Beloved Old Hardware


Do you also have that one piece of hardware,
that you just can’t say goodbye to?

You sadly can’t use it anymore
and it’s been collecting dust for a while,
but you don’t want to just bin it
because it still has some meaning to you?

Bring it to 31C3 for a majestic farewell ceremony!

Whilst mechanically destroying your hardware
you can indulge in memories
and share them with your friends
at 31C3.

Our facility can fit hardware
from the size of a microSD up to a desktop computer.

Things that might break in spectacular ways are especially welcome.

Please don’t leave behind
the remains of your valued hardware,
remember to bring a bag
suited to collect the remainders
so you can dispose of them respectfully.
We don’t have the capacity to take care
of the loved hardware
of all 31C3 visitors.


Repair Cafe

Dank der großen Nachfrage wird das Repair Cafe ab 2015 immer alle zwei Monate am ersten Sonntag des Monats stattfinden.

Den jeweils nächsten Termin könnt ihr dem eigens dafür angelegten Kalender entnehmen.
Weitere Informationen gibt es auf repaircafe.winningindustries.de.

Der Auftakt 2015 ist Sonntag der 4.1.2014.
Los geht es wie immer um 11 Uhr morgens.
Um 17 Uhr ist geplantes Ende.


Zum Event:
Eintritt frei! (Spenden an shack e.V. sind gerne gesehen) Jeder ist willkommen!
Datum: alle zwei Monate, erster Sonntag im Monat
Anfahrt: U4/U9 Haltestelle “Im Degen”, Ulmer Straße 255, Stuttgart Wangen (gegenüber Kulturhaus Arena)

Repair Cafe


Hackerschnitzelcloud: What a wicked game to play

(English text below)

Noch eine Woche, dann beginnt der Congress und mit ihm die Nerdspiele aus der Hackerschnitzelcloud. Zum Testen Eurer eigenen Spiele steht jetzt eine App für Android im Play Store bereit. Wer lieber die brandneue App für iOS ausprobieren will, kann sich bei uns einen Invite-Link holen, einfach eine Mail an 31c3(at)toto.io senden.

Mit diesen QR-Codes könnt Ihr auch ein Testspiel starten und Euch ein Bild davon machen, wie die Spiele der Hackerschnitzelcloud aussehen können. Besorgt Euch dazu die App und registriert Euch auf der Toto-Webseite. Legt los, indem Ihr den ersten QR-Code scannt!

Wollt Ihr Euer eigenes Spiel gestaltet, findet Ihr hier alles Nötige: Welcome to the Hackerschnitzelcloud at 31C3!. Wenn Ihr Hilfe braucht oder Fragen habt: 31c3(at)toto.io

English text:

One week to go until the Congress starts and with it the games from the Hackerschnitzelcloud. You can download an Android app from the Play Store and test the games you created so far. If you want to test the iOS application, send us an email at 31c3(at)toto.io and ask for an invite link.

With these QR codes you can also start a test game to get an impression of how a game on a phone works. So get your app and register at Toto-Website. To get your first game going, simply scan the QR code.

You want to create your own game? Find all the information needed here:: Welcome to the Hackerschnitzelcloud at 31C3!. If you need any help or answers to whatever question comes to your mind, write to: 31c3(at)toto.io


TOG open on Sat 27th December

By Sat 27th December, after two days of Christmas festivities, hopefully you’ll be in the mood to get out and about. We’ll be opening up TOG from about 2PM until very very late. It will be open social style opening……just an excuse to come in, hang out, get some music on, call out for some food etc. If you’re around town, drop in for a break from the post Christmas shopping. The kettle will be on.

Maybe you’ve been thinking about coming in or even joining. It’s a great chance to see the space and what we’ve been up to in 2014. Whether you’re a member or visitor, its free to come in. We’ll be talking about plans and projects for 2015.  Hope to see you on the 27th. The craic will be mighty.

Rocketry Workshop December 27

Build rockets and launch them.

This class has two components.

In stage one we will go over the basics of rockets and how they work and then construct rockets from straws and paper. Launching the rockets will be done using the scientific method to see how launch angle and thrust affect the distance flown.

Stage two of the event will put teams together to build model rockets and launch them in the park nearby.

The event will be held at St Anthony Jr-Sr High School and will start at 10 am. Entry fee is $20.00 per family.

This class is the first of a series. We aim to fire larger rockets in the future if interest permits. We also are starting a National Association of Rocketry Charter to allow launching of really big stuff. So come down and hang out even if your not interested in participating in this beginners class.


space upgraded

Even een korte update na de grootschalige opruim en schilderactie van dit jaar; nu de terpentinelucht ook begint weg te trekken kunnen we met zijn allen terugkijken op een geslaagde space-upgrade. Niet alleen zijn alle bruin-tinten vervangen door frisgroene randomdata-elementen, maar ook is het plafond weer netjes gewit, de verlichting vervangen, de tafelindeling verbeterd en de vloerbedekking uitgebreid. Daarnaast hebben we met zijn alle een enorme opruimslag gemaakt: de grote stellingkast is weer van een berg afval veranderd in een bruikbare verzameling gereedschap en tools. Onder de werkbank zijn deze zomer ook een aantal groene bakken voor persoonlijke opslag van members verschenen.

Tijdens deze actie zijn ook een aantal lang-vergeten space geheimen weer boven water gekomen. Zo bleek tijdens wassen van de ramen dat we niet 2 maar 3 ramen hebben ;-). Daarnaast bleken er in de eerder genoemde berg afval ook nog zo hier en daar mooie, slimme of nostalgische voorwerpen begraven te liggen.

Het hoogtepunt van dit alles is natuurlijk de verrijzing van het stuurwil als een heus embleem. Zonder de wirwar aan kabels (die trouwens netjes geordend aan een rekje hangen tegenwoordig) en met een heerlijke frisgroene kleur is dit het pronkstuk van de space geworden.

Gelukkig hadden we voor deze geslaagde actie een gemotiveerde crew verzamelend en behalve het mooie resultaat heeft het mij ook een goede herinnering aan een paar gezellige middagen opgeleverd. Het resultaat is indrukwekkend! We zijn iedereen die geholpen heeft dan ook zeer dankbaar. Een space én een community om trots op te zijn!